Abortion rates rocket to record high in Britain

Congratulations, feminists. Women’s Right to Choose (upto 6 months into a pregnancy) leads to this…

Source: Daily Mail

The number of women having an abortion in England and Wales exceeded 200,000 for the first time last year.

There has been an increased figure almost every year since the legalisation of abortion in 1967 – and the indications are this year’s figure will be even higher.

Britain’s termination rate is already the highest in Western Europe, and if trends continue it will bypass the U.S. within a decade as the place where the greatest proportion of births are terminated.

The shocking figures came just months after MPs rejected moves to restrict abortion to under 20 weeks only, in a bid to call a halt to the year-on-year rises.

The limit for social abortions stayed at 24 weeks.

Social abortion is politically correct speak for lifestyle abortion, ‘termination’ because the woman doesn’t feel like having a baby. Lifestyle abortions comprise the vast majority (over 90 percent) of abortions in Britain.

Pro-life MPs say the figures prove that abortion has become so commonplace that hundreds of women are using it as a form of contraception.

Nadine Dorries, Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said: ‘Abortion is wrongly seen as an easy and trouble-free way of ending a pregnancy. It has moved from a resource that women turn to in an emergency and a point of crisis to becoming a form of contraception.

Record numbers of women are having two or more abortions and 1,300 women have had at least FIVE abortions

One in four pregnancies in Britain are now aborted by the ‘gentler sex’. Male fertility is dropping like a lead ballon due to toxins such as Bisphenol A which mimics estrogen. This competes with testosterone and therefore male development. This is just one component of a huge number of chemicals that permeate our lives. CBC have recently produced a documentary on this subject, called The Disappearing Male.

Although the link between pollutants and human reproduction has not been firmly established, there is growing evidence that the birth sex ratio can be altered by exposure to certain chemicals, such as dioxin, PCBs and pesticides. Brophy said studies done in the United States, Japan and Europe seem to support the theory that the so-called endocrine disrupting chemicals have a particular effect on males.

Some of these chemicals are found in commonly used products such as baby bottles and cosmetics. They can also cause miscarriages and a “whole host” of disorders in a male child, Brophy said.

Eating GM food can lower your fertility, something that the Codex Alimentarius is seeking to impose on the entire planet,  and another feminist staple, forcing women to ‘have a career’ is resulting in this: Women who have children after 40 at higher risk of having still births. People may see this has just random coincidences. Hugely increased rates of boys suffering from autism (15 times as many), being doped on Ritalin, being ostracised in the feminised schooling system, men having their children taken away by biased divorce rulings and much, much more.

Why this endless War on Males? A technique not far removed from this.

It’s simple really. Competition. Without men a society cannot realistically defend itself against anything. Some argue that the domination of Roman society by hedonism and the feminisation of males led to it being so easily conquered. Get rid of (or disempower) the men and society is yours for the taking, a kind of chemically enforced reduction to matriarchy, to enable the financial and political cartels (which control the energy, food, media etc) to more easily push their agenda for world government and global depopulation. It is known that women are much more receptive to a totalitarian society than men, who are much more likely to rebel against such external control over their lives. The banker funded feminists try to keep their lucrative argument going by saying the people who rule the world are men.

This is true. But they conveniently ignore the fact that those men do not view women as a threat to their power. It is the other 99.9% of the males in society that do, and so that is who they must disenfranchise and disempower. In Britain, the war by the socialist Fabians is against the indigenous males. I will detail the war in Britain in a later article.


4 thoughts on “Abortion rates rocket to record high in Britain

  1. I was delighted to read that. I’m all in favor of compulsory abortion and for female sterilization in all Western countries.

    I’m all in favor of importing wives from other countries as used to be customary.

    Is there a better way to end the gender war than to force all women to work and disallow them the right to have children?

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