Wives to be let off for murdering their husbands in cold blood

Hot on the heels of my earlier scribblings regarding what actually constitutes ‘abuse’ for the self interested feminists and abuse industry.

Source: Daily Mail

I hate this evil feminist bitch.

I hate this evil feminist bitch.

Women who kill abusive partners in cold blood could escape a murder conviction if they prove they feared more violence.

Under a major government review, they will be punished for the lesser offence of manslaughter, sparing them a mandatory life sentence.

Women’s groups had long campaigned for changes to the law to protect victims of domestic violence who hit back in desperation.

As long as they’re women, hitting men.

But the proposed new partial defence for killers who feel ‘seriously wronged’ by ‘words and conduct’ took experts completely by surprise.

They must establish only that they were responding to a ‘slow burn’ of abuse.

The change sweeps aside the existing requirement in any defence of provocation that they killed on the spur of the moment after a ‘sudden’ loss of control.

In cases where a husband kills, the existing ‘partial defence’ of provocation if a wife was having an affair is scrapped altogether.

The Ministry of Justice said this was in response to long-standing concerns that the centuries- old measure impacts differently on men and women.

In the first major changes to homicide laws in 50 years, ministers have ruled that other categories of killer, as well as domestic violence victims, should be offered new partial defences of provocation.

They include those ‘seriously wronged’ by an insult.

Beneficiaries of this change may include those who strike out after long and bitter disputes with neighbours, or victims of a serious crime who are taunted at a later date by the attacker.

Instead of receiving a mandatory life sentence for murder, they too could escape with a manslaughter conviction.

Note that this is the complete opposite to equality. This is just giving women who are so inclined, a government mandate to kill their husbands, as long as they can cook up a good textbook story about abuse, which as we know can be almost anything women say it is.

Essentially, this means that if a woman ‘feels’ wronged, she can kill you, if you ‘feel’ wronged, you cannot kill her. The ‘crime of passion’ motive has been strengthened for women and taken away from men. This represents laws for certain groups. This is illegal.

Robert Whelan of the Civitas think-tank accused Ministers of introducing ‘gang law’ into the legal system.

He said: ‘To take someone’s life because they say something that offends you is the law of gang culture.

‘Are we really going to introduce into our criminal justice system that it is a defence to say “I was insulted”?’

He also voiced concern about the plan to give special protection to certain groups.

Mr Whelan said: ‘By creating all these special categories, the Government are making some people more equal than others before the law.

‘It seems some lives are worth more than others.’

Something the government only too happy to promote in its quest for totalitarianism. It is also a perfect example of the State using a collectivist dialectic to control society. This government needs to go for so many reasons.

Lyn Costello of Mothers Against Murder and Aggression described the changes as ‘utter madness’.

She warned: ‘We need clear laws, not more grey areas. This is not the sort of message to send out.

‘You will have some very clever lawyers who will twist this around to suit their clients.

‘Unless there are really exceptional circumstances, such as self defence or protecting yourself or family, then there is no excuse for killing someone and it should be murder.’

I will end this with a comment from the website;

Abhorrent – women want equality when it is convenient and not when it concerns murder. Many women make their husband’s/partner’s life hell. Some women are very difficult to live with. Some women are violent towards their husbands. Women use emotional blackmail to get what they want. Women are just selfish. There is a growing band of women who abandon their children for their selfish desires. Murder is murder and they should serve life.

– Sue, Southampton, 29/7/2008 06:53

4 thoughts on “Wives to be let off for murdering their husbands in cold blood

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  2. I believe many husbands are murdered by their wives, but it goes undetected because nobody considers it suspicious when a middle-aged man has a heart attack. Especially if she had made it known that his “lifestyle” was going to get him a heart attack.

    I know that my father was murdered in this way. His wife’s first husband also died of a sudden heart attack. But any potential victim must be isolated from those who can support him or alert him to danger. For this very reason the killer wife would have prepared the way by discrediting any loyal child who may have raised suspicions about his death. Always easy enough for a stepmum to discredit a man’s daughter as a “spoilt brat, daddy’s darling, difficult child” etc, etc. The killer wife would have used sibling rivalry and gossip to ensure the loyal child is shouted down, or too afraid of rejection to even raise his/her suspicions. After all, it won’t bring dad back to life.

    If the death looked like a heart attack, there will be no automatic autopsy with a toxicology report. TV series has people believe that the police investigate all deaths. They don’t. They are very busy with the most obvious ones. They don’t have to look for work to determine if someone’s death may or may not have been from natural causes. If it looks like natural cuases, it is. Even corpses that come in with gunshot wounds – only a fraction of those cases reach the courts.

    I’m sure many women get away with killing their husbands because there is nothing suspicious about a middle-aged man dying of a heart attack. Even if you reported your suspicions, the police have so many obvious murders and crimes to folllow up that they don’t have to look for work.

    Do you think it is worth warning men about this phenomenon, or do you feel men who fall for the femme fatale deserve what they get?

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  4. Forget about justice or equality. Precedent was set for this issue when Gov. Roy Romer set free the woman that put an axe through her husbands head because she thought he was going to abuse her.

    Never mind that she had several DV convictions herself. The forces of misandry are hard at work day and night with a goal of total domination.

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