Girls arguing over a boy ‘blew up houses’

Could probably do as an addendum to Another reason men are avoiding women…

Note it isn’t a fact, but a theory. Still, the mere fact that this could have been done (by girls) warrants a mention in my book.

A gang of teenage girls may have blown up a house with a home-made liquid bomb, which killed a man in a neighbouring property, after arguing with another girl about a love rival.

Purple liquid was poured through the letterbox of the Victorian house before the an explosion destroyed three houses.

Their intended victim, Charlotte Anderson, was caught in the blast and was rushed to intensive care suffering with severe burns.

Amazing. I guess this is what amounts to ‘girl power’ these days…

Ten hours earlier Miss Anderson had phoned police to say a gang of girls aged 16 and 17 was causing trouble outside her home, in Harrow. They were directing abuse, about a boy, at Miss Anderson’s ground floor flat.

Miss Anderson was pulled from her wrecked flat by a neighbour and she was rushed to hospital, where her condition was described as “non life-threatening”.

Scotland Yard launched a murder investigation and is hunting the girl gang.

What on Earth is wrong with these females? Now for the obligatory attack of the Internet.

A police source said the liquid could have been made using a “recipe” found on the internet

Moving on…

DCI Colin Sutton said: “Our major line of inquiry is that this liquid caused the explosion and that the explosion was an attempt to murder this young woman.”

Girls are Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice.

It would seem we should take great care when it comes to what sort of young ladies we should permit our sons to consort with.

– M Young, London

Indeed, M Young. I’ve just come up with a saying;

Women are other women’s worst enemy because they truly know what women are like.


5 thoughts on “Girls arguing over a boy ‘blew up houses’

  1. I agree LorMarie. Gang members are usually a result of broken homes to begin with. With no strong family at home, they form gangs to compensate.

    With our collectivist government tying the hands of the police and attacking parents for disciplining their children (that’s now the job of the State) kids are learning that they are pretty much untouchable.

    Removing the threat of serious consequences from people’s actions results in them reverting to primal behaviour. These feral gangs are a direct result of the breakdown of families and society.

  2. RE: the article link about girls in gangs…

    There is a gang problem at the HS in which I teach. Many teens who join gangs do so out of fear and intimidation rather than want. That holds true for girls as well as boys. If you are constantly harassed by gang A, gang B comes along and offers protection if you join. One could not simply go to the police since as the saying goes, “snitches get stitches.” Thus, they turn to gangs. For girls, there is a feeling powerlessness that may lead to joining a gang. When I was in HS, girls who were good brawlers got much respect and were free from harassment (after proving themselves tough of course). I suspect that may be the case with the young ladies in the article (and probably the negative influence of hip hop culture–most that is). No matter the motive for joining a gang, teens are still responsible for the violence they force on others and should receive the full wrath of the law. I just hope that more preventive measures will be taken so that kids would not join gangs.

  3. Women are other women’s worst enemy because they truly know what women are like.

    – FMWatkins

    LOL, you might be onto something here. Women can be way too catty as far as I’m concerned, myself included. I also hate the competition that some women start for no reason at all. It’s a sign of insecurity. Men have issues too, but I generally get along well with and prefer the company of men. So I guess the worst enemy for women is women.

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