The £½m Barbie: The woman who’s spent 20 years in search of plastic perfection

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Source: Daily Mail

Only her earlobes (and her brain) remain untouched by the surgeon’s knife. And, says Sarah, who’s spent 20 years in search of plastic perfection, she’s not finished yet…

Sarah Burge has just completed some essential maintenance on her body. One of her bottom implants recently dislodged itself and had to be replaced, along with the one on the other cheek, to avoid any discrepancy in shape or size.

On top of that, her breasts had lost some of their pertness, so she had yet another ‘uplift’ as well as some strange substance injected into them to fill them out nicely. After two facelifts, a third wasn’t strictly necessary but, hey, she thought, why not while we’re at it?

Then a touch of liposuction on her stomach to flatten it out further after an earlier tummy tuck didn’t quite do the trick, and the maintenance was nearly done. Two weeks ago, the body MoT was completed when Sarah had an implant inserted into the tip of her nose to make it upturned and cute.

Throughout all of this, there has been an ongoing assault on her face with the Botox needle, injectible fillers, dermabrasion and peels. Since embarking on her peculiar odyssey 20 years ago in search of the perfect plastic body, the 49-year-old mother-of-three has had more than £500,000 worth of treatments and around 150 surgical procedures. She’s broken the world record, she tells me, for the amount spent on cosmetic treatments, which was held until now by another loon – sorry, lady – who liked to make the best of herself, called Cindy Jackson.

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