80% of UK ‘Laws’ actually from the European Union

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Amid the silly soap opera that now passes for British politics, in which we are supposed to care more about hairstyles and mannerisms than about the country, there was one moment last week when a decent man said something important. The brief flash of truth shone out like a gold coin on a dunghill.

The man was Peter Lilley, older and wiser than when he used to sing daft songs to Tory conferences. Mr Lilley looks to me as if, like several others, he is trapped in the Unconservative Party and would blossom like an irrigated desert if only he could escape from it.

Because what he said was important, there have been far too few reports of it. Hansard for Tuesday, June 3, at 3.35pm, will give you the details, if you want them.

But his clear, hard message was that 80 per cent of our laws are now made in Brussels, and Parliament has no power to reject or amend them.

If you wonder why our Post Offices are all closing, it’s thanks to an EU directive. So is the increasingly hated Data Protection Act. So are Home Improvement Packs and fortnightly bin collections.

In 15 years’ time our Parliament will have only two functions left – to raise taxes and declare war – admittedly things that our current politicians are rather keen on.

Mr Lilley’s mischievous suggestion is that MPs’ pay should be cut each time they hand over authority to others. Incredibly, many MPs don’t know what is going on. If they ended up on the wages paid to district councillors – which is all they really are now – they might care more.

His own stark words cannot be improved upon: ‘Few voters, or even members of this house, fully realise how many powers have been, or are about to be, transferred elsewhere. There are three reasons for this. The first is that governments of all persuasions deny that any significant powers are being transferred.

The second is that, once powers have been transferred, Ministers engage in a charade of pretence that they still retain those powers. Even when introducing measures that they are obliged to bring in as a result of an EU directive they behave as though the initiative were their own.

‘Indeed, Ministers often end up nobly accepting responsibility for laws that they actually opposed when they were being negotiated in Brussels.’

So now you know. Not since Dunkirk, 68 years ago, has our national independence been so imperilled. But back then, we could see the danger. Now most of us pretend it isn’t there.

Indeed. People like me and others have been saying this for ages. It is nothing less than the removal of sovereignty to a foreign power. Something that, quite simply, is absolutely forbidden under our Code of Laws. It’s that simple. It. Is. Completely. Illegal.

Yesterday I was by the Houses of Parliament with my girlfriend, we walked past Mr Haw and his peaceful demonstration. I explained to my girlfriend what he is doing and why. I also explained to her that Westminster banned any protest without permission from the Police, more details can be found here.

So much for Freedom of Assembly and Right to Protest. She was shocked that the government could pass such laws. I told her it’s illegal for them to do so, and these are the symptoms of a police state.

Then it starts to sink in.

This made me realise that you can say facts and figures to most people until they are blue in the face, but only rarely will they naturally appreciate the gravity of what you are trying to communicate. A combination of incapability and being distracted by a universe of entertainment and stressing about paying their next tax/ bill.

Things need to actually occur to people before they realise it. A typical example is that of men being falsely accused of rape. Most men will dismiss it out of hand unless to make them read a host of news articles about how it has actually happened. Still, they will not seem to care much for the stories, hopefully it won’t happen to them right?

Well this IS happening to you. To me, to everyone in Britain. Just because the grass is still green and the sky is still blue (sometimes) it does not mean that all is right with the world. Things could be unimaginably better if only the People would take some time away from the Television to just Think once in a while. Read the Bill of Rights 1689, The Magna Carta etc. Communicate what you learn to others. Make them listen!

The US and UK government loves to say: ‘The terrorists hate us because of our freedoms’ and they are right.

They are the terrorists, and they hate our Constitutions and Rights because they guarantee our freedom. That is why they are undermining them. It is like being in a huge house that you are free to roam about in to your hearts content. The landlord then begins locking certain doors, banning you from certain areas, restricting the amount of daylight through the windows etc. Before you know it you are confined to one room with no light and no food. You have to beg the landlord for every little thing and they only let you out so you can serve them.

As you read this, Right Now we are in a Surveillance/ Police State. Right Now our Sovereignty is being transferred to a Foreign Power. Right Now our society is in freefall, destabilised by the Marxist/ Communist combination of State Schooling and Feminism ( the majority of kids these days cannot even spell Marx). Our existence is just another moment in history and you only need to look back into history to see what the conclusions of such attacks on our Rights are.

We are being slowly suffocated by the Dark Cloak of Collectivist Communism. We need to continue to spread information and the passion for Freedom!

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