Matriarchal Self Worship 3

I don’t believe it. Another one!

You know what readers, after MSW 1 and MSW 2, what more really needs to be said about these weird bitches?

Why? Why would anyone crave attention so much? They either have really low self-esteem, or they are so full of Matriarchal Self Worship that they find it really difficult to resist throwing themselves on trash mag covers.

A woman is pregnant. That’s the crux of this story. So what? Sorry to break the news folks, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Javine Hylton is the latest star to show off her pregnant curves by recreating Demi Moore’s now famous nude shoot.

The 25-year-old singer, who is now just days off giving birth, is expecting her first child with partner MC Harvey.

Nothing more relaxing for an unborn child than a photo shoot!

While she bares almost all for magazine shoot, Javine insists she’s self-conscious about her new shape: “I feel a bit rubbish about myself.

LOL These women obviously have no problems with that old chestnut called ‘contradiction’. They probably think it’s a name for a new perfume.

Contradiction, by Calvin Klein.

Reality TV star Bianca Gascoigne also put modesty aside, joining Javine’s efforts to shed inhibitions.

Reality TV star? Star from reality TV? Sometimes I think the human race deserves a catastrophe, I really do.

Still, Bianca admits she dislikes every part of her body except her surgically enhanced breasts.

She says: “My feet are too big, my thighs wobble, and my bum isn’t toned.”

I’ve got some advice, and it’s free.


Also, hating your body is the obvious reason to have a naked photo shoot isn’t it.

“I wouldn’t be happy unless I looked like Angelina Jolie.”

Anyway, who gives a fuck?

Despite Javine’s reservations, she says: “I’m so glad I’ll have these pictures to remind me of how I looked when I was pregnant.”

Right, because your boyfriend couldn’t take some pics of you at home?

Fucking attention-whores.?


6 thoughts on “Matriarchal Self Worship 3

  1. Yeah, I stopped watching TV years ago, and I never got into magazines.

    It is a fluff distraction. It really is full of shit that doesn’t matter. Even the news is a carefully manipulated obfuscation on reality.

    The logic of relying on your ‘news’ from a handful of corporations is just asking for trouble.

    I wouldn’t say it’s teaching people. But a large number of people seem to find it interesting, and not the collapse of society. Mindless consumers.

    A good point is that mainstream media ratings are dropping constantly.

  2. You have to stop reading so many magazines.
    I tossed out my TV and stopped reading main stream media magazines.

    TV and magazines are being used to demoralize people. This is a fact, and comes as no surprise.

    What message is this really sending? Self-worship? I don’t think so.

    Its teaching people to be concerned with things of no importance. Particularly, women are being targeted.

    This women is more worried about how she looks and her feet, rather than the society that will soon tear that child apart. She is ignoring the real threats, and focusing on something of no consequence.

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