It should not be illegal to discriminate against white men

So says the Minister for Equality, Harriet (Feminist/ Communist Scum) Harman.

White men could be legally blocked from getting jobs under new anti-discrimination laws being considered by Labour.

Employers would be able to give jobs to women or ethnic minority candidates in preference to other applicants, under the plans unveiled by equalities minister Harriet Harman.

If two candidates were equally qualified for a position, employers would be able to reject the white person or the man in favour of a black person or a woman.

When they say black person, they actually mean non-white, as this fucking scum of a government, in its never ending quest for division and conflict, keeps trying to separate the people into groups, which they can then set into opposition.

Miss Harman – known as Harriet Harperson for her politically correct views – wants to look at how to bring U.S.-style “positive action” to Britain, saying it is vital to ensure the workforce more accurately reflects the demographic make-up of the population.

She says too many women and people from ethnic minorities are being held back because they cannot break through the “glass ceiling”.

Who let this stupid bitch into Westminster? Oh yeah, Gordon Brown. These commie-femcunts are obsessed with attacking the main demographic of western countries. Disenfranchise them, and the country is yours…

The new laws would only come into play where two equally qualified candidates had applied for the same post, allowing the employer to tip the balance in favour of minority candidates.

Businesses would not be compelled to favour the female or black candidate but the law would be changed to ensure they could not be sued for turning down a white man.

As I have stated previously, the government should have no say who businesses employ and what quantities of whomever are employed there. Regulation is control and socialists/ communists/ statists etc feel they should control everyone and everything.

Fuck them, they should be hung-drawn and quartered, bloody traitors.

The proposals would also allow universities to select more female students in male-dominated subjects such as science.

Bullshit, males dominate science because it appeals to them. Females aren’t interested because it doesn’t appeal to them. Simple. Just because a group dominates a subject doesn’t mean discrimination!

Remember, these organisations still have Equal Opportunities forms to fill in. They send them off to the government to prove they are meeting their ‘women/ minority’ employment quota.

This will just make it legal to discriminate against white men. So when the government continues to up the percentages of non-whites required in jobs etc, these businesses can comply without being sued. How nice of the government…

Katherine Rake of the Fawcett Society, which campaigns on equal pay, said: “How you would really hold that up in a court of law is not clear and, if it isn’t, employers may be reluctant to use it.

“You are probably talking about a handful of cases.”

The present law says employers are allowed to say they welcome applications from minority candidates, and they are allowed to promote jobs to specific groups.

Theresa May, Conservative spokesperson for women, said: “One of the real problems facing women today is the gender pay gap.

Oh not a-fucking-gain… I feel like I’m that episode of the Twilight Zone where that guy can’t get out of the town. He keeps waking up there, and the same things keep happening.

“If Harriet Harman really wants to help women in the work place she should strengthen the existing laws on equal pay. We have recently put forward proposals to do just that and our proposals would have a real impact on women’s lives.”

Okay, so sexual discrimination in favour of women is fair. This just means women that do soft, easy jobs like receptionist get paid the same as men who work more hours doing more dangerous jobs, like scaffolding. There is no pay discrimination. Women work less hours and do lower paid jobs than men.

Last year Miss Harman called for all-black shortlists in constituencies with high ethnic-minority populations.

She said that unless action was taken, it would take decades for the make-up of the Commons to accurately reflect the make-up of British society.

But the plan immediately came under attack from ethnic minority MPs on the Labour backbenchers – saying black people should be selected on merit.

What she really means is that it will take decades to create a complete communist state without these actions.

Like I keep saying. To destroy a country, you identify the strongest (financially and physically), most patriotic groups and traditions and you undermine them. In Britain, that would be white males, the nuclear family and the British culture.

 “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Chisholm, former head of the World Health Organization

19 thoughts on “It should not be illegal to discriminate against white men

  1. Not being English, I cannot speak as to conditions in your country. I can only say that if women really wanted reparations for past sex discrimination then they would demand:

    (1) that women fight all the wars for the nect two hundred years;

    (2) that men get everything in divorce court;

    (3) that men get automatic custody of children:

    (4) that men receive massive child support and alimony:

    (5) that men be allowed to sue for “hormonal harassment” every time women show off their tits and ass;

    (6) that men get all the welfare money while women starve on the streets;

    (7) that men get first place on the lifeboats while women and children go down with the ship;

    (8) that male pro-choice be instituted so that men can kill off babies they do not want while men collect for babies they decided to keep.

    When these reforms are instituted, perhaps women will actually know what they are talking about when it comes to “sex discrimination”.

  2. The thing is Labour, Conservatives and the Wiberal Wobbable Dems are all the same, they are all in the centre, all have the same policies, if it’s not Harry/Harriet Harperson trying to keep to the agenda for Labour and they get kicked out at the next general election it will be one of the other parties putting the same shizzle to us, i am voting BNP next election and no i am not racist!! Just Nationalist, the left are the facists, they use threats of violence and the media are full of them hence nothing good about the BNP is ever said on air.

  3. To the author brilliant observation this government apart from messing up everything it has stuck its nose into has managed to create segregation amongst cultures as well as creating a paranoid state, where males especially white ones are made to feel ashamed of themselves (for the wrongdoings of previous generations) and are subject to ridicule on many points. To LorMarie may I suggest you put down your biased sociology books, and take a look at the real world, coming up with stupid phrases as the one you quoted above is simply being naive.

  4. Hmm!! Well u great race of British White Males. Sounds like u r getting a doze of ur own medicine. Let me refresh ur memory, how u all used treachery to conquer the world. Poor third world countries were ur happy hunting ground, wasn’t it?
    Well all u hapless white males out there in UK, how did u forget the most simple rule of nature, “The world is round for a reason.”
    Now that u have realised how it feels to be oppressed in ur own country. Maybe the racial slur will reduce and u can think about saving urself.

    Reply: In that case maybe we should exterminate Muslims for the actions of their predecessors? Maybe black people should enslave white people? Your comment is mindless and you have missed the point of the article, clouded as you are by your personal racist attitudes. The point is the evil of Socialism/ Feminism and the Acts of Treason being committed on these shores. By other ‘white’ people seeing as that what seems to interest you.

    The exact same thing is happening in the States with illegal immigration from Mexicans. It has nothing to do with ‘karma’. That doesn’t exist. It is an orchestrated plan to try and bring down the two flames of freedom, Britain and the United States, bound as they are by the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights.

    Read them and learn.

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  7. A white man can face racism in “his own country” – I was once subjected to racist abuse by Asian youths in Peterborough, England.

    Before someone says “You must have started it” they should know I’m quite a mild person and avoid confrontation like the plague! I kept my eyes up front and ignored their abuse – eventually feeling frustrated with their lack of success with the verbal abuse they started throwing things – at which point I made a run for it.

    So anyone who says white people never suffer racism are talking rubbish. It’s just in a country where one race is predominant they are bound to suffer less racism.

  8. “A white man or any other man has that right if it is true and how dare anybody say otherwise.”–Andrew

    A white man never faces racism in “his own country.” Therefore, complaints are futile.

  9. Men in this country need to get organised and fight back against the relentless tide of bullshit poruing out of westimnester. True equailty is a good thing but men and particularly white men are now second class citizens in the UK. But who can we vote for? I would love to start a movement to topple these awful people and replace with them with sane government that restores balance. I also like the idea of withdrawing labour. Let Harriet get off her fat arse and fight her own wars, clean her own streets, work full time hours at some breaking labouring without her crack showing because she’s buttoned up in a sweat suit in case she offends anyone.


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  13. First I’d like to say that for a white man to complain about discrimination is like Donald Trump complaining about not having enough money. White men don’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of oppression.”

    A white man or any other man has that right if it is true and how dare anybody say otherwise.

  14. I wonder how long it will be before more men begin to realise that withdrawal from the formal economy – with all its mind-boggling regulations and restrictions on basic human freedoms – is the wisest course of action. All wealth is derived from labour. No amount of warped legislation can deny that simple fact. Imagine a formal economy with no men policemen, no men sewer workers, no men soldiers, no men construction workers. All have withdrawn and created their own ‘black-market’ of their own labour – unregulated, untaxed and very probably underutilised.

    Actually, it’s already happening. The rising numbers of younger men and the gangsta scene are one aspect of it. Men retiring to the country and living simply is another.

    When the formal economy begins to buckle due to being starved of the necessary labour to sustain it, where is the best place to be? In an inner-city appartment in a fashionable neighbourhood that is no longer getting its streets swept, groceries are difficult to come by, power supply is intermittent and rubbish piling up in the streets, or a small country cottage manned by a single guy who has learned all the skills necessary to sustain himself well, and a kitchen garden and larder fully stocked?

  15. First I’d like to say that for a white man to complain about discrimination is like Donald Trump complaining about not having enough money. White men don’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of oppression. But, to automatically grant legal preferences to nonwhites is counterproductive and only encourages racism. I’m sorry to say that white liberals tend to do more harm than good when it comes to race relations. I’ve seen this over and over again here in the US and it’s apparently the same in the UK.

    I don’t complain that blacks are better athletes than me in basketball.–Chicago man

    And you shouldn’t since it can’t be true that an entire race of people is better at a certain activity.

  16. I’m not white and Harriet Harman should do us all a favour and drop dead. Same goes for the rest of our corrupt government and the unelected high level civil servants.

    This is all used to divide and conquer us. Through chaos comes the new order.

    Bunch of Idiots running things.

    Wrong, intelligent fascists residing over a nation of idiots.

  17. Equality?

    If they want equality, then remove the name, race and sex off of applications. Then you will only get applicants that are qualified for the job. This is TRUE equality, otherwise it is racism and sexism.

    I don’t complain that blacks are better athletes than me in basketball.

    Well, maybe we should pass similar legislation in sports then. From now on, we need to discriminate against blacks in sports and preferentially only draft white and hispanic players. Doesn’t make sense does it?

    Bunch of Idiots running things.

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