UK Company Offers “Carbon Credit” Gift Packs

Source: Infowars

It’s the perfect green gift – and even the packaging is offset! Offset your carbon emissions, support CO2 reduction schemes and learn about how to do more!

You can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in two very important ways – by learning about your personal impact on greenhouse gases and ways that you can make a real difference, and by supporting a range of CO2 reduction schemes!

Everyday activities that we take for granted contribute to global pollution. This includes basically everything we do, but some of the major ones are driving, flying, heating our homes, food travel miles etc.

For every pack purchased 250kg of CO2 will be offset or prevented from entering the atmosphere by direct investment in Worldwide schemes such as Biopower from sugar in India, wind power projects in China and Turkey, and a methane recovery project in Germany.

Information about the projects can be found inside the pack and all are officially recognised ‘VERs’ (Verified Emission Reductions).

Go fuck yourself, global banking scum. This is one of the biggest scams ever. Subscribing to it means the entire human species being bound to the group of individuals who run the international banking cartel. ‘Carbon credits’ is a bullshit scam based on a bullshit scam perpetuated by a bunch of fat, psychopathic bankers who make a living bullshitting the planet. And with Obama, prepare to become a slave of Gaia Ltd, subsidiary of the Rothschilds.


3 thoughts on “UK Company Offers “Carbon Credit” Gift Packs

  1. I know what you mean, i would have to agree. While what we are doing to the worlds resources arent good for the future i mean just look at the sky in china, its heavily polluted. It’s just that the problem is being mislabelled and approached wrongly. It should be something like world preservation, intsead of giving it a fear title.

  2. Looks like it’s true about history repeating itself.

    In medieval times they called them indulgences, and if you had enough cash you buy your way outta sin.

    Everything old is new again

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