Brothel’s booming in London

Horray! Now if London females weren’t stuck up, selfish, self-righteous tramps maybe there wouldn’t be such a booming market for this service. So view this article as an indicator to the quality of women in London, which, like the air quality, is atrocious!

Source: BBC


London’s brothel industry has spread to “every corner” of the city, according to a charity’s report.

Brothels in the city offer sex for as little as £15, and some are charging £10 extra for unprotected intercourse, the Poppy Project in Southwark found.

Free market capitalism at its finest. Big fat LOL. See, all those feminist ball-breaker bitches aren’t very attractive. Easier to just have sex with a whore and be done with all the nagging and girl-power bullshit.

Its report said 85% of brothels in the city operated in residential areas and researchers posing as sex buyers found brothels in all 33 London boroughs.

Westminster had the highest number with 71, compared with eight in Southwark.

The study was compiled by the Poppy Project, which provides education about prostitution and helps victims of sex trafficking.

Westminster, where all the politicians work and next to the City. Who would have thought.

Together the brothels generated between £50m and £130m a year, the researchers estimated.

Now check this out. Obviously, beeing the BBC, they have to start trying to paint women as victims in this. The next paragraph is headed ‘Underage girls’ although there is no proof of it.

The average age of the women was 21. Several places offered “very, very young girls” but did not admit to having underage girls available.

Co-author Helen Atkins said: “This research shows the disturbing prevalence of the sex industry in every corner of London – fuelled by the demand for prostitution services.

“Multi-media misrepresentations of commercial sex as a glamorous, easy and fun career choice for girls and women further contribute to the ubiquity of London’s brothel industry.

“However, for most women involved in prostitution, the reality is a cycle of violence and coercion, perpetuated by poverty and inequality.”

Inequality? That’s become liberal fascist buzzword. People use it without even thinking these days. It’s brainwashing nonsense. These women have choices. They choooooooose to sell their bodies for MONEY. They choose what to charge. Obviously, with supply and demand, more women offering this service will drive down prices. That’s the beauty of decentralised production. There is nothing disturbing about women selling their bodies. It’s the oldest profession in the world. It isn’t going to stop. It is part of human nature. Make it legal, have licensed establishments that than protect these women and they can be taxed like everyone else, although they shouldn’t pay income tax, and neither should you, as it’s actually illegal to charge it.

Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman said there was “a large and growing number” of very young women being trafficked into the UK.

While visiting the project she said she met two women who were brought into the country at the age of 17 “thinking that they were going to come here for a chance for education”.

They “were tricked and then forced into prostitution” she said.

Well, that’s it then. Wrap up the research! The fascist has spoken. Maybe if it wasn’t so f*cking easy for anyone to walk into this country this would happen less. I hate this Harman bitch. I f*cking HATE HER. F*cking nasty c*nt bitch. My last point is the following sentence;

The report found 77 different ethnicities among women being offered for sex, many from areas such as eastern Europe and south-east Asia.

Note the language. It is written to quietly suggest that these women are objects, sold by others, as if these women have no choice in the matter. More pro-victim propaganda. They could always get a job doing something else, but then they would just be held down by the glass ceiling right? I’ll leave this for my next article.

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