Female students ‘degrade themselves’ by signing up for beauty contest

Daily Mail

Hundreds of undergraduates in London have applied to take part in a beauty contest to be named Miss University London.

The students will participate in heats in the hope of being one of only 15 who will reach the contest’s grand final in February.

However, the event has opened a split in London University’s student body. Protesters say it is misogynistic and degrading, and should be banned. Participants and organisers have fiercely defended the competition.

So people that aren’t taking part are calling for it to be banned, preventing those who are taking part (of their own free will) from being able to exercise their personal choice. This is what happens in a socialist culture of imposing morals of one group upon another.

Demonstrators picketed London’s West End nightspots Maddox and the Crystal Club during heats for the London School of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, Queen Mary College and Regent’s College.

Last night, entrants from University College London went on stage at the Crystal Club, while students from King’s College will do battle next Tuesday. Ruby Buckley, women’s officer at LSE students’ union, said the contest should be “eradicated for good”. She added: “We come to university to be judged on academic ability and not on external characteristics.

“LSE is an academic institution and should not have its name tarnished by an event with a single function of the objectification of women.”

Well that depends on the point of view doesn’t it. One could argue this actually promotes Universities and celebrates intelligent, attractive girls as opposed to stupid airheads.

Elly James, women’s officer at SOAS students’ union, said: “It is like a cattle market. One of the things was that the contestants had to have their waists and breasts measured. I come from quite a rural area and that’s what they do to animals.”

Right, so according to her personal opinion, it’s wrong. That’s fine, she’s free to voice her opinion, just like the participants are free to ignore her and her miserable ilk. The point is the feminists don’t want women to have such choices. Where have I heard that before? Ah yes:

“No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” – Simone de Beauvoir, “Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma” Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18- No Ma’am

I thought ‘women’s rights’ were about women having the ‘right’ to make their own choices and be their own person? Instead of attacking the women, the feminists attack the subject the women are interested in, whether it be ‘acting’ in pornography, being a prostitute, doing lower paid jobs for less hours and the like.

Feminism isn’t about choice, it’s about control, as are all Marxist ideologies.

One of those taking part in last night’s UCL event was geography student Zoe Chambers, a 20-year-old from Hampstead who modelled at London Fashion Week this year.

She said: “The horrible truth is everyone is objectified in a number of ways. You can tell just by looking at posters for some club nights and things like that.”

Mary Honeyball, a Labour MEP for London who sits on the European Parliament’s women’s rights committee, claimed the event stereotyped women. She said: “It does not seem right on many levels. It is dividing students, which is unfortunate, and it will exclude women who do not conform to a Nuts magazine idea of what is pretty.”

Women’s rights committee? What about the rights of men? And why doesn’t this socialist twit just mind her own bloody business. Nobody is being hurt by this event.

A spokesman for LSE said: “It is up to students what they do in their private lives.”

And that is where it should stop. Unfortunately, through never ending ‘change’ and political correctness, the state enforces its own opinion of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ upon the people. As a consequence of this climate of social engineering, people begin to think in the same way. ‘I think, therefore you do’ is the mantra of a tyrant, not a free society. How much chaos will there be if everyone is allowed to impose their version of morality on everyone else? Where does it end?

It doesn’t, and it isn’t supposed to. The more chaos, the better, keeps the plebs distracted from the Fabian’s gameplan, which is dismantling Britain as we speak

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7 thoughts on “Female students ‘degrade themselves’ by signing up for beauty contest

  1. Viva what do you expect? A free society with the fabled lie of free love, will always degrade to the superficial.

    To attract a temporary mate now, one has to compete with others on the superficial. Men it is more to do with their wallets, status or wit; women it is always going to be their looks and youth. It is a biological imperative that has helped humanity survive.

    And we all judge by looks. Look at the dating ads both for men and women. They sell each other. To say otherwise is to deny ones own nature.

    Youth has beauty and arrogance, these woman know it but might not be able to comprehend it fully yet. It’s their silly choice in the end, and one can’t blame society for it.

  2. This is ridiculous – we are not denying that women have the right to partake in pageants etc, we are just proposing that the ‘post-feminist’ world has subverted the meaning of ‘women’s liberty’. Beyond this, NOBODY (man or woman) should be judged on the way that they look. This is shallow and coarse. Think of the number of ‘liberated’ and ’empowered’ women who panic at the thought of leaving the house without make-up on, or straightened their hair, or sahved their legs. We do not condemn them as much as the society that has moulded them for this.

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  4. They want everyone to compromise, they want everyone to lose so that no one may win. They don’t want competition of any kind. It’s the losers mindset disguising it’s ideal in a cause.

  5. All those places have a “women’s officer”? For fuck’s sake!

    People are pretty hard to control really though aren’t they?!

    I think all of them would have described themselves as “feminist”.

    Maybe we could describe ourselves as “feminist”. Maybe that’s what we should do. Take a leaf out of their own book; slowly subvert and twist these things until they meet our own agenda. Take over the world, and have absolute POWAH! Ahahahaha!

    Shit! I’ve lost it.

    I should probably take liberty more seriously – I couldn’t help but be mostly amused by that article though. I liked the bit later on where it talks of the “uproar” caused by a Cambridge undergraduate posing topless. LOL!

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