Police officers to be microchipped and the plan to chip YOU

The banking/ old money elites want you ‘chipped’. This means inserting an RFID tracking chip in your arm so they can watch you, along with a cashless money supply which will then be on the chip, enabling these elites absolute control over the money supply.

It is part of their plan, as is detailed by Aaron Russo when he talks about Nick Rockefeller, of the infamous Rockefeller banking dynasty.

Russo: “I used to say to him, what’s the point of all this? You have all the money in the world, you need all the power you need, what’s the point? What’s the end goal?

And he said (Nick Rockefeller) the end goal is to get everyone chipped, to control the whole society. So the bankers, the elite people, can control the world….”

Watch the video for the rest. Don’t want to believe it, do you?

Every single Metropolitan police officer will be ‘microchipped’ so top brass can monitor their movements on a Big Brother style tracking scheme, it can be revealed today.

Some officers are concerned that the system – which will be able to pinpoint any of the 31,000 officers in the Met to within a few feet of their location – will put a complete end to community policing and leave officers purely at the beck and call of control room staff rather than reacting to members of the public on the ground

These chips are designed to centralise control of a large number of individuals (us) by a minority of individuals (government). Which is the plan all along.

One officer, working in Peckham, south London, said: “They are keeping the exact workings of the system very hush-hush at the moment – although it will be similar to the way criminals are electronically tagged. There will not be any choice about wearing one.

“We depend on our own ability and local knowledge to react to situations accordingly.

“Obviously we need the back up and information from control, but a lot of us feel that we will simply be used as machines, or robots, to do what we are told with little or no chance to put in anything ourselves.”

This has already started happening in Mexico. In 2004.

The RFID chip is passive device which activates in the presence of a compatible electromagnetic field. These fields can be generated by devices such as hand-held scanners or other portable devices. It operates using the same technology governments are trying to force on the people through the National ID Card. The people’s disapproval for the ID Card is ignored as of course we are now subjects, not citizens.

They have already begun implementing the technology in passports, one of the most critical forms of identification an individual can have. It is highly insecure as this article from The Register highlights;

e-passport cloning risks exposed

Frank Moss, deputy assistant secretary of state for passport services at the State Department, told Wired that even if the chips on electronic passports are cloned other security measures, such as a digital photo of its holder and the physical inspection of passports, would foil attempts to use forged or modified passports. A feature called Basic Access Control within passports means that border officials need to unlock a passport’s RFID chip before it can be read. However some security experts reckon this technique provides insufficient protection over the long run and that conventional smart-cards are preferable to RFID chips.

“I’m not opposed to chips on ID cards, I am opposed to RFID chips. My fear is surreptitious access: someone could read the chip and learn your identity without your knowledge or consent,” writes security guru Bruce Schneier. “The [US] State Department is implementing security measures to prevent that. But as we all know, these measures won’t be perfect. And a passport has a ten-year lifetime. It’s sheer folly to believe the passport security won’t be hacked in that time. This hack took only two weeks,” he added.

The National ID Card will constitute the greatest centralisation of personal information EVER. Over 50 distinct, different forms of information will be required from you. You can examine the Identity Cards Act pertaining to this here.

I have prepared a condensed list at the bottom of this article.

Government + Private Data = Disaster!

ID card details for sale to banks

RFID is contactless. This means the data on a chip can be read at a distance, some from a few feet, some from more. This means it is possible for your ID Card to be ‘skimmed’ by someone walking past. RFID is convenient for organisations and businesses in tracking their property such as the military with their inventory, or in supermarkets. As a poignant comparison, they are also used by farm owners to track their cattle, along with people to track their pets. Notice that all of these uses revolve around animals or products that a group owns. Remember that when the government begin using the Hegelian Dialectic to get you to accept the state tracking your children. For their protection of course.

Schoolkid chipping trial ‘a success’

David Clouter, founder of anti-fingerprinting group “Leave them kids alone”, said: “To put this in a school badge is complete and utter surveillance of the children. Tagging is what we do to criminals we let out of prison early.”

Hungerhill headteacher Graham Wakeling said the pilot was “not intrusive to the pupil in the slightest.”

It isn’t ‘intrusive’ if pupils never had rights to begin with…

Children of 11 to be fingerprinted

CHILDREN aged 11 to 16 are to have their fingerprints taken and stored on a secret database, internal Whitehall documents reveal.

The leaked Home Office plans show that the mass fingerprinting will start in 2010, with a batch of 295,000 youngsters who apply for passports.

Children are always an easy target. Especially when they are propagandised in state run schools to ‘love’ the socialist/ communist state. It continues…

Police put 100,000 innocent children on DNA database

The number of innocent children placed on the Government’s vast DNA database for life has quadrupled in the past year to more than 100,000, it has emerged.

The astonishing increase, which follows a controversial change to the law, was described by opposition MPs as an “extremely sinister development”.


RFID technology is also employed in the London Oyster Card. Touching the card on readers throughout the London Travel network ’empowers’ users to pay without using cash. Non-users are penalised by being forced to pay an inflated cash fare. (Example, for buses it is 90 pence with an Oyster and £2 without). More information about the (also insecure) cashless payment system can be found at Council of Truth.

Here are some links related to the Oyster Card and the way it ’empowers’ the police state to data-mine and already track you. This is enabled by the huge database the system has, logging the points of purchase, travel dates and time, and other information. The database contains over 17 million records. Notice the Earth imprisoned in a box? That is the logo on the top right of the payment machines in London.

Smart cards track commuters

MI5 seeks powers to trawl records in new terror hunt

London Tube Smartcard Cracked

There is a concept known as ‘function creep’ which describes the process of a technology, although being conceived for a set number of uses, having its applications expanded and power grown beyond the scope it was first envisioned with.

Oyster card evolves into OnePulse

Transport for London has launched a version of its smart card that can be used to pay for items other than travel.

TfL, in partnership with TranSys and Barclaycard, has released a three-in-one card that combines the ability to pay in advance for travel with credit card and cashless payment facilities.

How convenient for the serfs. The technological/ data framework for implantible microchips is already constructed. Multiple RFID technologies spanning different areas of life already exist. Function creep is resulting in all of these technologies increasing in scope and size.

The Oyster Card has expanded with photo ID capabilities. This ‘database state’ is a cornerstone of the scientific dictatorship, which is the principle behind using RFID to track people, control the flow of money and centralise all personal information on databases administered by governments, their agencies and private organisations. As this happens ‘traditional’ methods of transactions will be phased out, leaving the implantable microchip as the only ‘solution’.

The prominent makers of the human ID chip is Verichip Corp. Its parent corporation, Applied Digital Solutions is funded by IBM, the maker of the Hollerith machine. Hitler adorned IBM’s then chairman, Thomas J. Watson with a medal for IBM’s contribution to the Nazi war machine.

If the governing elites deem you a threat, they can just switch your chip off. Maybe they track you in close proximity with other known ‘dissenters’. Maybe a decision to create supra-national tax schemes to combat ‘global warming’ or another dialectic results in said ‘taxes’ being digitally extracted from your account. You couldn’t resist by taking old fashioned cash out, there won’t be any. All of your information will be held on remotely controlled databases. Money is power and they will control it all.

We The People Will Not Be Chipped.

Microchipping of the Population

Implanted Microchips Common As Cellphones Within A Decade

RFID Like Dust

Long range, low cost RFID developed (200m)

A (condensed) list of identifiable information required by the National ID Register. Clauses in the Act allow for this list to be expanded on the wishes of the Secretary of State.

Are you ready? Show me your papers, citizen!

  • his full name;
  • other names by which he is or has been known;
  • his date of birth;
  • his place of birth;
  • his gender;
  • the address of his principal place of residence in the United Kingdom;
  • the address of every other place in the United Kingdom or elsewhere where he has a place of residence.a photograph of his head and shoulders (showing the features of the face);
  • his signature;
  • his fingerprints;other biometric information about him.
  • his nationality;
  • his entitlement to remain in the United Kingdom;
  • where that entitlement derives from a grant of leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, the terms and conditions of that leave.
  • his National Identity Registration Number;
  • the number of any ID card issued to him;
  • any national insurance number allocated to him;
  • the number of any immigration document relating to him;
  • the number of any United Kingdom passport (within the meaning of the Immigration Act 1971 (c. 77)) that has been issued to him;
  • the number of any passport issued to him by or on behalf of the authorities of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom or by or on behalf of an international organisation;
  • the number of any document that can be used by him (in some or all circumstances) instead of a passport;
  • the number of any identity card issued to him by the authorities of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom;
  • any reference number allocated to him by the Secretary of State in connection with an application made by him for permission to enter or to remain in the United Kingdom;
  • the number of any work permit (within the meaning of the Immigration Act 1971) relating to him;
  • any driver number given to him by a driving licence;
  • the number of any designated document which is held by him and is a document the number of which does not fall within any of the preceding sub-paragraphs;
  • the date of expiry or period of validity of a document the number of which is recorded by virtue of this paragraph.
  • a document used for confirming the right of a person under the Community Treaties in respect of entry or residence in the United Kingdom;
  • a document which is given in exercise of immigration functions and records information about leave granted to a person to enter or to remain in the United Kingdom; or a registration card (within the meaning of section 26A of the Immigration Act 1971);
  • and in paragraph (b) “immigration functions” means functions under the Immigration Acts (within the meaning of the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Act 2004 (c. 19)).
  • a licence to drive a motor vehicle granted under Part 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52); or a licence to drive a motor vehicle granted under Part 2 of the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 (S.I. 1981/154 (N.I. 1)).
  • particulars of changes affecting that information and of changes made to his entry in the Register;
  • his date of death.
  • the date of every application for registration made by him;
  • the date of every application by him for a modification of the contents of his entry;
  • the date of every application by him confirming the contents of his entry (with or without changes);
  • the reason for any omission from the information recorded in his entry;
  • particulars (in addition to its number) of every ID card issued to him;
  • whether each such card is in force and, if not, why not;
  • particulars of every person who has countersigned an application by him for an ID card or a designated document, so far as those particulars were included on the application;
  • particulars of every notification given by him for the purposes of regulations under section 11(1) (lost, stolen and damaged ID cards etc.);
  • particulars of every requirement by the Secretary of State for the individual to surrender an ID card issued to him.
  • the information provided in connection with every application by him to be entered in the Register, for a modification of the contents of his entry or for the issue of an ID card;
  • the information provided in connection with every application by him confirming his entry in the Register (with or without changes);
  • particulars of the steps taken, in connection with an application mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) or otherwise, for identifying the applicant or for verifying the information provided in connection with the application;
  • particulars of any other steps taken or information obtained (otherwise than in connection with an application mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b)) for ensuring that there is a complete, up-to-date and accurate entry about that individual in the Register;
  • particulars of every notification given by that individual for the purposes of section 10.
  • a personal identification number to be used for facilitating the making of applications for information recorded in his entry, and for facilitating the provision of the information;
  • a password or other code to be used for that purpose or particulars of a method of generating such a password or code;
  • questions and answers to be used for identifying a person seeking to make such an application or to apply for or to make a modification of that entry.
  • particulars of every occasion on which information contained in the individual’s entry has been provided to a person;
  • particulars of every person to whom such information has been provided on such an occasion;
  • other particulars, in relation to each such occasion, of the provision of the information.

3 thoughts on “Police officers to be microchipped and the plan to chip YOU

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  2. Wake up world!! This very thing was predicted in the Bible 2ooo yrs ago. You will not be able to buy nor sell nor trade without the mark of the beast.. I do believe this chip thing is exactly what is described in the Revelations of the Bible. Me personally,I will NEVER EVER TAKE THE MARK!!! They will have to kill me first. They can take there chips and shove them where the sun dont shine.
    For those that dont know, if you take the mark of the beast ,you will go to HELL!!!. Time to get to church! Time to read your Bible! Time to get saved!! SPREAD the WORD before its to late.

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