Teachers banned from using ‘confrontational’ red ink in case it upsets children

Daily Mail

Hundreds of schools have barred teachers from marking in red in case it upsets the children.

“Think of the children!!!!” I presume…

They are scrapping the traditional method of correcting work because they consider it ‘confrontational’ and ‘threatening’.

Pupils increasingly find that the ticks and crosses on their homework are in more soothing shades like green, blue, pink and yellow, or even in pencil.

Traditionalists have branded the ban ‘barmy’, saying that red ink makes it easier for children to spot errors and improve. There are no set government guidelines on marking and schools are free to formulate their own individual policies.

Crofton Junior School, in Orpington, Kent, whose pupils range from seven to 11, is among those to have banned red ink. Its Marking Code of Practice states: ‘Work is
generally marked in pen – not red – but on occasion it may be appropriate to indicate errors in pencil so that they may be corrected.’

Headmaster Richard Sammonds said: ‘Red pen can be quite demotivating for children. It has negative, old-school connotations of “See me” and “Not good enough”.

Well it isn’t good enough is it? That’s the bloody point.

At Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School in Driffield, East Yorkshire, the Marking and Feedback Policy reads: ‘Marking should be in a different colour or medium from the pupil’s writing but should not dominate. For this reason, red ink is inappropriate.’

Shirley Clarke, an associate of the Institute of Education, said: ‘Banning red ink is a reaction to years of children having nothing but red over their work and feeling demoralised. When children, especially young children, see every single spelling mistake covered in red, they can feel useless and give up.’

What a bunch of pussies. Why can’t children spell, the words haven’t changed have they? Or maybe it is about pandering to the lowest common denominator, giving the least deserved the most authority. How about ignoring bad spelling as policy, rewiting Shakespeare in newspeak txtspk and allowing it in exams? This is all about dumbing down society. That’s it. Whatever the excuse is from the state, the result is what is important. The result is a bunch of pussies who are incapable of pushing themselves beyond the boundaries set by the socialist nanny state and will therefore never be a threat to the ruling classes.

This is about control and this is way past the point of bullshit. 2009 is time to step up the resistance.


4 thoughts on “Teachers banned from using ‘confrontational’ red ink in case it upsets children

  1. And then they enter the real world and then try and go back into their bubble.

    The spelling article is rather scary. All I know is when I went to uni, foreign students had better grasp of english grammar than most British Students.

    “Dumbing” down of the British Society.

  2. It would appear that such politically correct nonsense has crossed the Atlantic.

    Here in the states we have a saying that addresses that sort of thing;

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Good luck resisting.

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