Wife poisons husband THREE times, poor woman.

Seems like stories of women poisoning their boyfriends/ husbands pops up every week.

Source: Daily Mail

A businesswoman tried to poison her husband on three occasions in an attempt to make him confess to having an affair.

Linda Lees, 45, twice put poison in his takeaway after their 23-year marriage collapsed.

Detectives say Mrs Lees suspected the 43-year-old Navy avionics lecturer of being unfaithful, and administered a toxin to try to coax him into admitting his infidelity.

She is said to have made the repeated attempts, despite having a long-term affair with a neighbour herself.

Police, who said Mr Lees had been having an affair, are still waiting to find out what drugs she used in the last attack.

How do they know?

But they believe they may have been those prescribed for her own depression. They are investigating if she may also have used the date rape drug GHB.

At Truro Crown Court, Lees – the manager of a car rental company – admitted administering a noxious substance with intent to injure her husband, who is based in
Portsmouth, on three occasions.

The first was at her home in Cornwall when he visited for a weekend in March.

The second was at a restaurant in Exeter, where they met to try to save their marriage the next month.

On that occasion Mrs Lees went to the toilet and stopped a waiter to ask if she could put a ring into her husband’s food as a surprise. But she then slipped poison into it and calmly watched as he ate his meal. Finally, she poisoned him again ten days ago after Mr Lees travelled to their marital home in Helston.

They had been due to spend a last weekend together walking the Cornish coast.

The pair ordered a Chinese takeaway and again Lees put drugs into it. She then took him for a drive.

By the time they returned, he was severely drowsy. He drank from a bottle of water in the car – but his wife had placed another strong dose of drugs in it. Mr Lees managed to escape the car and let himself into the house.

Lees left him there semi-conscious and went to her lover to confess to the poisoning before returning to the garage, where she tried to take her own life.

Mr Skinner said: ‘When police arrived they found her in the car with a hosepipe attached to the exhaust.

‘It was her lover who called the police.’ The couple were taken to hospital and survived without permanent injury.

Detective Constable Martin Skinner said: ‘This really was a crime of passion.

Crime of passion? This was three counts of pre-meditated poisoning. I thought a crime of passion was an emotional outburst of some kind. I also guess it is justified by the man-hating State because she was ’emotionally distressed’ by her paranoia, her projection of her own infidelity onto her husband and well, it must be his fault in some way right?

‘Paul Lees is in the Forces and his long absences led to the relationship deteriorating. Six months ago, he decided the relationship was definitely going to end.

‘At the time, she accepted it and agreed with him and hid the fact it was not what she wanted.

So much for the better communicators.

That is why she took the drastic action of attempting to stupefy him – she may have been trying to find out if he had any other relationship going on.’

Mr Skinner added: ‘Mrs Lees had been having an affair with a man four doors down from her who was also a friend of Paul’s.’

The case was adjourned for a psychological report to be prepared before sentencing in October.

Lees was granted bail on condition that she does not try to contact her husband.

Last night, at his new home in Portsmouth, Mr Lees said: ‘I’m still in a state of shock and I’m trying to make sense of it all.’

It makes perfect sense to me. The woman has the emotional maturity of a child. She wants this, she wants that, she believes something therefore it must actually be real, so in her own selfish mind, she is justified in almost killing this man. In fact, she probably could have killed him and gotten away with it, because she is female, and females get special privileges and rights above men in this Marxist society. This represents just another example of women and their entitlement attitude. Right and wrong is determined by what they want and how they feel, not by external morality and logic, which is why they are so easily manipulated.

4 thoughts on “Wife poisons husband THREE times, poor woman.

  1. Whats lame is that most women are ruled by their emotions, which is lame because what they “deem” as right is based on how they feel at the time. Feelings don’t amount to shit. How I feel about something weather strongly or weakly doesn’t take away that things true nature of it’self. As in, “Gee, I feel like that mountain is so beautiful, just look at the steam coming from the top of it. Hey honey, let’s move here.” Then the guy is like “Ummmm, is that the one on the news that’s about to explode?” God made women as a test of endurance to men. Gee, maybe if you really stay married to one for your whole life God will laugh when you get to the gate and say, “Haha yeah sure..just look at him, let him in he’s had enough.”

  2. She is a victim! The almighty vagina is sugar and spice and everything nice! Women can do no wrong! It is the oppressive men who are evil! Women are goddesses! Respect women always!


  3. That poor woman….why couldn’t he be a real man and die the first time? Why, I’ll bet she has a strong case of emotional cruelty against him.

    “I am the victim of abuse your honor. I tried three times to kill him, and he never had the decency to die. This whole thing has left me afraid to try to murder again.”

    “You poor dear…not guilty.”

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