Women makes false rape claim – Jailed for ONE YEAR

Women’s right to choose extends to destroying men’s lives then.

Source: Daily Mail

A woman who cried rape was jailed yesterday after her false claim resulted in an innocent man being arrested and undergoing a ‘humiliating’ ordeal.

In a childish attempt to make her family feel guilty following an argument, Kerry Saunders claimed she had been sexually assaulted after a night out.

She was overheard making the allegation by a passing police community support officer.

Within hours, student Oladepo Otesile was picked up by police near the scene of the alleged attack and held in a cell for 22 hours, where he was interviewed under caution and given an intimate forensic examination.

Samples of his DNA, mugshots and fingerprints were also taken.

Only after Mr Otesile was bailed to return for an identity parade did the alleged ‘victim’ contact police to admit the allegations were false.

Sentencing 26-year-old Saunders to a year imprisonment, the judge said ‘it was something she brought on herself’ and branded her actions ‘ghastly’.

As well as depriving Mr Otesile of his liberty, her false claims cost police £4,500 in wasted time, Basildon Crown Court in Essex heard.

Judge Michael Brooke QC, said the victim had been put through an unnecessary ordeal.

‘It was something she brought on herself. She is not a baby, she could have said at any time it was not true and she had been hysterical,’ he said.

‘A total stranger found himself locked up for 22 hours having samples taken, he was interviewed under caution and accused of the most serious of crimes – stranger rape in a public place.

‘He must have passed an absolutely ghastly time.’

As Saunders sobbed in the dock, he added: ‘She knew very well where things were going and things ratcheted up and she did nothing to stop it.’

The allegation was made in the early hours of December 2 last year when Saunders was out celebrating a birthday with family and friends.

Following a row in the limousine they were sharing, the driver dumped her on the A13 in Purfleet, Essex.

Minutes later, she called her family and told them she had been raped in a bid to make them feel bad following the argument, but was overheard by a passing police community support officer (PCSO).

Instead of admitting she lied, she told the officer her attacker was a black man driving a blue car.

‘An off-duty PCSO saw her by the side of the road in a distressed state and she said she had been attacked in the street by an unknown assailant and had been dumped by his car,’ said Barry Hargreaves, prosecuting.

‘Police were called and told she had been claiming she had been raped. The description she gave was of her attacker being black and driving a blue car.

‘The victim is black, and happened to have a blue car which was spotted by police in the area where the alleged rape took place. It fitted the description of the car and he fitted the description of the attacker and he was arrested.

‘He then spent 22 hours in custody whereby Miss Saunders still maintained the allegation that she had been raped.’

After more than a day had passed, Saunders, from Ilford, Essex, contacted police and said the claims were false, the court heard.

Before the incident, Mr Otesile, of Purfleet, had never been arrested before.

Describing him as a man of good character, Mr Hargreaves added: ‘The whole experience was horrible and very frightening, especially as he knew he had not done anything wrong.’

5 thoughts on “Women makes false rape claim – Jailed for ONE YEAR

  1. I think that she should have gotten therapy instead of prison.

    It is wrong what she did. However I think that since she came fourth and told the truth. She should only have to spend the same amount of time in jail that he had to spend.

    The fact that she was upset and knew that it was wrong. And did the right thing should be enough. Imagine you are in here place before you make harsh comments like she deserved it. You have no idea what she was going threw. And a year in prison for telling the truth. Shit she have kept the lie.

  2. Well, I would hardly call it real prison and I strongly doubt she’ll do anywhere near 12 months.

    They should publish her filthy lying skank face, but I guess the liberal fascists would complain about infringing the politically protected females’ human rights’.

    Fuck em all.

  3. I heard last year of a couple cases where something was actually done in UK to false accusers. But, a year in prison? Cool.

  4. Hey let’s be fair and sentence Miss Kerry Saunders to a year in a men’s prison.

    That way after a year in jail she isn’t a liar anymore….

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