1,300 women have had at least FIVE abortions

As campaigners claimed that termination had become just another form of contraception, figures showed that about 1,300 women had at least their fifth last year.

Almost 950 of those having a termination had already had four. Almost 200 had already had five, 110 had had six before – and 54 seven or more.

At the same time, 61,904 women in England and Wales were having their second abortion last year – up from 58,740 in 2004.

It is thought that they could influence the first major Parliamentary vote on abortion since 1990, which is expected within weeks.

Tory backbencher Mark Pritchard, whose Parliamentary questions prompted the release of the figures, said they were disturbing.

“They clearly reveal some women are tempted to use abortion as an alternative form of contraception.

“The Government needs to put in place an urgent action plan to reduce such incidents.”

Pressure has increased on the Government to review the law following concern at a rise in terminations.

More than 200,000 abortions take place each year in England and Wales, up from 175,000 in 2002.

One in ten women in their late twenties to early thirties has had one.

This is what happens when you separate consequences from actions. The financial cost is picked up by the taxpayer and it is forced by feminism/ media to be socially acceptable. Being able to commit actions and avoid consequence is a form of power. Power corrupts. These women are allowing these situations precisely because they believe the consequences will be handled by others (the state). In other words they think they can ‘get away with it‘.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has said the law is being abused to allow abortion on demand.

They seek to bring the current 24-week deadline for abortion down to 20 weeks in the light of scientific evidence.

Pro-life MPs from the three main parties say a reduction is necessary as medical advances mean premature babies born before 24 weeks have a reasonable chance of surviving.

Hmm, well, judging by the pro-choice people, a baby isn’t really alive until the woman says so. Women know best, not patriarchal science.

They want to introduce a week-long period of “informed consent”, during which women who want a termination would be advised to reflect on their decision

She said: “What harder evidence do we need that the abortion law as it stands is being abused?

“Abortion is supposed to be allowed if a pregnancy poses a significant risk to a mother’s health or mental wellbeing.

“But in fact it’s being allowed over and over again for purely social reasons. Girls now get pregnant and think, “it doesn’t matter, I’ll just get an abortion”.

Stop using taxpayers money to fund abortions. It is the risk of consequences that regulates behaviour, so make women realise that if they get pregnant, they will have to have the child or put money in their own pocket. ‘I better not get pregnant because I can’t afford to have an abortion, and all my friends would reject me if I did’.

Abortions shouldn’t be legal anyway. But that’s just my opinion. The above sentence can still be universally applied to countries with ‘free abortions’.

LibDem health spokesman Norman Lamb said the figures underlined the need for better sex and relationship education in schools.

The Department of Health said £26.8million would be invested in 2008/09 to improve access to contraception.

A spokesman said: “Some of this funding will be focused, initially, on those areas with high and increasing rates of teenage pregnancy and high abortion rates.”

I’ve noticed how the government never appeals to family to help out with young people’s issues. It is always a case for the state schooling machinery. Sex and relationship education? I thought that is what children got from their parents, but then again, now feminism has destroyed the nuclear family, children usually only have broken homes, single mothers sleeping with thugs and sex/drug-obsessed media teaching them about the world.

On top of all the other social issues, the division (and destruction) of communities by mass immigration, feminism, government and corporations, the closing down of youth centres and play groups, lack of constructive, positive role models for boys and girls, state schools tying the hands of teachers, forcing them to push pro-state propaganda and not do what they’re good at and what they wanted to be teachers for. The list goes on. And if things (socially) stay the same, it will get worse. It’s human nature. That is why children always have to learn that good behaviour is rewarded, bad behaviour is punished, and that actions can have consequences, good or bad. Otherwise you get brats like this.

It’s behavioural programming. Now the pro-family programming has been replaced with communist pro-state/ consumer programming.

I’m going to have to write an essay on the base instincts of human nature and how they are manipulated by those who desire totalitarianism because this is getting silly.

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2 thoughts on “1,300 women have had at least FIVE abortions

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  2. Pro-choice? You mean anti-life. Pro-fetal killing, pro-abortion. I hate when they refer to us as anti-abortion, anti-choice but only refer to themselves as pro-choice. They still have a choice, a choice to not kill, a choice to not have unprotected sex etc. etc. etc.

    I wish the media would refer to them as anti-life if they refer to us as anti-abortion.

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