More Globalist Conditioning – World Police Toy

Further to the article on about the toys with the All Seeing Eye on them.

Toys Bear All-Seeing Eye Logo

I present to you, the World Police toy!

Click the image for a bigger version.

Let’s see. Note the dashing black gloves with matching jet black NWO-thug outfit. Two guns, handcuffs (why handcuff when you can taser?) I can’t make out some of the weapons, I may pay another visit to this crap shop because there were other toys like this in it. Oh yeah, note the gold grenades on his left leg. The explosion on the label, along with the two other henchmen characters. I guess they plaster ‘Police’ on their chest so you don’t confuse them with sadistic psychopaths. Well not until it’s too late at least. Won’t matter when you’re already on the 3:10 to FEMA Camp #108

Oh well, gives the next generation of slaves something to relate to, I guess.

On a final note, I would have pointed this out to the store workers, but it is one of those shops where 95% only speak broken English (customers and staff).

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