What attracts (female) Italian model to (male) overweight millionaire? Hmm.

Personality obviously, that’s what all women are interested in.

Source: Daily Mail

Formula One playboy Flavio Briatore has dated a string of models in his time – including Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum – and his latest companion is no exception.

The 58-year-old lapped up the attention from his new wife, Italian Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci, during a romantic getaway in Sardinia yesterday.

The multi-millionaire, whose rather rotund physique clearly hasn’t diminished his ability to attract women, hit the beach with the bikini-clad brunette before retiring to his luxury boat for some sun and affection.

Briatore married Gregoraci, who at 28 is 30 years his junior, in Rome last month at a 12th-century basilica near the Vatican.

5 thoughts on “What attracts (female) Italian model to (male) overweight millionaire? Hmm.

  1. I was thinking. They’re all been charged with prostitution. That is because they all were getting paid.

    So what was the reward for winning? Maybe ‘competition’ is what the women called it to justify it to themselves.

  2. It is his ambition.

    (Told by a girl why girl want to have the rich lawyer or the rich football player instead of the lawyer and the football player)


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  4. I’m sorry, there is not that much money in the world….

    If I had to choose between looks and money, I’d choose looks. And I speak from experience.

    I should stress, that’s choosing between looks and money (meaning, if there’s nothing else to choose from).

  5. Any chick that isn’t married by the time she is 30 has issues.

    Any man that gets married before he is 50 has issues.

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