News Round Up

Hello all.

First up is a piece about some ‘unmarried’ mother in the BBC. Well, she likes to use them term. A comment left is more enlightening than the article. I didn’t write the title.

Meet the Credit Crunch Crumpet

Gosh. Stephanie Flanders, the economics editor of Newsnight, has just told me that she rather likes being recognised as ‘that bird off the telly who does numbers’. I’m confused. Isn’t Carol Vorderman the bird off the telly who does numbers? Surely there can’t be room on British TV for two women who can count?

Yeah yeah.

Here is the comment, which I feel hits the nail on the head.

“Disastrous for her career”?

I doubt it.

The BBC exists to provide careers for privileged people like Flanders. As you say “there is no shortage of Oxbridge graduates who all know each other.” And we know what that means.

She generously concedes that “we might have concluded that it could have been done differently.”

“Might”, “Could”? Actually Steph, Littlejohn wasn’t “partly” right, he was completely right. Feministas like you do not represent ordinary women -who are beginning to get the message that women like Flanders are using their positions of influence to make life worse for them.

Take for example the way in which feminists like Flanders are undermining marriage and forcing men into a “marriage strike” because of the divorce rip-off industry and the biassed family courts. Most women are against this.

And by the way, if she has a “partner” is she a single mother or not? She seems unwilling to relinquish the favoured status of this victim client group.

– Chris, Wokingham England

Along the lines of marketing skanky immoral crap to kids like this pole dancing toy, comes another barrel scraper.

The lower back tattoo dispenser! Now, some of the comments on Digg are priceless, so I’ll post some here.

Don’t buy these. You get better versions for free with the DIY Girls Gone Wild: Playground kit.
A perfect compliment to her Huggies Thong.
Skanks-R-Us do they come with a free abortion kit?
I’m guessing the special edition will come with free syphilis?
only in America a 40 year old can get busted for picking up a prostitute, but on your way home you can get a trap stamp for your kid ?
Continue to behold the Symptoms of a Matriarchy.
Now, yet another false accusation of rape that a man is subjected to. This time it is a ‘celebrity’ case.

Sugababe Amelle Berrabah and her boyfriend have spoken for the first time about the allegations that he raped her sister. The 23-year-old singer immediately dumped Freddie Fuller after her younger sister Samiya claimed that he and three friends attacked her on a night out.

So it begins…

But her boyfriend maintained his innocence and took two lie detector tests in an attempt to win her back.

Eventually, inconsistencies began to emerge in her sister’s account and the case was dropped. Samiya later said the incident must have been a “bad dream”.

It gets worse.

Even Berrabah initially took her sister’s side. “When it started I was suddenly thinking, ‘My boyfriend has raped her sister’ and ‘is the person I’ve loved this whole entire time lying to me and is a sicko weirdo?'”

She refused to see him and changed her phone number. “I’ve never been so down in my life,” said Fuller. “I couldn’t stick in England… I kept reading ‘Date Rape Freddie Fuller’ or ‘Sexual Predator Freddie’. Every time I looked in the paper I thought, ‘I can’t handle this’.”

This is the typical reaction of the UK media to a rape allegation.

An accusation that they gang-raped her followed, and then Fuller’s name was added to the list of attackers. “The police asked me to help with their inquiries,” he said. “They hit me with the bomb that I was being accused of rape. It nearly killed me.”

However, several of Samiya’s claims did not check out. It transpired that Freddie was five miles away at his parents’ house on the phone to the singer when the incident in Guildford was supposed to have happened.

Don’t let little things like investigation, facts and innocence stop the media demonising yet another man! Another female victim of evil men.

“I rang the lie detector guy. He said he was absolutely positive Freddie had done nothing wrong. I just hung up the phone and said to Sam that he had passed two lie detector tests. She turned around and said, ‘I think I must have been dreaming then, Amelle’.”

See her attitude? Completely unfazed by it at all. She feels she is above punishment because she happens to be female.

Fuller was so angry that he tried to press charges himself. “I rang the detective looking after the case and told him she admitted lying,” he said. “I want to make a formal complaint.

“She is walking round like nothing has happened and people are still feeling sorry for her even though she withdrew the allegations. What has shocked me the most is that I actually liked her. I couldn’t hate her more now. I never want to set eyes on her again.”

Just sounds to me like another attention seeking whore. Take note. Even though he is innocent, the damage has been done.

Finally, there may be a male contraceptive on the horizon.

A birth-control pill for men is now a reality, according to an international consortium of physicians who revealed their formula for “safe, effective and reversible” hormonal contraception for males.
I wonder how the idea of men being able to ‘switch off’ their sperm would resonate with the female population. I’m sure feminists will find some way to attack such men as ‘weak’ ‘can’t handle women’ or whatnot.
Still, lets see how this develops first.

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