Why I Stopped Reading The Guardian, by Heretical Sex

Excellent piece by Heretical regarding the fascism of feminism. Go and have a look.

Why I Stopped Reading the Guardian


One thought on “Why I Stopped Reading The Guardian, by Heretical Sex

  1. That’s a silly reason to stop reading the Guardian. All newspapers mainstream papers are propaganda. You just need to filter through the crap. And he picked an article that is dated 2006, an article which I read when it first went online.

    Some papers are right wing pro war crap, but usually have good articles concerning men and the family and immigration (though sometimes they take it to extremes). Unless it paedophilia then they cause hysteria, which I hate.

    Others are anti-men pro feminist crap, but have good articles about the war propaganda. Actually I wouldn’t say good, but at least not pro war.

    The worst offenders are Televised Media.

    Mind you I stopped reading the Guardian or any other hardcopy paper. Rely on the internet for the truth and from various leanings; from Right wings nut jobs to left wing loons, atheists to religious.

    Take the current conflict occurring in Georgia. If you listened or only read what the BBC or British media in general is saying you would have been told either half truths or flat out lies. This is an interesting event that is occurring, one that has the backing of Israel and America.

    Sorry, went off track. I’ve been reading lots of articles on the matter and it is sad to see how the Georgian people are being used as pawns. NWO is at work here.

    Anyway it is good that she said it on a main stream paper. At least it exposes her and her ilk for what they really are. My only regret it was only published online.

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