Nine in 10 UK jobs go to foreigners

Almost nine in 10 new jobs created over the past decade have been taken by foreign-born workers despite a sharp increase in the number of skilled British workers, official figures show.

The number of British people in work has slumped to the lowest level since Labour was elected in 1997, undermining claims made by Gordon Brown that employment was at a record high.

Labour, ‘Party of the Working Class’.

The figures have been uncovered by a former Labour minister who is urging the Government to urgently restrict immigration from eastern Europe to help young Britons gain employment.

Mr Field said yesterday: “What the Government needs to do is face up to the fact that we need to restrict the movement of labour from eastern Europe.

“We had the ability to do that, but now we would need to ask the European Commission for permission. And the Government seems unwilling to do that.”

In other words, British no longer has control of its own borders. At some point in the past, a Treaty was signed giving that authority to an organisation outside of Westminster. That signing was an Act of Treason.

Controversy over the employment of foreign-born workers has increased since Mr Brown pledged to create “British jobs for British workers” last summer. After initially publishing incorrect data last autumn, the Government was forced to admit that 54 per cent of new jobs had gone to foreign workers.

Gordon Brown is a Marxist.

However, the latest figures suggest the actual figure could be as high as 85 per cent. The new data shows that the number of British people in work has fallen to the lowest level in a decade, while the number of foreign-born workers employed in the UK has almost doubled.

Figures from the ONS Labour Force Survey for the last quarter of 2007 show there were 27.5 million people in jobs in Britain. This figure includes 3.4 million foreign-born workers, including 2.3 million from outside the EU. The 1.1 million from inside the EU has risen from 544,000 in 1997.

Well. This comes straight from the Marxist textbook. The strongest supporters of sovereignty/ patriotism? Well, destroy them, and there will be no one left who cares about the end of the country. This is as clear as day, if only people didn’t need to be spoon fed every thought in their little serf-brains…

One thought on “Nine in 10 UK jobs go to foreigners

  1. I’d have to ask, what types of jobs are going to the immigrants? Is it similar to the US (Jobs the vast majority of native born Americans would not consider), or high tech professional jobs? Are certain foreigners considered to be a problem? Also, who is considered British under a British jobs for British workers plan?

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