Short and to the point. Until people in Britain realise that the ‘mainstream’ party puppets are merely front men for globalist agendas, we will never be able to purge the Scum from the State.

Source: The Libertarian Party UK Blog

Yesterday’s Spectator/Threadneedle Parliamentarian Awards ceremony at Claridge’s provided a clear demonstration of all that is wrong in public life today. Here we had ‘the cream’ of British politics; Labour and Tory alike sat cheek by jowl whilst sipping on their chilled Pol Roget, all so civilised, all so exclusive dahling.

And the media, those hangers-on, desperate to be part of the scene, in thrall to the great and the good, deferentially hoping to touch the hem of the likes of the two mouth-breathers pictured.

Events like this are rare in that they pull back the curtain on how politics really works in this country. And, just as in The Wizard of Oz, what’s behind the curtain isn’t what is normally projected. Gone is the faux antipathy we witness in the House of Commons, and we see the political class for what they truly are — an inbred and inward looking elitist clan, happy in each other’s company regardless of supposed political allegiance, a group so convinced of their divine right to rule over us that even as hundreds of thousands suffer in the economic turmoil that they have wrought their priority is knocking back the champers at a mutual back-slapping freebie.

They like to pretend that they are on opposing sides, but when the game starts we suddenly find that they’re all on the same team — and that they are playing us. The members of this class are scum. And it’s up to us to skim them from the top of society, before they taint every aspect of our lives.


5 thoughts on “Scum

  1. They are all looking out for power and influence for themselves. The party is simply a means to the ends. Look at the BabyP case. Brown scratches the lib Sharon Shoesmith’s back. Everything that is wrong with this mindset in a nutshell:mom has baby out of wedlock, ditches caring dad for slimeball thug, lets the thug abuse her kid, Children’s Services steps in but doesn’t want to remove the kid from a lower class home(those council estate dwellers are so harrassed, don’t you know), social workers slothfully investigate abuse claims, managers are more interested in state funded extravagances than helping kids, honest whistleblowers victimized…

    A decent man slaps his wayward child to instill discipline and gets sent to jail.

    But the bureaucrats responsible will continue to climb the political ladder and get paid handsomely. Meanwhile the culture continues to encourage beastly behavior and punish honest work, morality and self restraint. Sorry to get off topic – this story is just tearing me up.

  2. They are not really friends. Watch as they stab each other in the back – without a second thought.

    I do believe all of them are subject to the same influences of international money however. International money influences, which are not necessarily in our own national interest (for the majority) in my opinion.

    I suppose we must all be culpable in a way. On an individual level, people all seem to be chasing the money. How vulgar! How sad; we’ve lost sight of other things which to my mind are more meaningful: community; family; quaint little things like that!

    I think I’ve lost hope.

    I’ve been trying to find out a bit about Carroll Quigley’s book ‘Tragedy and Hope’. Apparently the ‘hope’ for him, was that under this New World Order of the International Bankers – things will be better! (The ‘tragedy’ being that some people will try to resist – futilely.)

    If you can’t beat them…

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