Mills awarded £24.3m settlement – Follow Up

If you have a quick browse of the first post, Mills awarded £24.3m settlement, you will learn that Heather Mills is a self-absorbed bitch of epic proportions and legendary delusions of importance.

The divorce settlement was commented on by the author here:

The settlement will also see the former Beatle pay their four-year-old daughter Beatrice’s nanny and school fees and will pay Beatrice £35,000 a year.

What I’ve realised is that the £35,000 Paul is going to pay is only his half of their daughters’ upkeep. In other words, Heather Mills has to also contribute £35,000 a year from her cash pile (which is actually Pauls’ but nevermind that.)

Playing an old femcunt card trick, Mills went on the offensive, claiming victimisation and trying to cast her ex-ticket to riches husband in a bad light. She said:

Ms Mills made reference to the £35,000 a year their daughter would receive.

“Beatrice only gets £35,000 a year – so obviously she’s meant to travel B class while her father travels A class, but obviously I will pay for that.”

Aww, poor woman, having to contribute to their daughters financial needs. Note that last sentence…

 “…but obviously I will pay for that.”

You didn’t actually think she’d do what she said, did you?

HIGH-LIVING Heather Mills was exposed as a hypocrite last night — for failing to buy first-class flights for daughter Beatrice.

Mucca slammed ex Sir Paul McCartney on Monday for forcing the four-year-old to travel “B Class” after their bitter divorce — while he flew “A Class”.

She haughtily vowed to pay for Beatrice’s first-class travel herself

But details obtained by The Sun show the one-legged gold-digger has ALREADY failed to live up to her pledge.

Heather, dubbed Pornocchio after her divorce judge branded her a scheming liar, jets to New York this weekend to rest after her court war with ex-Beatle Paul, 65.

But she is sending Bea home early with a minder and nanny in the £409 seats at the back of a Virgin jet.

Mucca, 40, will fly to LA the same day for a further three weeks before jetting home alone — in a £3,348 Virgin Upper Class berth.

In a divorce, this breed of woman will say anything to try and extract as much money from the male as possible. This issue with Mills putting their daughter in economy isn’t new. After divorce settlements, how many single mothers actually spend that money on the child and not keep it for themselves?


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