Woman has had SEVEN abortions – Still blames everyone else.

Source: Daily Mail


Among the throng of women who gather outside the school gates each day, Angela Simmons is every inch the archetypal middle-class mother, fussing over her seven-year-old son Ben and ferrying him between after-school clubs and play dates.

Certainly nobody would guess that the 39-year-old former estate agent is one of around 50 women each year in the UK to have notched up her seventh abortion.

Government statistics released this week show that record numbers of women are having two or more abortions  –  and those who do so are not, as might be expected, young teenagers who don’t know any better.

‘Looking back, there was a definitive reason why I had each termination and a valid reason why I felt at the time I could not even have begun to contemplate continuing with each of the pregnancies,’ says Angela.

Bullsh*t. Valid reasons seven times? Yeah, me me me me me me me.

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation of all is Angela’s insistence: ‘I do not really regret any of my abortions.’

Or the admission that she also came close to aborting her son Ben and changed her mind only when her then partner, Patrick, begged her not to go through with it.

Certainly, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that her relationship with Ben’s father broke up six years ago amid bitter recrimination over the two abortions she had against Patrick’s wishes either side of their son’s birth.

As we all know, men have no choice when it comes to reproduction. Whatever the woman says, goes.

And yet sadly, Angela’s grim story is not unique. This week’s figures released by Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo reveal how many modern women are using abortion, not as a last resort, but almost as a form of contraception.

Statistics show that last year 1,300 women had at least their fifth abortion.

So this is what those serial killer women meant by ‘choice’, and I’m sure every single one of them has everyone else to blame.

There are fears too about the emotional toll that multiple abortions may be taking on such women.

This week the Royal College of Psychiatrists warned that women may be at risk of mental breakdowns if they have abortions  –  something which, as we shall see, is borne out by Angela’s story  –  and should not be allowed one unless they are properly counselled about this potential risk.

Poor women. What about the morality of all of these abortions? Or does ‘choice’ trump ‘life’ when it comes to women these days? Here come the excuses.

Angela, a single mother from Bristol, insists she never used abortion as a form of contraception and was merely ‘unlucky’. But seven times unlucky is perhaps stretching the bounds of credibility.

‘I have always used contraception properly,’ she insists.

Sorry, just gotten a bit thirsty, just going to have a swig of my drink… That’s better, shall we continue?

‘The reason why I had so many abortions is that I didn’t want to bring a child into the world unless my situation was perfect  –  but it never was.

And she must have known her situation wasn’t perfect before jumping on a man’s penis? And so proceeds a bunch of paragraphs charting her bad choices in men and her excuses for having an abortion (on top of the ‘it was an accident’ one). Where she begins by saying she got the babies killed because ‘the man didn’t want it’ . She then meets a guy who does want the child, and guess what? She aborts it anyway, for another reason. You get the idea. You should read the original article to see just how bad it is. I’m going to skip to the end.

that neither her man nor her situation was ‘perfect’.

‘For a long time I thought I had managed to put that episode of my life behind me,’ she says.

‘Now I believe that is the reason why I have never been able to commit to a relationship and why, when I got pregnant, I didn’t think I deserved a baby.

‘I didn’t want to bring a baby into the world unless my situation was perfect. I never had a mother figure and, because we weren’t close, no guidance.’

Well there you have it. It was her absent mum’s fault. Or it was the fault of the men. Or it was the fault of the clinic. Or the fault of the contraception.

These women want rewards without any responsibilities. They are pathetic. I’m no stranger to giving screwed up women a hard time, and I know this article makes a lot of good women sick to their stomach. She should have been sterilised or something.

So much for ‘human rights’…

One billion abortions since 1920 – Feminists, slaughtering the human race one foetus at a time.

Record numbers of women are having two or more abortions – UK
Abortion; Legal if women want it = Illegal if men want it
Girls + Alcohol + Feminism = Record number of Abortions

4 thoughts on “Woman has had SEVEN abortions – Still blames everyone else.

  1. If men could get pregnant they would find ways for it to be declared a sacrament. Don’t tell me that if men were able to get pregnant that none of them would want to get rid of that child. Men nowadays don’t seem to consider a woman’s feelings important in the least. To them woman are just the lesser species…inferior and not really good for much. If the tables were turned and men were the ones getting pregnant and having to carry the baby for nine months then go through labor and childbirth and have the other person run out on them and having to figure out how to raise the baby while having a job and other obligations….then it would be a different story. I don’t think men understand how difficult it can be to raise a child solely without any help from the other person except for a check every week or so. Sure that helps out with finances for the child but what about your own finances? What about paying the rent or house payment every month and then paying on your car, your utilities, your insurance, personal products, gas and maintenance for your car….etc. And also a check won’t take care of your child when you have other obligations or when an emergency arises or when you have other people to take care of such as your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather. Some men don’t even pay child support (mine didn’t) and me, my sister, brother and mother struggled for years in a rundown house where we could barely afford the rent and food forget about anything else. Meanwhile after the divorce my father took everything…the house, his car, my mom’s car….he put us out on the street.For you people that think that woman always end up with the good end of the deal sucking money out of men for their children you should really think again. I would much rather send off a check every month than have the demands of taking care of a child that someone helped create and then refused to take care of any other way but financially. There is so much more to taking care of a child than just money. It is stressful in and of itself taking care of a child even without financial problem and most of the time those child support checks aren’t enough to fully take care of a child when there are diapers to buy, baby food to buy, personal care products for baby such as shampoo etc, car seats, strollers, clothes (baby’s grow rapidly so you have to constantly buy them new clothes), a crib for baby, daycare if that necessary, baby bibs, formula (of course there is breastfeeding which is more cost effective and much healthier than formula but of course some women don’t produce enough breast milk to feed their baby such as my mother),and of course countless other things you may need for baby. Some babies are born with medical problems so then you also have to account for the costs of doctor visits and things like that. If you were a woman would you honestly not be a little upset if you were to become pregnant by a man who did not want any part in taking care of the child he helped create? It takes two to make a baby and if you were a woman and could see how it feels to have a man have sex with you, get you pregnant, and want no responsibility at all in the child’s upbringing….then maybe you would think differently. It should not rely solely on the woman to take care of the child and the man should help out more than just financially. I sure you will agree that a child requires both a mother and a father. He has a part in creating the child and he should also have a part in raising it and not just handing over a check every week….Yes some women use their children to get money out of men….but didn’t they make the right choice by not having an abortion? You can criticize a woman for not wanting a baby but somehow it doesn’t seem as bad when the man doesn’t want the baby and so he leaves and becomes a deadbeat father. Because the woman is the one who must go through abortion she receives more criticism than the man. I’m sure if a man was pregnant and did not want the baby that he would also get rid of it. And plenty of men encourage the woman they got pregnant to get an abortion. It just the sole fact that the woman must be the one to go through the process of abortion that you use to justify all your criticism. If a woman got pregnant and dumped the child off on the man and said see you later like some men do I’m sure men would criticize her to no end. But then when a guy gets a woman pregnant and leaves and wants no part of it you say that is perfectly fine. This seems very sexist. If the woman makes the right choice according to you….than the man should also make the right choice…the choice which is in the best interest of the child….to step up to the plate and provide for the child not just financially but in every other area as well. My husband’s father was one of those men that did not want to step up. He helped create the child but served my husband’s mother with divorce papers on the day she was giving birth while she was in the hospital. He gave her twenty dollars and a pack of diapers and that was the last she ever saw of him. He has never paid an ounce of child support. My husband even tried going to court when he was younger to try to get back all the child support his father owed him but seeing as he was over 18 at that time the court said they could do nothing for him. My own father did not pay most of the child support he should have and I have never gotten it back. You need to quit acting like the woman is the one who has the easy way out. Whether you have an abortion or not you don’t just walk away feeling good and proud about yourself saying look what I did….especially when there are men like you around to constantly criticize women and put them down….women are not stupid are know that men are sexist and will always blame the woman before they blame themselves. Abortion is not an easy process and neither is deciding to keep the baby and raise it whether or not you receive child support.

  2. If it is not fair for the woman to have an abortion without the man’s consent then why is fair for the man to say that the woman should have to go through the burden of nine months of pregnancy and the horrible pain of childbirth for a child she does not want just so the man can have his child? It works both ways. If the man should be allowed to have a right in whether to have an abortion or not than th woman should also have a right in whether to keep the baby or not. It sounds as if you are saying that only the man should have a choice in the matter. You are also making women sound unfairly selfish. There are plenty of cases in which both the man and woman want an abortion and agree on it and have no problem with it. There are also plenty of cases in which the man is the only one who wants the abortion and the woman doesn’t. You say “Well she still could have decided not to have the abortion and keep the baby.” but but then when the woman wants the abortion and the man doesn’t….you put all the blame on the woman for being selfish and not considering what he wants. So then why when HE wants the abortion and SHE wants to keep it you don’t point out how selfish HE is for not considering HER needs? You are being hypocritical and sexist. When it is the woman who wants the abortion she is selfish and a murderer but when the man wants it she is still selfish and a murderer. You forget that it takes two people to make a baby and both must be held responsible for the conception of that baby.

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