State sanctioned hacking of your computer

‘For your safety and protection’ BULLSHIT.

Times Online

THE Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant.

The move, which follows a decision by the European Union’s council of ministers in Brussels, has angered civil liberties groups and opposition MPs. They described it as a sinister extension of the surveillance state which drives “a coach and horses” through privacy laws.

The hacking is known as “remote searching”. It allows police or MI5 officers who may be hundreds of miles away to examine covertly the hard drive of someone’s PC at his home, office or hotel room.

Material gathered in this way includes the content of all e-mails, web-browsing habits and instant messaging.

Under the Brussels edict, police across the EU have been given the green light to expand the implementation of a rarely used power involving warrantless intrusive surveillance of private property. The strategy will allow French, German and other EU forces to ask British officers to hack into someone’s UK computer and pass over any material gleaned.

So I suppose the recent Brussels legislation allowing foreign governments to charge you for crimes in Britain can apply to this too. You have no privacy. Access to personal computers without your permission (or knowledge) is like installing a camera in your home. What next, secretly activating the mic and webcams to spy on you? Why not, they already do it with your mobile phone. FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool. Oh wait a minute!

He said the authorities could break into a suspect’s home or office and insert a “key-logging” device into an individual’s computer. This would collect and, if necessary, transmit details of all the suspect’s keystrokes. “It’s just like putting a secret camera in someone’s living room,” he said.

Like credit card details, passwords, everything. I’m sure knowing this makes you feel safer, right? Especially since you don’t know where that information could end up. We all know how good the state is at protecting the data of citizens

Police might also send an e-mail to a suspect’s computer. The message would include an attachment that contained a virus or “malware”. If the attachment was opened, the remote search facility would be covertly activated. Alternatively, police could park outside a suspect’s home and hack into his or her hard drive using the wireless network.

I thought this was illegal. I guess this is what happens when the people allow the state to grant itself powers without consequence. Their excuses for this behaviour is just that, excuses. Serial killers have excuses, I’m sure people don’t let them off because of that, do they? This is digusting!

One more thing, this is yet another directive from our unelected, unaccountable rulers in Brussels. Fuck the EU and FUCK these fascist PIGS.

2 thoughts on “State sanctioned hacking of your computer

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  2. And here we are in Australia, thinking we are rivaling China with the government’s proposed internet censoring plan.

    I don’t think we’ve come to the hacking of personal computers yet: although if you must go and set a precedent, I don’t suppose we will be far behind..

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