The Girls Who ‘Aspire’ To Be Glamour Models?

Don’t look to these empowered females to help us change the world… A culture of children who aspire, not to be adults of intelligence and substance that can add to the knowledge of humanity, the fight for freedom or the richness of art.

They just want to be ‘famous’, whatever that is.

Source: Daily Mail


Yes, they are both 13 years old.

Most people find it hard to believe that Amy Lewis is 13. At first glance, it’s not hard to see why. The excessively coiffed hair, the spray tan, the false eyelashes, the make-up, the talon-like acrylic nails, all speak of someone far older.

Amy, of course, is rather pleased with this state of affairs. Her idol is glamour model and reality TV star Jordan (real name Katie Price) a pneumatic-chested mother-of-three who, as we shall see, has developed a grip on the minds of the nation’s young teenage girls.

Charity administrator’s daughter Natalie Halls is just 14, but as she says of Jordan: ‘She’s really pretty, she’s got a handsome husband, three kids, loads of houses and money  –  that’s why I want to be like her.

‘She’s got the perfect life  –  a career in modelling and on TV, plus books and other things. And she’s always in magazines looking pretty.’

So how did it come to this? That an entire generation of intelligent young women, watched happily by their mothers, are modelling themselves on a woman who has made a career out of a pair of inflated breasts, a ruthlessly stagemanaged career in soft porn and a tumultuous and highly sexual relationship with her husband, singer Peter Andre  –  not to mention her forays into the literary world.

Social commentators say that self-made multimillionaire Katie Price, who has successfully marketed herself as a brand, is viewed by many young women as a feminist icon.

No, really? So ‘girl power’ actually leads to women CHOOSING to turn themselves into sex objects for money.

Take, for example, this extract from her novel, Crystal: ‘Crystal didn’t care that he might think she was easy or a slag. She just wanted him and it felt so right.’

Or from her latest novel, Angel Uncovered, which is published today: ‘She kissed him hard, digging her nails into his back. “Go on,” she said, “**** me. Then you’ll have what you want and I can go to sleep.” ‘

These, it is safe to say, are exactly the kinds of book which are going to be devoured by teenagers who have also pored over her two best-selling autobiographies.

Speaking with a candour that fails to mask her naivety, 13-year-old Amy says: ‘I think that to be successful these days you have to make yourself stand out, and having a boob job and wearing lots of make-up and sexy clothes gets you noticed. I quite enjoy school, but I’d like to leave and start modelling as soon as I can.’

It is clear, too, that, bombarded by celebrity images in magazines and on television, young girls are being indoctrinated from a young age.

‘I have been mad about clothes, hair and make-up from the age of eight,’ says Amy, who has had a boyfriend for the past nine months.

‘I read OK! and Heat magazine and I model the way I look on the celebrities in there. I put on lots of make-up, have my hair done by Mum at least once a month and Mum also pays for me to have spray tans. I also have my acrylic nails done every month, and Mum gives me facials.

‘When I am getting ready to go out, I spend loads of time on my face and hair, getting my look just right. I also love to put on false eyelashes, and I know that I turn heads when I walk down the street. Often, people are really amazed that I am only 13.

‘I am desperate to have a boob job like Jordan, and both Mum and I are saving up. I have read all of Jordan’s books, and I love her style.

‘My ultimate aim is to be a glamour model, which is why I want a breast enlargement. I don’t think I am too young to look the way I do.’

The story only gets worse. Why do these mothers allow their daughters to behave in such ways? Simple, they are using their daughters to try and live a different lifestyle through. This ‘career’ choice revolves simply around themselves. Attention, money, attention. Oh, and attention. They want to be in magazines and have other girls bitching about them. They want the paps to follow them around. They look up to the celebrities the media gives them. The Paris Hilton’s and Jordan’s of society are trumpeted by corporate media as the ‘new woman’, the same way that spineless effeminate males are pushed as the ‘new man’. No accident I’m sure. The power of the media to define identity is one of the reasons that these girls aspire to such mediocrity. If the media wasn’t a cancerous pile of crap, desperately trying to keep the population mindlessly consuming and following the party line then maybe these children would aspire to be mathematicians, engineers, philosphers, artists.

I hate television, I hate the corporate media, I hate empty headed people. Like automatons, willing to be programmed by the media when those in power wish for them to behave differently.

Fuck em, I hope they go to the FEMA Camps.

Television: Opiate of the Masses

10 thoughts on “The Girls Who ‘Aspire’ To Be Glamour Models?

  1. Haha it makes me laugh, the majority of these girls and women are dog ugly…Jordan is a mess, and so are most of them…Danielle Lloyd etc…without their slaggy clothes and there big fake tits,nails,eyelashes etc they would get no attention at all in the street!

    And then these girls mothers SAVE UP for them to get boob jobs…what a joke! Get a life, and some education

  2. These girls will have wonderful, wonderful lives.

    They will be the centers of attention.

    And just as they are about to claim the glittering princess-tiara of victory, their entire country will be invaded and razed to smoking ruins by dour, fanatical, religious warfighters whose mothers never wanted to be anything but mothers.

    I doubt the boob jobs will help them escape the fiery wreckage.

  3. No worries beyondbluestockings. Sometimes when I read back over things I’ve written I think I’m being a bit aggressive. It’s a state of mind thing.

    I can’t be surprised if people find offensive language offensive, it’s just me redirecting the rage I feel at the subjects I write about. 🙂

  4. I am trying (seriously, lol!) not to be manipulating you into something I need.

    Truly, although I am chuckling as I write this, I hadn’t read that second option for how men are to deal with women, on the side bar of No ‘Mam, before I wrote the comment above, and had I read it first I would not have had the boldness to ask for relief from the language.

    Considering my faux pas, I thank you very kindly for your gracious reply Mr Watkins.

  5. I’m almost afraid to ask (please don’t be mean back, I am no militant feminist), but, do you need to use the F word quite so much? I find your site interesting, agree with much of what you have to say, albeit sometimes for different reasons, and would like to read more of what you have to say.

    But that word hurts my delicate little ears :/

  6. Any else beside myself notice that these skanks do all they can when in preteen and teen years to look older more sophisticated etc

    Then soon as they hit 30 they do everything they can to look and act like schoolgirls again

    Western women are really fucked up – and they did it to themselves

  7. “So how did it come to this? That an entire generation of intelligent young women, watched happily by their mothers, are modelling themselves on a woman who has made a career out of a pair of inflated breasts,…”

    Maybe they were not that intelligent to start with, eh?

    Motherf******, “women are soo intelligent no matter what stupid s**t they do” tellers….

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  9. Lol
    I just read your comments. I don’t think they will aspire to be mathematicians or anything like that. Let us face it, being a Housewives with all the technology makes life easy.

    Most married highly educated women end up working part time or stop, as they usually marry someone of similar status.

    I think they would choose to be housewives but with the string attached so they can be the boss of the house. Though a lot of them would still complain about it, as they compare their lives with Jordan. 😛 The grass is …

    Employed women expressed a higher degree of enjoyment for shopping, preparing food, taking care of their children, and doing housework than for working at their jobs—an activity that was ranked at the next-to-lowest level of enjoyment, just above commuting to work.

    Job, I mean Career was ranked 15.

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