Woman Kills Own Baby, Walks Free

Source: Daily Mail

A mum who killed her six-month-old baby by shaking him and throwing him to the ground causing devastating brain injuries has walked free from court.

Martina McHattie, 26, described as a perfect mum, lost her temper with horrific consequences after baby Reece wouldn’t stop crying because he was teething.

Are they trying to blame her actions on the baby?

A court heard the stress caused her to shake the infant and throw him against a hard object, fracturing his skull.

Reece died from his injuries four days later in October 2004.

The ‘perfect mother’ then lied to cover it up;

Police investigated the incident after doctors suspected Reece was not the victim of an accidental fall as McHattie had claimed. However there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

The harrowing incident at her home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, only came to the fore two years later when she admitted that she had caused Reece’s death because she was unable to cope.

But McHattie, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter, was handed just a 12-month suspended prison sentence after a judge was told she had tried to commit suicide and had self-harmed in the years since the death.

Right, so now this woman is a victim?

Defending, Michael Harrison QC said: ‘On a daily basis, this mum was taking superlative care of her baby.

‘It is therefore astonishing to find that in one catastrophic moment she gave way to the stresses that had built up in the days and hours before.

‘In the last two weeks he was teething and she was getting flustered because she couldn’t soothe him.

‘What went on in her mind was a feeling of inadequacy and so in that moment she brought everything crashing down around her and ended her baby’s life.

The baby is dead. She not only killed him but lied afterwards, but because she was feeling inadequate and took a few pills she gets a suspended sentence.

Just another case of the Pussy Pass. Throw it on the pile!

6 thoughts on “Woman Kills Own Baby, Walks Free

  1. Stress my ass! That’s not a defense! Anyone who is a caring mother taking “superlative” care of their child knows that if you can’t handle it you go in another room for a couple minutes, ask a friend or family member for help, or even go to the hospital if it gets too bad. Shaking and throwing your baby?!? There’s no excuse.

  2. It is not much better here across the pond Brother. Women here have Microwaved their babies, cut off the arms of a 8 month old girl with a Butcher Knife. Two Women in Tennessee are in Jail with a man for raping 5 Girls. And Girls in Hispanic Gangs who are into drug running and shooting rival Gang members was reported in the Dallas Morning News.

  3. Here’s what I predict: We will keep seeing cases such as this and eventually it will backfire. Soon, abusive men will be able to use the same defense when they harm the women in their lives. There are already some who are calling the rash of men killing their pregnant wives a “stress related disorder.”

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