Five year old pupils to dictate to teachers how to be taught

Five year old pupils to dictate to teachers how to be taught

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4 thoughts on “Five year old pupils to dictate to teachers how to be taught

  1. Do MPs listen to the public?

    The article is something I expect to read on the Onion.

    If it passes, wait a few years more and a new version for parents will appear.

    Remember that hierarchy is bad. Everyone is equal (same).

  2. I’ve been aware of the Delphi technique for a while. This is all about turning discipline and social hierarchy on its head.

    Creating as much chaos as possible and blaming it on a scapegoat. As what is happening with the economic situation, and people attacking free market capitalism! Of course, people don’t seem to realise that we haven’t actually had that for 100 years, we DO have corporate fascism however, which is responsible for this.

    The state schools are a disease, festering with propaganda, anti-family, pro-nanny state, NWO bullshit. Check this out:

    State Schools to remove children’s allegience to Britain, to worship the EU

  3. The undermining of teachers sounds worrying. I don’t think we really have to worry about 5 year olds dictating the odds though!

    I’ve recently read a little about something called the “Delphi Technique”. It reminded me somewhat of the appraisals that were being introduced at a large organisation I used to work for.

    I’m sure this will be along the same vein. It’s about participants (pupils, teachers, parents, government) achieving a consensus. Thus, they will accept ownership of the new scheme of things – whatever that may be. Of course the outcome was always pre-defined, and the ‘consultation’ is a manipulation exercise – to get everyone on board.

    It ties in with a lot of the stuff you write about on this blog:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

    (There’s soooo much bullshit out there; exasperating! *sigh*)

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