The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine

Source: Global Research


There is alarming evidence accumulated by serious scientific sources that the US Government is about to or already has ‘weaponized’ Avian Flu. If the reports are accurate, this could unleash a new pandemic on the planet that could be more devastating than the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic which killed an estimated 30 million people worldwide before it eventually died out. Pentagon and NIH experiments with remains in frozen state of the 1918 virus are the height of scientific folly. Is the United States about to unleash a new racially selective pandemic through the process of mandatory vaccination with an alleged vaccine “against” Avian Flu?

There is reason to believe that sections of the international pharmaceutical industry cartel are acting in concert with the US Government to develop a genetically modified H5N1 virus substance that could unleash a man-made pandemic, perhaps more deadly than the 1918 ‘Spanish Influenza’ pandemic claiming up to 30 million lives.1

Rima E. Laibow, MD, head of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a citizen watchdog group monitoring the pharmaceutical industry states, “Our best intelligence estimate is that pandemic Avian Flu has already been created through genetic engineering in the United States, fusing the deadly genome of the 1918 Pandemic, misnamed the ‘Spanish Flu’, with the DNA of the innocuous H5N1 virus in a growth medium of human kidney cells, according to the National Institutes of Health and the vaccine’s manufacturer. Some virologists believe that this would insure that the man-made mutant virus recognizes human cells and knows how to invade them.” 2

If true, as Laibow points out, “A basic virological fact that the public has not been told is that it is impossible to make a vaccine against a virus that does not yet exist. Public relations efforts to the contrary, IF a vaccine is being made against the Avian Flu virus in its pandemic form, that means that the pandemic virus must already exist, period, end of discussion.”3

The genome of the 1918 pandemic, the so-called “Spanish Flu”, was recently intentionally resurrected by the United States government from a frozen corpse that died of the flu in 1918 in Alaska. Because of that resurrection, both the Avian Flu, and its “vaccine” are now a significant threat to public health.

The Spanish Flu, which was not Spanish at all, was created in the US through an early bioweapons program and injected into healthy young men (i.e., ’soldiers’) as the first mandatory vaccination in the military during World War I. The “Spanish Flu”, which originated in Kansas on US Military bases, was one of the deadliest pandemics in modern history. It was also one of the most successful biological weapons ever created, until now.

This reminds me of another post I did regarding H5N1 already discovered in vaccines. URGENT WARNING: H5N1 DNA in Flu Vaccine.

5 thoughts on “The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine

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  3. I just watched the video. Dr. Rima Laibow, woman in the video, happens to be the one that exposed Codex Alimentarius. She mentions it breifly. Beautiful woman.

    This is all tied together. This is scary stuff.
    Her site is:

    This also reminds me of another vaccine that

  4. Great find… Really thank you for this.

    I think I mentioned this b4 but this reminds me of Codex Alimentarius which is trying to set limits on supplementary vitamins and minerals, it labels them as toxins. Yes I said toxins. I think the limit is 15% of daily intake to the legal ones while the illegal ones it is illegal.

    Don’t worry I do believe fluoride is legal with no upper limit.

    If it was just the flu vaccine one can say it is a mistake, but with all these things together and one can’t help but believe in an evil NWO. This can’t be by mistake. Why can’t people wake up!

    I mean one look at Harriet Harman and one should realise that the devil is real.

    I am this close to become a misanthrope…

    Again thanks for the great find. I’ve stopped taking vaccines when I woke up. I no longer trust the medical industry.

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