Girls of today, post-feminism

I scooped this off of some females’ Myspace. Thought it sums up the current generation of young girls pretty well.

All feminism did (apart from openly attack men and masculinity) is de-evolve women into spoilt selfish little brats. Anything they don’t like doing is oppressive, wanting anything and doing whatever they like to get it is girl power, and when guys say ‘I’m not interested in girls like you.’ What do they say?

That’s right, you’re afraid of ‘strong women’. Hahaha. No, it is just that men usually know a bum deal when they see it. Shacking up with a girl with these attitude problems is like putting your life savings on a blind, three legged horse in the Grand National.

What’s the point? Just keep your appendage in your pants until you bump into one that has a brain. I know too many men that have fallen by the claws of these crazy self-centered, lazy, stupid bitches.

Just thought I’d say that.

Oh boy.

13 thoughts on “Girls of today, post-feminism

  1. No wonder women are all turning into dykes. Men with these attitudes, who themselves cannot and will not clean or cook or perform oral, yet expect these services from women are finally having to face the consequences. Women have woken up and hate them.

  2. There is nothing wrong in doing any kind of job and our civlizatoin couldnt have succeeded without all of those . The recent feminist outbursts are nothing but the retaliation of valuing one work over another . If the role of a mother wife or caregiver were valued that much feminism would never come into the picture . May be we started taking them for granted

    Having said that few unwholesome graffiti , doesnt tamper feminism . nor it is desirable.

  3. “Young men all over the net are joining together to promote the rape and killing of women, thanks in no small part to the influence of idiocy like you are peddling here.”

    What a cunt. A femcunt in fact. Your ignorance and pathetic attempt at labelling anti-feminists and the entire MRA movement as a bunch of rape lovers pushing for the killing of women is disgusting.

    You fucking idiot. I tire of these outbursts from dumb brainwashed pricks like you. You want to post some shitty little petition as proof of what?

    It just shows the collectivist thinking of you arseholes, and by the way, feminism advocates the culling of the male species.

    But I’m sure there will be no comment on that eh.

    Now fuck off.

  4. Okay, geniuses, follow the link below and then try to stick to your guns about feminists being the bashers. Young men all over the net are joining together to promote the rape and killing of women, thanks in no small part to the influence of idiocy like you are peddling here. Sorry jackasses, but the movement is alive, well, and necessary. Quit whining about the demise of blow jobs, grow up, and deal with it.

  5. Nothing wrong with not wanting to do anything, personally. Don’t do whatever you like. Instead, rely on others and become dependent on others to provide the basic life skills such as cooking, frugal shopping and cleaning, that is when they are not trying to live like celebrities in those stupid magazines.

    And people wonder why so many women are in debt up to their eyeballs.

    And I don’t need to justify my opinion or position on females to anyone. Regular readers will know the wealth of data this blog contains regarding them. More importantly, they’ve got their own personal experience and the collective experiences of their male friends to use.

    Works for me.

  6. The prerequisite for a sane marriage or relationship is simple. That the other party must be realistic, reasonable, pleasant agreeable companionship, and interested in meeting your needs. The problem is malignant narcissism that is overtly displayed for any Male or for that matter Female companion.

    Unless your’e financially Independent, or a professional Chef and a man. If the Woman in the relationship views you as a Primary Wage earner, she better be able to cook food, to economize.

    Women have today too many unrealistic ideas of what is needed to have a viable marriage. And having a sane budget by cooking meals at home is not only thrifty, it is also more healthy. Too many prepared foods are full of additives, sugars, Corn sweeteners and things that will make you overweight.

  7. I can find stupid pictures and claim that they represent the current generation of young men, too. I notice most of the “evidence” on your website proves something about a singular person, which you then try to apply to everyone of the gender. (eg., quoting one feminist and pretending her words are the words of all feminists). The rest are straw men that seemingly come out of nowhere, but no doubt are based on more anecdotal evidence. At any rate, it’s a sign of lazy thinking on your part.

    What’s wrong with not wanting to cook, clean and give blowjobs? I wouldn’t avoid dating a guy if he told me he didn’t want to mow the lawn, fix my car or perform cunnilingus. A little odd, especially the last one, but oral sex and the willingness to do manly chores are not at the top of my dating “grocery list”. Would really be the end of the world if I mowed the lawn while he made me brownies?

  8. All feminism did (apart from openly attack men and masculinity) is de-evolve women into spoilt selfish little brats.

    Real short trip if you ask me…

  9. >>doesn’t mean feminism makes women spoiled brats.

    Maybe you are correct. But, if it isn’t feminism which makes the majority of women today, spoiled brats, what is the reason?

  10. Feminism gives a false/childish sense of empowerment to women in general (but not to smart women in particular) who thinks by now having a voice in society means their voice is RIGHT and saying otherwise is oppressive.

    Feminism demonized men, they are viewed as rapist, cheaters, scumbags,weak..
    It is now expected for a man to be less self reliant, to be emotional sponges..

    By giving “equality” in gender roles women have forgotten or find it oppressive to clean or cook and give the political correctness power to accuse other women who appreciate those tasks.

    It’s obviously not a matter of “judging a book by it’s cover” it’s certainly more a matter of “the other side of feminism”.

  11. Well, I’m not gonna lie…those kind of pictures annoy me. Not only are the phrases stupid, but the graphics and overly-cutesy fonts are cheesy.

    I will say, concerning the part about “icky things in my mouth” — since when did giving head become so gross? Okay, okay, men often pressure women into doing it, and it’s not every woman’s cup of tea. But in a relationship (and if you’re getting eaten out in return), I think a blowjob is fun, sexy, and perfectly acceptable. Definitely not icky.

    However, all that being said, I don’t think you can chalk feminism up to “attacking men and masculinity”. Feminism has done (and continues to do) a lot for women: gaining the vote, getting equal rights, allowing women a voice in society. Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge feminism by individual women’s actions. Just because a girl has a stupid banner on her myspace doesn’t mean feminism makes women spoiled brats.

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