Gone in ninety seconds (your ability to have children that is).

Oh yes, from the Record Abortions/ eugenics/ global depopulation file. This can be considered Part Two of my previous post, Abortion rates rocket to record high in Britain.

This also functions as a good example of complex dialectics. I mean this in the sense that one dialectical argument can create an environment for another, seemingly separate argument to be pushed on the unthinking hordes of useless man-cattle.

In this case, liberal communism (socialism), feminism, the breakdown of the family. One of many consequences is teenage pregnancies and the like. A perfect opportunity to sell sterilisation. (No points for noticing that the writer is associated with feminism).

What a happy video. Isn’t sterilisation wonderful!

Why we should sterilise teenage girls … temporarily at least

Last week, an intriguing proposition was mooted by Government minister Dawn Primarolo.

Teenage girls, she said, could be steered towards what is described as “long-term contraception”.

This is now possible thanks to the development of contraceptive jabs and implants which can last up to five years.

In other words, there is a way of effectively sterilising girls for a lengthy period of time.

At what age? Well, doesn’t 12 until 17 sound rather sensible?

This would have the advantage of bringing down the teenage pregnancy rate, so high in this country it makes us a disgrace among the nations – the worst offenders in Europe.

The abortion rate would fall sharply. And silly young girls could get on with the education that is meant to produce serious, responsible taxpayers, not benefit recipients.

Now, many people will see this modest proposal as little short of horrific – nothing less than state interference in our reproductive lives.

But think about it: it might not be such a bad idea.

Well, actually, it’s a digusting idea and a small taste of life in a socialist regime. These scumbags decide that people no longer have sovereignty (ownership) over their own bodies. Instead of looking at the causes of these teenage pregnancies (feminism, the heavy hand of the state, minimum wage rules etc) and correcting them, they just jump straight into pushing another one of their plans. In regards to the highlighted text. The state doesn’t care about benefit recipients, as it means the state owns their arses, with taxpayers money. Produce taxpayers? I thought life was about fulfilling your potential as a human being, not paying taxes. And notice how it doesn’t deny that this is horrific state interference, it just changes direction.

The procedure of State-sanctioned covert sterilisation of populations is nothing new. It has always been part of the elites depopulation agenda, along with promotion through elite controlled media channels.

From Prisonplanet:

Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s

A popular women’s magazine in the UK recently featured an article entitled, Young, Single and Sterilized, in which women in their 20’s discussed why they had undergone an operation to prevent them from ever having children. The article is little more than PR for a “women’s charity” called Marie Stopes International, an organization that carries out abortions and sterilizations and was founded by a Nazi eugenicist who advocated compulsory sterilization of non-whites and “those of bad character”.

A collection of links regarding enforced sterilisation in the Americas is available below.

The Forced Sterilization of Latina and Indigenous Women and Youth in Canada, the United States and Across Latin America

Apparently, enforced sterilisation is a Crime Against Humanity. Some more links of this crime, from around Europe and beyond.

This article confirms the practice of enforced sterilization during 1935-75 in Sweden

Australia sterilisation scandal could be tip of an iceberg

Sterilization in Norway – a dark chapter?

War against the weak

STERILIZED in the Name of Public Health: Race, Immigration, and Reproductive Control in Modern California

Slovakia Called on the Carpet over Forced Sterilization and Conscientious Objection

North Carolina’s Eugenics Past

And the synopsis of the film The Lynchburg Story. Note my highlights in relation to the first article here about enforced teenage pregnancy.

A 52-minute film which documents the sexual sterilization of 8,300 children in Virginia state institutions between 1927 and 1972. The children were sterilized because the state judged them “unfit” to reproduce. “The Lynchburg Story” establishes for the first time on television the direct links that existed between American eugenic policy (thirty-six states had compulsory sterilization laws) and Hitler’s 1933 sterilization law that marked the beginning of the Holocaust.

More evidence about birth control and the depopulation agenda can be seen from that psychopath, Paul Ehrlich, from the Scientific American:

“Education and employment—for women especially—along with access to contraception and safe abortions are the most important components,” they write. Adds Ehrlich: “The most basic response is to get going on stopping population growth and starting a decline.

Indeed, A History of Population Control will bring more information to light.

The techniques encompass the entire sphere of medicine. You can be rendered infertile (both sexes) by GM foods, radiation, over the counter drugs and vaccines, as this article desribes, extended extract below:

The picture becomes clearer when we learn that our Rockefeller-friend John D. the Third back in the 1950’s also began advocating that all vaccines should have added Mercury. That served a tripple purpose: Mercury works as a preservative. It can help the chemical industry get rid of a highly toxic waste product (just like Fluoride in toothpaste did). And, most important, the Mercury is absorbed in our body, is not automatically excreted and has various toxic effects.

One of the effects is that it destroys the cilia inside the female sex, removing the ability of the mucous membrane to transport men’s semen to the egg cells. Which obviously impedes natural conception. Another effect is that children who are born become autistic – the frequency of autistic children increases clearly with the amount of Mercury consumed. And there are other effects of this additive which is called thiomesal – such as diabetes.

So, any vaccine containing Mercury, is a defertilization drug. That means almost all vaccines almost all over the world. We get another clue by studying simple facts on HIV and AIDS. As shown in many papers and documentaries, the existence of a virus destroying our immune system has never been documented ­ to this day it remains a rumour having obsessed most of the medical world and, by being backed up by deeply corrupt statal medical authorities, a fully controlled political layer and a centralized media network loving the “scary setup”, it has also obsessed most common people.

The facts are that as well as there is no disease-causing HIV virus, there is no test which can prove it’s presence in human blood. The so-called HIV-tests test the presence of antibodies and antibodies belong in a functioning immune system. The tests are known to crossreact with many conditions having nothing to do with any particular virus. One of these conditions is (you better sit down) pregnancy.

That’s where the AIDS swindle becomes a depopulation tool. For the next step from a positive HIV test is prescription of deadly toxic drugs (charmingly named “Life Prolonging Medication”) destroying the immune system and the intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients – and causing defective children. These drugs are the most toxic chemicals ever invented by the pharmaceutical industry.

I would just like to add, the official side effects of these drugs just so happen to match the official symptoms of AIDS.

In Africa, HIV tests are only performed on pregnancy clinics. And guess where the deadly drugs go. Another clue becomes clear when we look at the WHO vaccination campaigns in the Third World. Most famous are the campaigns from the mid nineties against Tetanus. Despite the fact that 70% of all Tetanus occurred in men, the vaccinations were only given to women. And only women between 14 and 44 years old. The vaccines were mixed with hCG Gonadotropine. Now, hCG is a hormone which is naturally formed in the foetus within the first few days, and which is necessary for it’s continued life and growth. When the mixture of vaccine and hCG is inoculated in a woman’s blood, her immune defence will not only produce antibodies to the Tetanus bacteria but also to the hCG. As a result, she looses her foetus.

These vaccination campaigns were performed on millions and millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Philippines.

Hitler was a subscriber to the eugenics policies of his academic peers in the United States, as is documented in the book War Against the Weak (link above). He didn’t invent the techniques. When Hitler was defeated, the U.S. ‘controlled breeding’ crowd decided that the word ‘eugenics’ had been tainted to the point of being unusable. So they changed the WORD. They started calling it ‘family planning’ and ‘birth control’. And it is alive and well right here, right now.

Then of course, there is the Global 2000 plan.

Just so you know.

5 thoughts on “Gone in ninety seconds (your ability to have children that is).

  1. Sadly Mr Watkins, loud screaming arguments rarely help others see our point of view. While ever your family members are taking a daily dose of the mainstream media, they are not likely to “hear” you, regardless of your volume.

    Perhaps you could try a more subtle approach? If you devise a way to draw your family away from the tv, you may find that after a while when you re-introduce your subject, they are more open to listen.

    It would take creativity and dedication to pull that off, so you would have to really believe in your cause.. 🙂

  2. I am a misanthropist when I read the news, but when I see my baby sisters I’m not.

    I couldn’t dominate others, I mean I could already, I know enough about human nature to completely manipulate people. But I don’t want to.

    I don’t want to control and force anyone to do anything, but at the same time want people to be willing to step up to the plate and research things I say. I have loud screaming arguments with family members about the New World Order, they don’t believe it exists, but then they spend all their time watching the corporate media.

    I can mention Operating Mockingbird, but they don’t want to look it up. Neither do they want to research the ‘journalists’ and ‘editors’ in mainstream news outlets in Britain being caught out as MI5 agents.

    They don’t care.

    I’ll tell you something I would want to see. Britain divided in two. One half, the Fabians can continue to push their agenda, and the other half is free and libertarian.

    Soon all those who believe the hype will want to ’emigrate’ to the free half, but then they can fuck themselves lol.

    I’m willing to put the work in to fight for freedom. My forebears did, as did countless others throughout history. I’m not going out being a spineless punk who worshipped the corporate fascist state and was a willing slave.

    Fuck that.

    Give me liberty, or give me death.

  3. FMWatkins: I reckon you’re a bit of a misanthropist. Perhaps you could take some satisfaction in the idea that a bunch of ‘elites’ have set themselves up as gods, who prey upon these people?!

    The only problem is not being a part of the ‘elite’ ourselves!

    The ‘elites’ will eventually turn on each other. If we see it; that’ll be interesting!

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