News Round Up

I’m sure everyone has heard of the psy op Rich List, a publication from the Sunday Times, released each year listing the moderately wealthy of the country. I say moderately because the real wealth will never be on there. You know who I mean. The first line is…

A little-known model has entered the ranks of Britain’s super-rich…


… by marrying into a £5.6billion fortune.

Ah. Let’s look at the top 10 ‘Richest’ Women.

Kirsty Bertarelli – Married a rich guy.

Lady Green – Married a rich guy.

Charlene de Carvalho – Inherited it and married a rich guy.

Kirsten Rausing – Family inheritance.

Slavica Ecclestone – Married a rich guy.

Baroness Howard de Walden – Family wealth.

Lady Grantchester – Family wealth.

Hourieh Perama – Married a wealth medical student, but still did most of it herself.

Ruth Parasol – Earnt it together with her hubby.

Ann Gloag – Earnt it with her bro.

Three out of ten did it themselves (more or less). Girl power at its finest. Speaking of girl power, how about 50,000 volts?

Taser parties – for all your zapping needs

The Arizona entrepreneur deployed her sales patter and folksy western charm as she praised the merits of the palm-sized C2 stun gun – available for $350 in a variety of fashionable colours, including the best-selling “hot pink”.


The U.N. has declared: “TASER electronic stun guns are a form of torture that can kill.

The problem isn’t people having devices for self-defence, it’s the false sense of safety that a taser creates. This encourages people (like cops) to use it on a whim because they have been told it is acceptable (and doesn’t kill, although it obviously does).

For insurance and practical reasons, Miss Shafman does not allow live target practice (nor does she permit guests to wash down the sandwiches with alcohol that might affect their judgment). Instead, the women lined up to blast away at the outline of a bad guy on aluminium foil.

Oh really. Wouldn’t want someone dying at the party would they, not a good selling point. Also, alcohol is not allowed at these parties, as opposed to at any other time these women are out. One drinks leads to another, man dies. It is also a charming way of attracting their perfect man…

What women REALLY want

Her boyfriend may not have a clue but today’s young woman knows exactly what she wants.

To be specific, she’d like to marry a man called James, who earns at least £25,000, by the time she’s 25.

Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much to ask. But according to a poll, eight out of ten women worry that they will never find their soulmate.

Sorry, but don’t expect to find sympathy from men. It because of the attitude of these women and the laws pushed by feminist politicians that has led to this situation.

While the survey showed that young women notch up as many sexual conquests as men, the survey found that they are really looking for a “romantic, hard-working man who is not afraid to commit”.

Bullshit. What they want is EVERYTHING. This article is saying something else. Women by 25 are starting to realise that their whoring about doesn’t seem to be getting them anywhere. Those men who are ignored by these young women end up going off and earning lots of dosh, partially because their energy and dedication isn’t wasted on self-entitled post-feminist tabloid loving emotional trainwrecks. These women start learning the error of their ways by 25.

Lisa Smosarski, editor of More magazine, which commissioned the survey, said: “The idea that women want an endless string of serial relationships which never end in commitment is way off the mark.

“By the age of 25, what young women really want is a soulmate with a view to marriage.

Well by then, the men they suddenly decide they want are busy shagging 20 year olds. The article then goes on to (somehow) blame this on men.

“Unfortunately, men have had it so good for so long they’ve become commitment-phobic, drifting from one long-term relationship into another.

“However, young women today have watched their mothers’ floundering relationship history and realised that getting a man to commit is important for their future happiness and family security. Young women are starting to expect far more from men.”

Men can be commitment-phobic. They fear marriage. Why? One of the comments sums it up nicely;

I’m pleased to see that women are looking for hard-working men who will commit in a relationship. Unfortunately, they will become increasingly difficult to find. If a man is stupid enough to marry, then with the law as it stands he could lose his home, half his pension and be required to financially support his children whilst being denied any significant access to them if the marriage breaks up. Even if he doesn’t marry, the law is now moving to establish the same discriminatory practices against men who are co-habiting with their partners. Faced with this, it is a mystery why any man would want a long term relationship with a woman. If his partner decides to run off with somebody else, the man is financially ruined and usually denied access to any of his children. So, I would advise my two sons against any long term relationships. The law is against you. And I speak as a man who has been very happily married to the same fantastic woman for the last 35 years.

– Ordinaryguy, Wolverhampton, UK

Although more women seem to be settling down in their thirties or later, those polled thought 25 was the “perfect age” to get married, preferably to a man who earns £25,000 or more.


Eight out of ten said they would prefer to marry a “good, all-round, hard-working bloke” than the glitz and glamour of a “celebrity-style relationship”.

How hard will these women be willing to work I wonder? They probably have difficulty thinking about that between demanding xyz from a man, before divorcing him and taking everything off him anyway. They’re problem with celebrity relationships is the attention the man would be getting from other, younger, prettier, more fertile women.

Let’s see an article about what men want. Not that anyone seems to fucking care these days.

2 thoughts on “News Round Up

  1. As far as I can determine most Western women (i.e. particularly bad in UK/US) is NOTHING from men. They want to do it all themselves, trample over men in the workplace, hold secret grudges in pursuit of a “sex war”, form unhealthily close sisterhoods, dominate any mixed-sex groupings and play wet-hanky if batted down and only then after all that want a man to come home to, to be told to feel better about theirself.

    What it pathetic about the situation is that I see women from Asia coming here, being equally educated and capable as w.women yet at the same time displaying female characteristics and appreciating male characterisitcs.

    The whole thing is revolting and the crushingly low birth-rate and rapid demographic change is our well-deserved punishment.

  2. Although more women seem to be settling down in their thirties or later, those polled thought 25 was the “perfect age” to get married, preferably to a man who earns £25,000 or more.

    Although less men seem to be settling down in their thirties — if ever — those polled thought 25 was the “perfect age” to get married, preferably to a 18 -20 year old woman that is fiscally responsible, pleasant to be around, and hasn’t shagged multiple partners before meeting you.

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