Housewife ‘would be paid £30,000’

Every now and again, the mainsteam media vomits up another whimpering, baseless, superficial attempt to corporatise the family and pander to women.

Housewives would be paid more than the average worker if they received the going rate for their household chores, a survey has suggested.

A poll of 4,000 housewives for networking website suggested that the average mum worked for nearly nine hours a day every day.

Wow, I’m sure that’s impartial, but it is typical of these ‘studies’. Indeed, it is about as scientific as it will get, but the media know women are more emotional than logical…

Some 71% of those polled agreed that successfully running the family home was a full-time job.

“The survey clearly demonstrates that not only do housewives deserve a wage for their efforts, they also need a break from the daily grind,” said Carolyn Morris, spokeswoman for

Oh fuck off you femcunt. What happened to making sacrifices for the family? Now a woman’s contribution to the family is worthy of pay? By who? The taxpayer? Having a family is an honour, not a job. The ‘work’ one puts in is precisely because of this reason. But don’t expect this bitch to know anything about things like ‘honour’ and ‘sacrifice’.

The article then goes on, attaching money-values to every little thing a woman (apparently) does.

An average mum would spend 273 minutes every day looking after the children, according to the poll. Based on an hourly rate of £8, a nanny would earn £36.80 a day for the same job.

Seriously, the article is degrading mothers to the status of nannies?

For more than an hour of cooking a head chef would get £17.30.

I’ve never met a woman who can cook like a head chef. Most women can’t (or refuse to) boil a fucking egg these days. Oppression you see. It’s much more empowering to buy dinner in a restaurant, and expensive.

The poll said the average mum trawled the family finances for 39 minutes, which would cost £12.50 if an accountant did it.

This would, of course, go some way to explaining why so many families are crippled by debt.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a little helping of that wage-gap myth.

In the year to April 2007, average earnings of full-time male employees were £498 per week, while for women it was £394, according to the Office of National Statistics.

It’s pathetic that these studies get any reporting at all. I assume there is some comparison they made with the man’s contribution to the family. And the workings of civilisation while we’re at it?

No, I didn’t think so.

Like I said earlier, this article is fluff. I didn’t report on it because it is serious. I did so because these articles come out regularly, and sheep read them and believe them. Like they believe everything else told to them by any corporate entity with a logo.

Now, I’m sure plenty of women will reject this liberal PC tripe for what it is, but if any come ‘girl power’ at you, using this spineless, pandering MSM nonsense to attack you or artificially inflate their own importance, tear their heads off and piss down their necks. Or maybe just show them something like this.

18 thoughts on “Housewife ‘would be paid £30,000’

  1. Traditional roles will never come back in the western sphere, too many sheeple for a start. Also now that women are in the market place and are; ‘obedient consumers, the damage is done, the economy is changed to reflect 50% (or 51%) of the population that contribute to it, or in other terms; split the burden. The burden that was once Men’s responsibility. Now women are in the work force, it wont go back, it’s too late.

    Traditional family roles are simply met with more financial pressure and at the top of this; women read articles like the one above and it instils in them a sense ‘entitlement’ past what is ‘natures design’, hence to instil an agenda of financial compensation for an act that is designed by natural governance, not corporate man made design. You cant cheat nature, if you want children, they need looking after. But the agenda to stick a money label on everything is partly responsible for the death of family.

    Financial and debt servitude, marketed to women at the expense of family. That only puts more pressure on people that do have a one parent financial household. Also we have not factored in that women still marry up, not down. If a women is in a high profile job, 9 out of 10 times she will want a man who is on the same level or higher, where as a man would marry a toilet cleaner if she ‘did it for him’.

    Hence marketing the money, corporate agenda to women is the smartest thing to do, to make more and more house-wife’s disgruntled and expect compensation for natural design, hence to enslave them to the money financial agenda. The article could have been engineered for ‘family’ for the cost of male and female, but like always it’s marketed to the gullibility of the female. Men expose the lies and the corporate design, women just lap up the ‘entitlement’ and keep adding to the pit of shit we are finding ourselves in.

    Tradition roles of family are still seen to be; old family roles, but in this day and age the traditional housewife is dead, because truth be told, it’s no longer needed. House-wife’s look after children, they don’t have to do all the other things ‘yesterday housewife did’. Also when the kids reach a certain age, there packed off to school and the so called house-wife is free to do as she likes all day, where as the old style had to: clean, iron & prepare food for her ‘bread winner’. The problem is far too many house-wife’s plonk in-front of the TV and get fat on Oprah and cheap snacks, since they are ‘bored’ or they spend the financial money on entertainment to stifle the boredom.

    Men have created things to make the average house-wife live easy and it just keeps getting easier. The problem does not stem from housewife’s who have it good, the problem stems from articles made to further enslave people to the corporate agenda. One only as to look at the motivations of the articles to see the truth. It’s about money, tying a money label to everything, to make the average family a corporation, built and designed around ‘man made money’. The problem does not come from ‘house-wife’ the problem stems from people (mainly women) expecting ‘entitlement’ & playing into the hands of there corporate masters.

    All this seems to point to, is; Women are never happy. This is the conculsion one can only hope to gain from a Women supporting this.

    I can see a women stating after readin this load of trash saying;
    ‘I should get paid for this’!

    Hence the article as done what it intended to do.

  2. “If you gentlemen want to defeat feminism, isn’t it logical that you should preach the return to the traditional sex roles? In this case why not admitting that housewives are important?”–Just Anyone

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head. The problem is that the opposite sex just can win in the eyes of radical feminist or masculinist. If a woman prefers to work outside the home, she is rejecting her role in the family unit. If she wants to be a housewife, she’s a complaining slag living off of hubby’s money. In fairness, I think the major complaint of this post is the attachment of an income to what should be done for free and without complaint.

  3. Okay, women can submit the bill for all these jobs they do.

    Let’s submit one of our own…

    For car repairs done outside of a mechanic’s shop.

    For plumbing repairs done without calling a plumber.

    For lawn maintenance done without a gardener.

    For general contracting services performed without a general contractor.

    For computer, VCR, DVD, and other Home Electronics repair and maintenance done without going to Geek Squad or Best Buy.

    For babysitting services when you want to “go out with the girls”

    Concierge services for courtesy stuff like cleaning up the cat vomit, washing crayola off the walls, et. al., while out on your “Girls Night Out”

    For Escort services rendered when you want to be taken out for dinner, movie, or whatever else.

    …Happy ending costs extra, plus tips.

    For insemination services rendered because you have an aggressive case of baby rabies.

    For Psychiatric services rendered when you want to spend an hour or more bitching about how tough your life is.

    Mileage and travel expenses not included in the fees.

    I’d say that about $12ok would cover it.

  4. Yes, Reality Check, unfortunately we all will soon have to deal with consequences, as Western societies are continuing on their path to destruction.

    Now, the article is admittedly stupid, but, on the other hand, don’t forget that housewives are often bashed by the media as brainless, doormats etc .

    If you gentlemen want to defeat feminism, isn’t it logical that you should preach the return to the traditional sex roles? In this case why not admitting that housewives are important? It’s true that some women stay home and do nothing, thus giving housewives the bad name, but it doesn’t mean that all housewives are like this. And in any case they are home, not competing with men in the working place and not taking jobs away from those who really need them. I think the rule should be 1 family 1 income, and let them decide for themselves who will earn it.

  5. Reality Check, the reason why ALL successful societies have been dominated by males is because men possess altruism, which is absent in the female gender.

    All matriarchal civilizations fail because they rot from within. This is because feminized societies don’t care about tomorrow, they only care about what makes them happy today.

    Europe and the rest of the feminized west is about ready to collapse from within, and it is because it is a matriarchy.

    History is filled with patriarchal civilizations conquering matriarchal ones, look at Rome for example. It wasn’t barbarians that conquered Rome, it rotted from within. The Visigoths merely gave a small resistance and push to conquer the panzies in Rome.

    Currently radical Islam is doing this now. Sooner or later the west will fall. Not if, but when.

    The most important things in life are food, shelter, water and defense.

    NO females are involved in any of those industries. Hence the society will not make it.

    We can either stand up now and take it back, or be conquered by a stronger patriarchal society.

    I think I would rather be conquered by a patriarchal society, because idiots like you won’t be spared.

  6. Reality Check, if it was not for men, we would not have the society we have today.

    Hence men created all that is around you, if it was not for MEN there would be no houses to do house work in.
    I have never seen a house built by a women and I most probably never will even after 40 years of feminism.

    It’s just the way it is.

    Now you confuse Gender abuse, with equality, which incidentally is the line of an extreme feminist.

    Painting women in a holier the ho! Light, is neither justifiable or warranted, only feminists with brain washed beliefs of gender biases support this regime.

    Which incidentally harm women as much as men. Then the fact remains; each time a women comes out of the woodwork, to back up wild media feminist type dribble which this article is, your only shooting yourself in the foot.

    If you’re not a women, you’re clearly a feminised male.

    This nonsense needs to stop.
    It is only hurting families, by sticking a money label on everything.

    Corporate rubbish, supported by disgruntled women or men hating feminists and your too dam stupid to understand.

  7. State based societies (Western and non-Western) have mainly been male dominated for thousands of years. Now, in some places such as some parts of Europe, the UK, Canada, the US the playing field is becoming a bit more level.

    Deal with it.

  8. Could it be that this comment shocked RealityCheck into making the comment he did:

    “any come ‘girl power’ at you, using this spineless, pandering MSM nonsense to attack you or artificially inflate their own importance, tear their heads off and piss down their necks.”

    It wasn’t meant to be taken literally, but still…

  9. Reality check, you are the one that needs a reality check, for the world you think you live in is not actually what is happening.

    Yesterday someone came forward from CNN that they were fed what to say about Fidel Castro. Bush was caught manipulating the news and nothing was done.

    America and the west DIED on November 22, 1963. Since then it has been nothing but a CFR, NWO party and how to pull the wool over the eyes of people like you Reality Check.

    The irony of your name is priceless.

  10. FM Watkins.

    I am sure Reality Check, will get a reality check when some fem hag takes him to the cleaners and takes his kids away and in fitting with the article; claims expenses from him through ‘loss of earnings’.

    Or maybe he’s a bumbling idiot who does not have to worry about working like normal men and women? Hence these types are protected against the constant shite the working class face in westernised cunt’rys.

    Anyway, it’s guys with their heads buried in the sand that get butt fucked by the corrupt western system.

    At least when all is said and done, guys that know the facts won’t be living in a 2by4 bed-sit whilst paying the ex to live in the marital home, due to ‘loss of earnings’, or some other female gender positive action. Reality check is probably not aware of the divorce statistics and the fact that 85% 90% of the kids go to the mother, hence ‘best for the children & fuck the husband laws.

    Articles like this piss me off also, why?

    Women don’t do house work, in this day and age that house work is done by:

    Washing machines
    Vacuum cleaners
    Dish washers


    Which incidentally where all Built and designed by ‘MEN’.

    The average household chores equates to about 1hour if that, even the food we get now is packaged, pop in the oven type affair and I have yet to meet a women who can cook better then I can.

    Looking after the kids? I expect they don’t take into account the times a MAN gets up late at night to feed the baby, or dresses the kids or takes them to school or picks them up, whilst the wife is sat at home watching SHITE on TV that depicts her has having such a hard life, with the MAN made machines in the back-ground doing all the fucking house work and not HER.

    Reality check, you’re a DICK and a clueless one at that. I am stick of this Female gender worship in the western sphere.

  11. Reality Check, be more specific in your criticism or fuck off.
    Aww, don’t feel sorry for me! I live in the real world and probably have more of everything of substance than you.

    Effeminate politically corrected twit LOL

    Pete: Well, the way the dollar is going, £30,000 will be worth that amount soon.

    Remember, the MSM cannot be relied upon as a conclusive account of ‘news’ any more and it takes up only a small minority of my news reading time.

  12. Your attitudes and opinions are enough to indicate that you have some serious issues, but to dedicate a whole website to this vitriol is plainly psychotic.

    As a young man I am overjoyed that the world you believe in is over.

    I feel rather sorry for you really because I can’t imagine that being such a miserable SOB could be much fun.

  13. I fail to understand how 2-3 hours of actual work a day can yield that type of wage.

    Men don’t write articles about how much more money they should get because they play full-time body guard, plumber, electrician, mechanic, general fix it man, contractor and computer repair man.

    Those jobs alone would GREATLY overshadow and out earn any homemaker wages.

    I greatly appreciate any domestic work that my SO does, she doesn’t whine about it. But if my wife whined like they do in this article I would tell her to take a hike and I would hire some immigrant to do those jobs for about 7 bucks an hour.

    I would even get more work done at home with less whining.

    Watching Oprah, getting lattes with the ladies doesn’t count as work.

  14. Maybe the same women should pay the men for the lodging offered to them…

    Let’s see… 200 sqm 2 floor hotel room, with kitchen tv balcony and garden…. That would be a minimum of 150$ in the shittiest motel… this only bed breakfast. Add to it the expenses for lunch dinner and shopping. Exclusively leased car… say 50$ a day…

    Adds up to more than 70.000$ a year that the wife should pay the husband, with the logic in the article….


    Respect the man who is working himself to death so you can have a family.

    What we are left with

  15. I think the article was trying to give some type of honor to homemakers that they often lack whether from disgruntled men, feminists, or the average joes and joannes. Women will never actually be paid for this. They should not be of course.

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