Men to be criminalised for prostitution (of women)

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. Here we go. This reminds of a Belfort Bax essay (The Fraud of Feminism, where he describes feminist tinkering with the age of consent;

That favourite crank of the Feminist, of raising the age of consent with the result of increasing the number of victims of the designing young female should speak for itself to every unbiassed person

Source: Daily Mail

Paying for sex with prostitutes who have pimps, or drug addicts who work to pay off their dealers, as well as trafficked women will be made illegal in a crackdown on prostitution announced today.

This is expected to include the majority of Britain’s 80,000 sex workers.

Those who pay a prostitute knowing she has been forcibly trafficked could even face rape charges.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: ‘Basically, if it means fewer people are able to go out and pay for sex, I think that would be a good thing.’

Oh fuck off you slimey little social-engineering Fabian femcunt. When this bitch says ‘people’ she means ‘men’, and because ‘she’ thinks it is a good thing, then 60 million people must be forced to abide by her view of morality.

The legislation will also include a provision for kerb crawlers to be named and shamed.

Ms Smith says the law will encourage police to make public the identities of convicted offenders in local newspapers.

The tactic, which follows a trial scheme in South London, is designed to use the threat of public humiliation to deter men from using prostitutes.

Funny, I get the feeling that these prostitutes are being treated as objects by these State Feminists, as these laws are focusing on attacking and criminalising men. Last time I checked it takes two to tango.

Some police forces already send a letter to the address of the registered keeper of any vehicle spotted in a red-light district.

Often wives or partners can open the letters, humiliating the man and leaving him afraid to return to the area.

This ploy is also understood to have a large deterrent effect on those thinking of even entering a red-light district.

Fuck me! Men are now presumed guilty till proven guilty in the eyes of the Labour government. What effect can these presumptive letters have on families?

The main plank of today’s announcement is the creation of a new offence of paying for sex with a woman ‘controlled for another person’s gain’.

The penalty will be a hefty fine and a criminal record, which could prevent those caught from getting jobs in sensitive occupations.

‘Plank?’ The mainstream media are using the term now. Another plank of the Labour manifesto I imagine. So paying for sex is a crime, but getting paid for sex isn’t. What about the prostitutes? Don’t they have a say on what they do with their own bodies, seeing as THEY FUCKING OWN THEM and not the government!!

A spokesman for the English Collective of Prostitutes said: ‘Prostitution is not an offence at present and we see no reason why sex between consenting adults should be criminalised just because one party pays the other for her or his services.

‘Just like in any other job, many women prefer to work together: it is safer and less boring.

‘Often younger women work for older ones. Under the proposed offence, any client of a woman working for another could be convicted. But what is his crime?

‘The woman is working voluntarily and is likely to be making a better income than most women in commonly available low-waged jobs.’

Later this month, Miss Smith will propose a crackdown on lapdancing clubs.

So, more attacks on the freedom of business and people. I don’t see women’s rights or men’s rights. I see individual freedom. We are all individuals and that’s it. The socialist scum in power however, are collectivists. They don’t see individuals, they see groups that should be controlled with dialectic arguments, blanket laws and gestapo. None of them give a fuck about any of you.

Let’s get this straight. There is no way a man can know what a womans situation is before paying for sex. If she lies, he can still be criminalised. In my opinion prositution is not a crime, women own their bodies like men own theirs. Get a hint about feminism, it does not call for ‘women’s freedom’, it just desires to turn women against men and then dictate to women how they should live. Feminism is more oppressive to women than men have ever been in the Western world.

So, legalise prostitution and the women will be safer, health checks, brothels can register as a business etc. And traffickiing? If the government stopped letting every fucking banana republic scumbag into the country and started vetting people properly then that would go a long way to getting the job done. How is attacking a punter at end of the chain going to solve the issues at the beginning? Trafficking arrives at the border. So fucking start there you traitorous Labour pondscum. This is like trying to stop cannabis entering the country by criminalising some bloke smoking a joint. It is lazy government misdirection and spin, to use a fabricated criminal act as an excuse to impose more draconian laws on the people. Where have I heard that before?

And let us not start on the propaganda that these state funded agencies use to exaggerate trafficking statistics. As far as I’m concerned, people are sovereign over their own bodies and lives. What they do with it is their choice, so long as they do not infringe on the freedom, rights or property of others. Following this, imagine how many ‘offences’ would be removed, how much time it would free up in the courts, the police etc. The only catch is that you take responsibility for your actions. You either do that or the State imposes a totalitarian dictatorship, stripping you of all freedom, rights and property and consigning you to a life of servitude and state worship.

Your choice.


2 thoughts on “Men to be criminalised for prostitution (of women)

  1. I don’t think the prostitutes themselves think very much of this legislation.

    When we have people forced to work in some globalist’s sweat shop – producing widgets; we don’t then go about trying to reduce the demand for said widgets do we? Instead; our own widget factories are closed for being uncompetitive! I smell hypocrisy!

    Perhaps it would be interesting to address the question of why it is, more and more men seem to be turning to prostitutes for sex?!

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