Today’s female role models are Pathetic

When I grow up, I want to be a whore! Parading my boundless ignorance in front of the public like the town idiot in the hopes of acquiring material possessions and a rich guy who I can then trade sex for more money and attention with!

Feminism just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?

There was a show called The Weakest Link on the other day. It was a special for charity. The ‘contestants’ were all WAGS. These are the females the media throws on the front page at every opportunity, and the females that other females choose to idolise and look up to. Here they are:

Lined up were Alex Best, ex-wife of a deceased football drunk; Charley Uchea, a Big Brother contestant, whose cousin is a footballer; Danielle Lloyd, Teddy Sheringham’s ex; Linsey Dawn McKenzie, who married footballer Mark Williams; Amii Grove, who dates footballer Jermaine Pennant; and Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder, Cassie Sumner and Lauren Pope  –  who are still looking for their princely footballer and kissing a lot of frogs on the way.

Let’s get the first part out of the way. These girls are thick. For me, (and countless girls it seems) these women represent the far end of the majority of post-feminist females. It is easier to tart yourself up and try and bag a rich guy than earn it yourself. Essentially exchanging their sex for money. How empowering. Sound familiar?

The nine women were as pink and transparent as a set of highly buffed acrylic false nails.

Sweet girls, but with ‘desperate to hook rich footballer’ stamped all over their decolletage and, no doubt, their St Tropez tans.

Such is the desire to be a celebrity that even girls so intellectually challenged they think ‘hello’ is spelled with an exclamation mark are prepared to put themselves forward on a national TV quiz show to be humiliated.

This society, thoroughly undermined by Marxism has now collapsed into rampant fame seeking and materialism. From a disciplinarian, moral and intellectual point of view, British culture and life is rapidly collapsing in a way never before seen. These women seem to be proud that they know nothing. Proud that they are prostitutes. Doing anything to get attention. Thinking only of themselves and the narrow world they occupy.

I am only partly disgusted by them. People like them are a logical consequence of the social engineering inflicted on this society by collectivist liberal globalists.

My issues are twofold. Firstly, the media rewards their terrible ineptitude at everything of importance with full page spreads. Women read about them in girl mags and bitch about them in their nice little air-conditioned offices (while secretly wishing it was them on the magazines with the rich boyfriend). These idiots can make a good living (probably better than you) by objectifying themselves. Turn yourself into a sex object. Get paid, just like this other idiot!

Secondly, girls look up to them. Why? Don’t they have the personal integrity to realise that their entire lives will amount to nothing? Or do these girls not care about learning about the world, protecting their nation’s sovereignty and fighting tyranny?

LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Maybe this is partly psychopolitics. The media are helping to erode a nations identity of itself by focusing on people of particular stupidity. The way they focus on knife stabbings. In a nation of about 60 million people one would think the media could report of things a little more positive. Maybe focusing on the Lisbon Treaty and its attack on Britain’s sovereignty. Maybe the media is just reflecting the reversal of societies ‘progress’ back on itself. Maybe the increasing crime, feral kids, breakdown of families, single motherhood, rampant consumerism, narcissism, state dependence and complete apathy and lack of desire to fight and protect one another is another symptom of society moving towards a Matriarchy, where female ‘qualities’ drive society.

Makes sense. There are more women of voting age than men. Therefore you could say women may actually control the vote. Women overwhelming vote for bigger government, ‘feeling safe’ and more benefits at the small cost of the destruction of the country and a higher burden on men.

Fuck the matriarchy. People need to start lighting the fires again! We need a revolution and we need one soon, before speaking out against tyranny becomes illegal.

11 thoughts on “Today’s female role models are Pathetic

  1. I’m glad I’ve come across someone making sense 0n this subject. That article made me laugh, but yet angry at the same time. The fact that these women are seen as the upper class in society and the fact that they are better off than others means these scenarios can be overlooked. It makes me so angry !!

  2. I agree completely Appauled. I believe what is being utilised with corporate media is psychopolitics. Yet another method to attack and denigrate society by portraying it us incompetent, ignorant, underachieving buffoons. Essentially a nation of childlike clowns that find cellulite on a celebrity of greater importance than the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

    You are correct in that the public in general are stupid, if they were not then we would not be in this mess. The creation of the consumer was spearheaded by Edward Bernays, as is well documented by the BBC 4-part series entitled ‘The Century of the Self’ (located on this blogs’ video library.) By attaching emotional needs to products, the corporations could convince people that they actually ‘need’ something they would merely ‘want’ otherwise.

    I don’t watch television myself. Haven’t done so for years. I can’t actually sit in front of a television and not start to feel very uncomfortable (about 95% of the time.)

    Fortunately there are an increasing number of people, young and old who realise what has really been happening these past decades and resistance is building. Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that, just like they don’t want you to know what affect watching television has on the brain.

  3. If I may, I would like to present a woman’s perspective on all this. I don’t generally do this …but having stumbled upon your site … I felt the need to ’emote’. (‘Blind Faith’ if you know it) I would also like to clarify that I have a brain and I am disgusted at the souless degridation of humanity as a whole in the western world. The cause I feel is down to the ever-powerful media machine and it’s abilty to warp, censure and brainwash the mind. Anyone who has studied history will know the power of the media and that as a whole the human race are pretty thick. People are like sheep, who follow other sheep because we all like the comfort of the fold. Subtle brainwashing has been going since the beginning but now it’s not even subtle and alarm bells are ringing in the minds of those not yet indoctrinated. And it is the men behind the media who decide what to write, who to big up, who to ridicule, what trash to send out to the public. The media coins the phrases that later become ingrained in the nation’s conscience. The media has infact turned us into a spectator nation with a voracious appetite for gossip and info on other peoples lives. It has become an addiction …how many times I have seen women clawing for the latest gossip magazine and devouring every picture of a saggy bum and a plastic surgery disaster. Think of a normal day in most 20 something’s lives … get up … go to work …coffee break …facebook (Baaaaaa!) …. more work …. commute home .. gossip mag ….. dinner … reality tv show … phone your mate to tell them what you’ve changed on your facebook profile … watch yet another reality show … bed. I know this sounds harsh but it’s true. People watch, read and talk about other people’s lives so much I doubt they have a life of their own. What about reading, learning, self-discovery, travel … trying to become the best human being you can be. Years ago I was one of them … and I couldn’t understand why I felt so sick of heart after reading a trashy magazine … I felt disatisfied with life .. that I ain’t worth shit unless I’m one of these WAGS and carry the latest over-priced designer bag. These stupid feelings can permeate even an intelligent mind … think consumerism osmosis. I pondered on these thoughts and realised that I needed to get a life …sort of speak. I now refuse to look at those magazines, I avoid television on the whole in favour of a good classic novel. I walk out of the room when people talk about facebook and generally seek out the company of like-minded people … sadly not enough to go round. My life is richer than any WAG’s bank balance. I feel so sorry for young women today as there are NO intelligent, accomplished female role models … there are women of value but do we ever hear of them ..are they on the center pages? Nope. Who do we have?… Posh Spice, (clothes hanger) Paris Hilton (words fail me), Jordan (again words fail me) oh my god …. bring back Katherine Hepburn who had a personality and an opinion! But all is not lost … there are men out there who appreciate a woman for her intellect and there are clever women out there who love and respect the men who appreciate them. The more people who wake up and see what’s really going on the better and who knows … there really may be a revolution waiting in the wings. I’m ready to hold the banner.

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  5. I stand corrected AMan, that’s an oversight on my part. Those men at the top use feminism because it enabled them to covertly attack their biggest threats i.e. the rest of the males and the family.

    This is why (except in cases of extreme stupidity) I tend to attack ideologies and theories rather than people. I’m still learning and growing from all the reading I’m doing, and have realised that people should be treated as individuals until otherwise proven (i.e, a Marxist etc).

    Still, one has to rant every now and again :p

  6. Nice article,

    A “WAG” lol. Had to use acronym(dot)com for that.

    “Women overwhelming vote for bigger government, ‘feeling safe’ and more benefits”

    I disagree here. Idiots overwhelming vote for bigger governments. Larger welfare state is without mainly women, but larger military complex and erosion of our civil liberties such as basic privacy?

    Good video Taking Liberties (Since 1997)

    You will find there is no such thing as a matriarchal structure. There is only patriarchy with the appearance of matriarchy. Those on the top of the chain are men, and without a doubt using feminism as a mere tool. These women are fools. Men are their protectors but they have turned against us and made women turn against us and in respect men have retaliated.

    reality seeker your last advice on treating women as mere walking pussies is rather foolish. This will not solve anything but make matters much worse. People who are hurt will cause more hurt. Just ignore these people like the plague unless you think you can cure them.

    We should not behave like children who only think of themselves because others do. We are better than that.

    This is not a tit-for-tat game.

  7. “You’re bang on Reality Seeker. The way I see it, there are two parts to this. Feminism telling women (and society) that you should respect women no matter how they behave, and feminising men. Both of these steps create narcissists and super-consumers. I agree, none of those males are of any worth either. Actually I think that’ll be the subject of my next post”.

    Indeed, one only has to turn on the T.V to see how WAG type females are glamorized. Hollywood, MTV e.t.c keeps churning out the dumb broads and MEN are constantly told to ‘worship’ them. Then society is structured in a way that rewards poor behavoiur from women whilst at the same time penalizing men for any little thing, especcially if it is against women. It is no wonder we have degenerated to this level.

    Super-Consumers is the key. People will see these WAGS has something special due to the ability to purchase leather trinkets with the words ‘prada’ or shoes that are 50x more expensive then they should be due to a label. But this is a cunsumer cultures dream, dumb people buying usless shit and thinking they are ‘superior’, the worst is ‘men’ who created ‘every-fucking-thing’ are conditioned to worship mass consumerism which is funidmentally a female hording trait. I.e hunter, gatherer scenario. No wonder the system is created to feminise males and make them tow the ‘wage slave, provider wheel’.

    “Nowadays we have these whores and feMales parading about, conveniently distracting the sheep from the slaughterhouse sign on the warehouse they are being led to.
    But what else is expected in a matriarchy? Where self-obsession, consumerism and the path of least resistance govern society”?

    Ironicily all female triats, i.e. hunter (male = creator). Gatherer (female = consumer, horder). This is also programmed with fear, even marriage is a trap and a path to added fear, in the form of the male (naturally the creator) is ‘oppressed’ to the whims of a corrupt divorce system that could strip him of his kids, money and assets at the whim of a women. No wonder it is how it is, men are afraid to be ‘MEN’. At least slowly more and more MEN are waking up to the royal butt fucking we are getting and we are seeing things has they are. Hence sport fucking our way through girls like this, refraining from marriage and staying well clear from radical feminist type females who have the potential to exploit the system. The more Men that are created who learn to treat a women like this has nothing more then a walking ‘pussy’ the better, it’s the ones that ‘marry’ these broads is what pisses me off, they only add to the problem, I have no sypathy when they are taken to the cleaners and see half there earnings go to some women who contributed fuck all to his wealth, which incidently happens far too much in the western sphere. One only has to pick up a paper daily to see some rich guy getting fucked by the system because he was dumb enough to treat a whore like a princess!

  8. You’re bang on Reality Seeker. The way I see it, there are two parts to this. Feminism telling women (and society) that you should respect women no matter how they behave, and feminising men. Both of these steps create narcissists and super-consumers. I agree, none of those males are of any worth either. Actually I think that’ll be the subject of my next post.

    But when the patriarchy regulated such behaviour it hardly ever occurred, or at least the females would never dare advertise it. I was reading a book called ‘The Constants of Nature’ by John D Barrow, partly theory, partly history. Back then the ambition of people was to become a scholar. Get a doctorate in mathematics or something then study all sorts of cool stuff in an attempt to understand the universe better.

    Nowadays we have these whores and feMales parading about, conveniently distracting the sheep from the slaughterhouse sign on the warehouse they are being led to.

    But what else is expected in a matriarchy? Where self-obsession, consumerism and the path of least resistance govern society?

  9. I hear what your saying here FMW.

    Good piece, but lets also take into consideration the so called ‘men’ who reward these dumb twats, by volunteering to be a ‘walking wallet’.
    You see these people could not exist if ‘men’ had not been so feminised that they are more then willing to be a ‘walking wallet’, for a female rather then stay with a girl because she “actually likes the guy”.

    These girls are nothing but ‘attention whores’, every bit of attention, either be it negative or positive is exactly what they want. The more attention the better, the problem is, this is rewarded in this society by mangina ‘girly boys’ who worship these dumb broads and are willing to put sanity on the line and have nothing more then a prostitute has a girlfriend.

    A lot of girls do idolize these, but then again lets not forget a shit load of men (or so called men) would also sacrifice self-worth and respect to have one of these dumb twats on their arm, to show off, for the sake of ‘ego’ and that fleeting ‘feeling of importance’, whilst their bank account is whittled down and they watch the ‘attention whore’ milk every sap that comes into her life, not forgetting the girl will ‘trade up’ at the first opportunity. (Also what value have these girls got other then their pussy? None)

    Dating and relationships with these types of women is a stupid move, but sadly most men reward skanks like this, or they are at least ignorant due to a society that constantly bombards males with dumb prostitutes and tells guys to ‘jump through hoops’ to score a ‘fuck’ with them. These dumb broads are nothing but sport fuck material. These girls belong in a prostitute parlour, sadly men have been so feminised that they will treat what fundamentally is nothing but a sperm receptacle with goddess type worship to the detriment of there own self respect and esteem.

    Why would any sane ‘smart’ man want such an attention graving, money grabbing, social worshipping dumb twat like these?
    None, but then again footballers are some of the most feminised males to come about, look at David Beckham for example, he is a perfect example why wags exist, he is 100% a ‘girly man’. Footballers make great targets, a large % of them are the ‘maxim’ & ‘loaded’ type male, that is portrayed to be the ‘real man’ in a society that has men turned into girly boys, for the worship of the female goddesses.

    These dumb broads would be sport fucked, that is what they are here for, shame some men (or boys) seem to think they are ‘marriage or even GF’ material, so exactly who is the ‘stupid’ one out of the equation? Men need to be better educated, something which our current society does not provide, it simply rewards skanks and feminises males.

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