Josef Fritzl, (the man who locked his daughter in the cellar for 24 years), innundated with love letters

Cellar monster Josef Fritzl has been sent hundreds of love letters from lonely women offering him romance.

Some of the women have said that Fritzl, who locked his daughter Elisabeth in a cellar for 24 years and fathered her children, is ‘good at heart’ and misunderstood.

Fritzl has so far received a mountain of 200 love letters.

Those writing to the 73-year-old former electrician believe that he wanted to keep his daughter out of trouble and so kept her prisoner for most of her life.

Fritzl fathered seven children through his daughter and he is now in Austria’s Sankt Poelten prison where he has also received a mountain of hate mail.

So far he has received a total of 5,000 letters.

Elisabeth, 42, is recovering in a psychiatric clinic. Three of her children were kept prisoner in the dungeon with her.

He is due in court again on Friday – when he will almost certainly be sent back to jail to await trial.

Prosecutor Gerhard Sedlacek has said that Fritzl did not have an accomplice.

From the start, investigators have said there was no sign that Fritzl had help – even though many have been baffled how he managed to keep his daughter and their children hidden for so long.

I’m confused, maybe this case appeals to these women’s sense of ‘being cared for’ or something. Somehow I couldn’t image if this was a woman (doing this to her son), that there would be hundreds of men writing her love letters… Utter madness.

3 thoughts on “Josef Fritzl, (the man who locked his daughter in the cellar for 24 years), innundated with love letters

  1. I thought that myself. Wasn’t one of those girls her daughter? I don’t know the details completely. It is usually the case that the woman is considered innocent although she obviously capitalised on the man being a sick bastard. Like wives of gangsters for example.

  2. How unlikely that his wife didn’t know anything?

    Women are more likely to suffer mental problems than men. And remember they are less rational and more emotive.

    Of course this is generalisation but it holds true in most cases.

    Below taken from:

    *** There’s a saying from some older culture to the effect that the quickest way to destroy a rival society is to ruin its women. It’s a dictum undoubtedly coined by some man who probably didn’t begin to grasp the stunning magnitude of the self-destructive instinct that is so much a part of Collective Woman. ***
    Out here in California the Peterson case is being compared to the O.J. Simpson murders and yet an O.J. verdict is entirely possible if Peterson gets even a majority-female jury. Women on the Menendez jury almost got their wish to free the murderous Lyle and Erik just because they found them handsome. (One female juror actually expressed sympathy for the brothers “because they no longer had parents.” Uh, the brothers no longer had parents because they murdered them, stupid!)
    As for the Peterson case, forget the grisly discovery of the needle-nose pliers on Scott’s boat with Laci’s hair in them. Anyone with a brain knows that innocent men don’t bleach their hair and beard and run off to San Diego with a load of cash and survival gear. And yet Scott gets dozens of love letters, cards, and flowers every day from women all over the country who want to marry him and have his baby because he’s good-looking. It’s not easy to imagine a similar phenomenon vis-à-vis men, as down in San Diego all Kristin Rossum ever got from men over the last two years were death threats for running off with her boss and fatally poisoning her husband. Ditto for even better-looking women such as Susan Smith and Pamela Smart.

    Average men continue to be outraged by this perennial female adulation of either sociopaths or extremely good looking men who use them up and move on. They see no rationality in such a warped set of preferences. The key word here is rationality. The default mode of thought in women is not rational, it’s emotive. Criminals and philanderers are interesting and mysterious – that’s the key. It’s irrelevant that they offer no real future. In a nutshell, they’re crass entertainment like ditzy afternoon soaps.

  3. It is a shame to think that these types of people are part of the human race. It sickens me to know that perhaps some of these woman are mothers.
    I keep waiting and praying for a happy ending.
    Josef should get 15 yrs for each child born,including the baby that died. Lets see that would be 105 yrs. That sounds about right to me. Only after he is casterated without any painkillers “PUBLICLY CASTERATED”to send a message to all the other perverts out there that they had better behave or ELSE!

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