New World Order continues apace

Firstly, I am posting this via a remote submission program, so I hope it formats okay.

This is so transparent. Pushing for a New World Order, the EU dictatorship desires economic ‘integration’ with the Asia-Pacific dictatorship.

Source: BBC

The president of the EU Commission says the bloc
must achieve “unprecedented” co-operation with Asia if the global
economic crisis is to be resolved.

Jose Manuel Barroso’s comments came as the leaders of 45
countries prepared to meet in Beijing at the weekend for the seventh
Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

Mr Barroso also said the situation was “a great opportunity for China to show a sense of responsibility”.

Human rights are also expected to feature heavily in talks.

This follows several recent diplomatic incidents over the issue.

“The present gathering could not be more timely,” Mr Barroso
told reporters in Beijing. “We face challenges which don’t respect any

“No-one in Europe or Asia can seriously pretend to be immune. We are
living in unprecedented times, and we need unprecedented levels of
global co-ordination.”

That would be to promote the type of world I outlined in a previous article, The End of Freedom. And that is all that this is. Manufactured events designed to condition the unwashed masses into accepting greater global centralisation of power and authority in the hands of fewer and fewer groups.

“It’s very simple: we sink together or we swim together.

“I very much hope that China can make an important contribution
to the solution to the financial crisis. It’s a great opportunity for
China to show a sense of responsibility.”

He also said the commission believed China should be given a greater voice in international financial institutions.

Promoting the communist dictatorship is to be expected, as it is an ideal model for the world (in the eyes of the political and financial elitsts) It has almost everything they want. Birth control, surveillance, control of information, state controlled media, no individual rights above the state, no freedom of expression, roaming death squads etc.

7 thoughts on “New World Order continues apace

  1. Hmmm. Interestingly, this WHOLE scenario has been within the pages of the Bible more than 500 years before Christ.

    The Old Testament book of Daniel wrote about this attempt to consolidate power in this day and age, and also predicted that this attempt will fail (i.e. there will be moves to do so, such as we see them now, BUT they will fail!).

    Anyone keen to know beyond what we see now should simply read Daniel Chapter 2 in its entirety.

    I’ve had exposure to this information from the Bible’s perspective since the 1980s, when it seemed totally improbably that the Iron Curtain would go down, that there would be a NWO. I can’t wait to see yet another page in Scripture come to pass with 200% accuracy as usual.

  2. Hi JB, You’re correct about people and responsibility. They bang on about their rights while ignoring their duties/responsibilities. They like to see themselves as individuals but yet demand the government intervenes in their everyday lives. They have this disgusting cradle to grave mentality. I’m sick of the lot of them. Eventually though it will implode then these people will have to pick up the pieces.

  3. Given the track record; I suppose it is only a matter of time – and people will have been conditioned into accepting that one (the EU) as well.

    Aaaaargh (again)!

  4. People would probably still put their foot down over the EU – given the chance. Politicians (slippery bastards) are still managing to avoid that one though aren’t they?!

  5. damomackerel quote: “public don’t seem to care”

    It’s pretty frustrating. Recently people have been discussing teenage pregnancy. The debate seems to have turned into whether or not sex education should be taught more in schools at a younger and younger age. Completely missing the point! There is no evidence whatever that more sex education in schools reduces teenage pregnancy! Women never used to behave like such slags; this at a time when there was virtually no sex education at all in schools. It is irrelevant.

    It is as though people do not want responsibility for their own lives (or their children’s). They would rather the state take care of everything for them. It is pathetic! If people want to give up responsibility – they deserve everything they get! It is ironic that western people today reckon to really cherish their individuality; yet they still behave like such sheep!

    At least there is some (meaningless, narrow, and pointless) debate about teenage pregnancy. Some things don’t get very much debate at all. Where is the British version of Ron Paul? I haven’t seen / heard anyone in British mainstream media challenge how we should respond to the financial crisis. Financial institutions are being consolidated; their power concentrated. How can more of the same be any kind of remedy? Perhaps I am thinking too long-term. Politicians won’t care too much about that will they? They are basically just; here today, gone tomorrow! The most libertarian British politician I can think of is David Davis. I doubt he will do much to rock the establishment though really.

    Our country is going to shit! I used to be pretty cynical. Now I’m worse than ever. (Thanks Mandelson, Osborne and Deripaska for demonstrating links between government and the plutocracy.) Since being introduced to the idea of NWO conspiracies; I’ve been completely overwhelmed. I think I’m going to go nuts (if I haven’t already)! Aaaaargh!

  6. Maybe I’m being a bit paranoid but things are definitely not looking up. It’s like as if so many things are coming to ahead that something unfavourable is going to happen. We have the financial crisis, conservatives have taken leave of there senses by supporting Obama, we have Russian belligerence, an EU that’s implementing the Lisbon treaty even though Ireland has rejected this, weak Christian Churches, increased surveillance is our society that would make any communist state envious and yet the general public don’t seem to care. 

  7. Former skeptic, now absolutely convinced of the reality of the NWO movement.

    I’m preparing for this new world.

    I am striving to develop means of maintaining the ability to survive independently with food, water and self-defense for when the day does come…because it that day will come soon enough.

    We are in the latter stages of the decline of Western Civiliation, and the dawn of a new, Dark Age is imminent.

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