I will declare Carbon Dioxide a pollutant: Obama

Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant

Just like that. Not quite turning water to wine, but the Messiah of the NWO is getting there, eh. Click his fingers and turn a natural gas that has been around for billions of years (and which plants ingest) into a pollutant that can suddenly be regulated and taxed. Oh yes, you evil serfs poisoning the planet with your breathing! You smelly poor, stupid humans, how dare you! Gaia belongs to the fascist, socialist, one world government elitists like Obama, McCain etc.

It of course would give Obama the ability to control the USA’s industry, energy production and almost everything else, as Carbon dioxide production/ release is a critical side-effect of developed society, so to control it means controlling the things that produce it (enjoy your last free breaths). Pay no attention to the fact that the total CO2 in the atmosphere comes to a staggering 0.038%, whereas water vapour contributes 95% to the greenhouse effect.  This is the actual point of the AGW scam. To centralise control and power. Why not ban H20 use by humans (except the rich socialists of course, not that they’re human). Fuck it, while we’re at it, ban the Sun! That motherfucking thing forces climate change on the WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM! I would suggest taxing it profusely, but it’s over a million times bigger than the Earth and it would be a bitch to enforce. We could ask God to help but that fella is caught up in a lawsuit at the moment.

CO2 a pollutant. Seriously? It’s no less a pollutant that Oxygen or Carbon, you know, that stuff life on Earth is based on. Oh wait a minute… Carbon… Dioxide… Tax and regulation on life, anyone? I swear, this crazy son-of-a-bitch is just one step away from declaring the human race as a pollutant.

Now what fascist Magog worshipping eugenicist One World Government Dictatorship dreaming elite-cockjockey dipshit socialist could say no to that… Yes We Can, it is then!

Modern environmentalism (Club of Rome) is merely another front for one world government using bog standard Hegelian Dialetic, only this time, the human race are the ‘terrorists’, not Tim Osman and his band of merry men.

What the fuck next… State-controlled thermostats or banning the incandescent lightbulb?

12 thoughts on “I will declare Carbon Dioxide a pollutant: Obama

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  3. Damo, the reason for relationships is hope. Hope that this bitch you’re about to start dating isn’t as crazy as all the other bitches you’re dated.

    I know, it’s like banging your head against a wall, hoping that the next time you do it, it’ll fall. It’s the same when I see wealthy men marry women.

    Obviously if he knew she would eventually get bored of him, divorce, make shit up and take everything, he wouldn’t have married the crazy bitch. But he did.

    Women are so good at talking shit about loyalty and love that I find it bewildering. They can weave a spell, leaving men swooning. Puny humans, as Hulk would say. Of course, you get the rare breed of woman who is truly beautiful.

    But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    EDIT: You’ve given me an idea for an article. Coming soon lol

  4. Why would anyone in their right mind want to get into a relationship with a woman these days? What is the attraction? Will someone please explain?

  5. Yes FMwatkins. I understand what you’re saying. If those people want to go to hell in a hand cart let them off. I just can’t wait when this AGW is seeing for what it is, a hoax. How long will it take though is anybody’s guess.

  6. It’s typical, the feminists push for disgusting asset transfer laws that the state put through (more regulation) the resulting negative reaction from men convinces the femcunts that more regulation is needed to asset strip for co-habitation. Constant increase in the states size, powers and imposition on private relationships. Typical social engineering of a bunch of commie wankers.

    I found an article I did on it months ago.

  7. The recent case agaisnt god fell through when the judge ordered a dismissal on the grounds that a summons could not be issued in accordance with the law.


    As to the 2 year cohabitation law. This is just going to result in avoidance, same as the marriage strike. You will see a great many relationships end at the 1.8 year mark. As well, men will start holding thier assets in judgement proof formats, the same way the ultra rich do (This isnt expensive to do actualy, just specialized knowledge)

  8. Are you talking about common law marriage?

    I don’t think that is actually recognised in England (http://www.videojug.com/interview/cohabitation-basics-2#does-living-together-give-the-same-rights-as-being-married). Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own laws however. If kids are involved; then things also get much more sticky.

    These laws are going to be totally self-defeating (if their aims are really those that are stated). Like when government meddles in employment rights. Why can’t they just stay the fuck out of what doesn’t concern them?!

    We still get way too many men grandstanding on feminist issues. They love it; it seems to be the way of getting on – in these PC times. (Makes me sick!)

  9. This news is completely outrageous. In Australia, they are extending ‘marriage’, and all the penalties that marriage imposes upon men, to men who haven’t even gotten married.

    I believe that under new legislation, a couple living together for 2 years (cohabiting), is deemed to have crossed the threshold where a marriage-equivalent asset-split can occur.

    ‘De facto splits on a par with divorce’.

    Covers the same story: ‘De facto couples bill passed by Senate’:

    And how charming, now a man and his girlfriend can sign a ‘prenup’, because in the eyes of the law, they’re now ‘married’ – at least as far as legally having a shot at his assets is concerned.

    ‘Prenuptial rights for same-sex, unmarried’:

    This is total, outrageous, feminist overreach. Two years of sex with a girlfriend should *not* cost a man his house. This sort of redistributive thinking is grounded upon an outdated, 1950s social-model of society, where an ‘abandoned woman’ could potentially be left destitute with children.

    Women today outperform men in school, in university, have their own jobs, and their own money. There is absolutely no justification for them to collect men’s assets on top of this, as a legally enforced ‘tariff’ for having a non-marriage relationship with her.

    We know men are already avoiding marriage because it’s just such a raw deal. So, in order to ‘harvest’ more men, the man-hunters are extending the size of their net. On the bright side, this overreach may well be the tipping-point that politicizes many Australian men.

  10. I’m all for those idiots to go along with the scam, giving all of their money and time to the state in order to reduce the emissions of a naturally occuring gas, but the problem is they want to drag everyone along, whether people agree or not.

    They make me fucking sick. This worshipping of CO2 is pathetic and shows just how easily led people have become.

  11. When those fools who support anthropogenic global warming see their taxes rise, their standard of living decreasing and the utterly useless measuress adopted to deal with global warming fail, then maybe these same fools will wisen up? Unfortunately the hard way comes to mind.

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