Email from author of ‘The Effect of Eugenics Propaganda’

This is a reply from the author of the excellent article, The Effect of Eugenics Propaganda, which I posted from Infowars a short while back. As she has kindly given me permission, here is her email to me, in full.

Dear M. Watkins,

I just wanted to thank you for posting my article. I do not have a WordPress account so I cannot comment directly, or I would (on many of your posts). There are so many that I support and completely agree with. I support you and what you are doing to alert other males how about they are under attack from many sides. You have my permission to post this comment of loving support to you and to all men.

As you can probably tell from my article, I am not a femi-nazi and agree that the institution of marriage is sacred and that family is paramount to the preservation of a free society. I completely agree that feminism is absolutely toxic and is part of the globalists’ plan to “soften us up for slavery.” Men ARE important and absolutely vital. I love men and appreciate the natural differences between the genders; I love what makes us different.

Your blog is wonderful and I, like many of your readers, absolutely deplore the androgyny that is promoted by feminists and the sidelining of men and fathers. I hate the feminization of men, it disgusts me. We women NEED you men!! We need you to be men as you were created to be. We need you and your testosterone and your natural protective instincts for us women and children; we need you to protect us and our families; we need you to fight for and protect our lands and countries. We need you to stand up and fight for us, and for yourselves.

You may or may not be aware of this, but Western men have been targeted in particular, for feminisation. This is because you are the biggest stumbling block to the plan of globalisation and the New World Order. Your protective instincts and natural inclination to fight for what you belive in (freedom, family, country and God) are a true threat. If you watch the CBC documentary “The Disappearing Male” you will see how males are being sterilized by the pthalates in the plastics that are ubiquitous in our world. I do not think this is an accident. There are hormones in milk that adversely affect you, and in personal care products there are common ingredients (lavender and others) that affect the testosterone levels of males. It is sick, sick, sick! And men need to fight back by taking very good care not to eat processed food, exercise and educating yourselves.

There was a recent article about how now most men in the UK can’t even change a lightbulb or rewire a circuit. This is deplorable! Men need to be able to make and fix things, shoot straight and be active in their family. Teach your children how to make and fix things, to shoot and be a good role model for both your daughters and sons. Your daughters will marry someone like you, so be active in whom you allow her to date. Go back to the age-old practice of intimidating her date, interrogate him and make whomever wants to marry her to ask your permission, and exercise your rights as a Dad, no matter how she objects. She will thank you later and respect you even more. You must lead your families, and be the head of them. This is vital to keeping society civilized.

Women are absolutely rudderless and unhappy in this horrible, feminized culture. We women naturally look to you and your leadership. We depend on your intinct to invent and charge ahead. There is nothing wrong with being treated well, in fact it is necessary for us to respect each other. But though it is being surpressed, the fact is we respect you more when you stand up for your position as the head of the family and the leader in community and business. We women cannot respect feminized males, just as men cannot respect masculinized females. This is why women are more unhappy than any time in history, and there are record numbers of women who are depressed, have panic attacks and other mental disorders. It is because women aren’t meant to lead, we aren’t meant to boss men around. Being in an unnatural position naturally causes an internal dissonance and inner confusion.

If you do not become educated, stay healthy and fit, and fight back we are all doomed. All patriotic and self-respecting men must band together and resist this attack on you, and thereby all of us. We need you; we are depending on you, and no matter what the femi-nazis say, we love you for being the real men that you are.

Kindest regards,
Carolyn Harris


2 thoughts on “Email from author of ‘The Effect of Eugenics Propaganda’

  1. Lovely letter, don’t agree with every sentiment.

    She seems to pander to male ego which I am not fond of. There is no reason for one to go from one extreme (feminist) to another. The last thing our society needs is youth with a larger ego and little substance.

    Western men have been targeted simply because the soil in our land was fertile; it was easy to allow our women (and men) to turn inward. Our inane level chivalry backfired big time. Also our governments and banking system was already owned, and the NWO, though one can argue the countries and families involved, it is without a doubt of European descent.

    Another issue is that our women had too much time on their hand, and the devil plays with idle hands/minds. They were spoiled with technology and possessing too much free time compared to their earlier sisters.

    She seems lovely and somewhat religious in her views.

    Thanks Carolyn for your views and articles

    As to the links you had about Britain, note they are trying to normalise bad behaviour. It seems media is the cart that is pulling the horse.

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