Men are a waste of space

All hail the new female!

All hail the new female!

Daily Mail

With her million pound record deal and record-breaking first single Alexandra Burke would surely have no problem finding a boyfriend.

But any gold-diggers hoping to impress the 20-year-old X Factor winner will find she isn’t interested – she has sworn off men for at least TEN years.

Instead Alex, who features in  this week’s Grazia magazine, says she is taking the advice of her mentor Cheryl Cole, and keeping her mind firmly on her career.

‘They’re a waste of time, a waste of space! They’re only going to be good for me when I’m about 30 and thinking about kids. Music is my husband until then,’ she tells the fashion magazine.

Yeah, by that age all the men that may have been interested will either be married, happy bachelors or dating younger, more fertile women. Female fertility drops like a lead ballon after 25 anyway, and I wonder who invented and built all of the technology responsible for her to even be on a TV show?

Seriously, women like her love handbags, not men. She will only want a man at that age to give her babies and help her look after HER children. This type of totally self-centered, egotisical woman is growing like a fucking virus, especially in densely populated cities like London, where they not only have the illusion of choice but also have the compliant media looking to sell silly women silly shit they don’t need with funny money they don’t have. Why is it that these companies market to women by attacking men? They must have obviously discovered some trend while doing their research, some deep underlying femshit inherent in a large enough proportion of females. Just appeal to their narcissism, and you can sell them anything…

And let us not forget, if the shit ever hits the fan this female will be calling out of some man to take the bullet for her, you know, be chivalrous. That is the only time when women like her think men are not a waste of space, when they are doing something for HER. I’m sure if she was working in some job, (part time probably) and some rich bloke wanted to take her out, he wouldn’t be a waste of space. Not because of who he is, but because of WHAT HE HAS THAT SHE CAN TAKE.

The comments on the original article says it all. Nice to see the tide is turning.

NOTE: WordPress is getting on my nerves, I spend half my time on it waiting for shit to load. I’m thinking of switching to Blogger.


5 thoughts on “Men are a waste of space

  1. Shes not crazy, its true unless your 30 and want children men ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE, what else are they good for?

  2. Of course not all of them. I said they are more likely. In the same fashion men are more likely to be stronger and more prone to violence on other men.

    So my statement, women are more likely to suffer from hysteria and false consciousness and by that I mean false memory, is true.

  3. I have no clue whom they are but allegedly Cheryl Cole is married to a footballer, allegedly. Hypocrisy me thinks.

    Why target their women you say? You can’t change a society unless you change their women. Marx and others before him have said that. They are more likely to suffer from false consciousness and hysteria all lead by their emotions. They are also more prone to follow trends.

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