Jailed: The ‘evil’ 21-year-old who seduced soldier and then accused him of rape

A judge branded a woman who falsely accused a soldier of raping her after a one-night stand as “wicked” and “evil” yesterday as he jailed her for a year.

A year. What is the average prison time for a man who is found guilty of rape? How does seven years sound? (Pg 13, paragraph A3).

Hell, she has already put the victim through hell for longer than that.

Judge Hall told Lang her allegations had blighted her victim’s life for 15 months.

Let’s see how this panned out.

A court heard the former call centre worker had taken Lance Corporal Phillip Trowell back to the flat she shared with her RAF boyfriend – Kevin Walmsley, 24, a senior aircraftsman – whilst he was away on a night fishing trip.

Oxford Crown Court heard Lang may have invented her “detailed” account of the rape after she was seen by a friend leaving the bar at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire with the soldier, now also 21.

She kept up the pretence for 15 months and “vividly described the emotional effect of the rape on her”, until eventually admitting she had lied on the eve of her trial earlier this month.

So. This was not only an impulse action. This was an ongoing, calculated, vicious attempt at getting herself off of the hook (and getting some sympathy) by falsely demonising a man and potentially ruining his entire life (and possibly that of his family). Still, I’m sure one year is enough, right?

Prosecutor Amjad Malik told the court the pair had consensual sex in her bed before Lang suddenly became upset at cheating on her boyfriend.

Lance Corporal Trowell comforted her and sent her to the bathroom to compose herself after their encounter in November 2006.

“It may have been he made a mistake by leaving without telling her because within 15 minutes she decided to accuse him of rape,” Mr Malik said.

And women wonder why men these days ‘don’t notice women’s signals.’

She later told police she was terrified of her attacker and warned them Lance Corporal Trowell, who was serving with the Royal Corps of Signals and is originally from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, may strike again.

The soldier had just completed part of a parachute training course at the base and flew out to Cyprus hours after the encounter with Lang.

He was arrested by Military Police as he stepped off a plane the following afternoon on the Mediterranean island and forced to undergo intimate medical examinations during five hours in custody.

Here is a member of the Armed Forces being used by this piece of shit nobody. This strikes me as an increasingly disgusting attitude of this breed of skank. It is because of men like him that she has any freedom in the first place.

No no, not honour, respect or appreciation, he is just another male to use…

So, on the lying word of another bitch, the ordeals begin.

He was arrested by Military Police as he stepped off a plane the following afternoon on the Mediterranean island and forced to undergo intimate medical examinations during five hours in custody.

She must have been aware of what the consequences may be for the innocent man. Yes, women can be this selfish.

Mr Malik said it was Lance Corporal Trowell’s remarkably detailed description of her room, recollection of phone calls she had made and their use of her boyfriend’s computer using the soldier’s email account, coupled with Lang’s claim that she was attacked on secluded grassland and not in her room, which proved his innocence. The court heard police went to the length of checking Met Office rainfall charts for the base that day to prove that the ground was moist.

Lang, who claimed she had been pushed through a hedge and then attacked, but there was no soiling on her clothing.

As happens in these cases, dodgy or conflicting evidence from the accuser rarely gets looked into by the investigators. Probably because they are too busy fast-tracking the case to the Crown Prosecution Service. Convictions for rape are falling didn’t you know! Must work harder (for women)!

And yes, she has tried this before…

The court heard that Lang had previously made an allegation of rape against another man which was investigated but no evidence found and no charges brought.

I would like to see the statistics on rape claims that are dropped, claims that are found to be false or when women are convicted of rape. Somehow, I don’t see the feminists campaigning for their collection…

Lang, who lives with her parents in Carterton, a mile from the base, admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice by making the false allegation. She broke down in tears as the judge jailed her for 12 months.

Not only false accusations, but also perjury. That would be another four years, I guess, unless you’re female it seems, in which case all sorts of rules and laws no longer apply. Hard life being oppressed isn’t it. So many innocent men, so little time…

8 thoughts on “Jailed: The ‘evil’ 21-year-old who seduced soldier and then accused him of rape

  1. Well put.

    “Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist with the former Marriage Guidance Council, said three quarters of New Year divorces are instigated by wives, although that could be just because they are the ones who get round to it first.”

    The Post-Christmas Goldrush.

    I could say: “Then again, maybe it could be because men are more loyal to marriage and appreciate its importance, whereas women have the security of the feminist state to fall back on.”

    Both statements are arbitrary but the article chooses one which ’empowers’ women while demonising men.

    It should be stated be men handle divorce alot worse than women, emotionally as well as financially.

    Men’s Health

  2. Here is what I commented on that link about women reading signals better.

    >>Yeah, for forty years, we’ve heard how superior women are in so many areas. The big one is relationships. Yes, indeedy, women are so much more talented in relationship skills than man are.

    >>Yet, nearly 50% of the time when a woman enters a marriage relationship, she eventually admits she was flat wrong. Far higher percentages of women make mistakes when forming marriage relationships! So, any time someone tells us women are better at this or that, I don’t believe one word of it, and neither does any other rational man.

    >>I am reminded of a paper on marijuana for criminal justice class. Research showed people do not play musical instruments better while stoned. They only think they play better.

  3. There’s no moving past the fact that the accuser knows the man is innocent, but still she pursues with her accusation.

    What would motivate her to do this?

    That’s what needs to be called on. If the accuser is driven by nothing other than the desire to use the system to humiliate and destroy the reputation of an innocent person, and then have their freedom taken away for years, then we’re talking about a psychopath. Such a person is worse than a rapist – more akin to someone who plans to kidnap someone for years in order to inflict harm and indignity on them for the full duration.

  4. I think her punishment (any punishment) should be commensurate with the crime. In my opinion, this falls under slander, not sexual assault. I’m not sure if that makes her punishment “fair”, but I don’t think it means she should get what he would have received had he been guilty.

  5. You would think so wouldn’t you HL. Equality and all that. Only seems to work one way.

    Hopefully her life will be ruined by this. She won’t do the whole time, and she won’t be in a proper prison. One could still it is progress though. Question is, how many innocent men will it take before women are made to equally pay for this crime? 10. 100. 1000?

  6. Serves her right on two counts. Not only did she set the cause back for true rape victims, she committed the crime in a sense by emotionally raping an innocent man. She now has time to ponder the fact that none of it was worth her lies.

  7. There should be a law that a false-rape accuser found guilty of intentionally crying rape should receive a prison sentence commensurate with the amount of time her victim would have gotten had he been convicted of the rape she claims happened.

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