News round up.

I’ve begun this section, I’ll try to do it weekly. Just a quick round up of news I think is important with a short commentary. First up, is;

Phones tapped at the rate of 1,000 a day

Britain is in danger of becoming a “surveillance state” as authorities including councils launch bugging operations against 1,000 people a day.

Councils, police and intelligence services are tapping and intercepting the phone calls, emails and letters of hundreds of thousands of people every year, an official report said.

Councils can tap phone calls?

Those being bugged include people suspected of illegal fly-tipping as councils use little known powers to carry out increasingly sophisticated surveillance to catch offenders.

The report, by Sir Paul Kennedy, the Interception of Communications Commissioner, has fuelled fears that Britain is becoming a state where private communications are routinely monitored.

It also found that more than 1,000 of the bugging operations were flawed. In some cases, the phones of innocent people were tapped simply because of administrative errors.

We are becoming a surveillance state. This country needs a revolution.

Wartime Land Girls awarded for their work 60 years on

Thousands of women who worked on the land during the Second World War to keep the country supplied with food and timber have finally be honoured for their contribution, more than 60 years after the end of the conflict.

Fair enough.

The WLA, known as the Land Girls, helped run farms and feed the nation while the men were fighting in the war. They undertook work – including milking, harvesting, lambing and ploughing – which was often hard, with long hours, poor conditions and low pay, but there was a strong sense of patriotism and camaraderie.

Had to try to push the ‘poor women’ bit didn’t they. Aww low pay? Well go and die in the trenches then, I’m sure the men wouldn’t have minded working the fields instead. Speaking of the men, the main reason these women did these jobs is because they had to. The men who always did them were off being killed in Hellish environments far from home. If they didn’t do it they wouldn’t be able to survive.

On the MSM the articles mentioned how these women made the same sacrifices as the men.

Fuck off.

Remember my earlier article which mentioned the case of the bitch who poisoned her husband to clear her debts on his insurance?

Well she’s been found guilty.

Women found guilty of anti-freeze plot.

Sentencing will be carried out at a later date. I’ll keep tabs on this one.

Fears of bias as BBC gets £141m in EU loans

Well why is that a surprise. The BBC literally works for the EU. With taxpayers money. Fuck the BBC, don’t pay the license. If they come to your door say ‘no comment’ and slam the door in their face. They can’t do a fucking thing about it. I’ve always done it. And I don’t even watch TV lol.

CCTV must not record conversations, warns new guidance

Something possibly positive against the police state.

EU plans to see our economy blown away

More evidence from another source talking about the negative effects of EU policies on Britain’s economy and the taxpayer. There is also this piece about the lack of democracy within the EU Parliament.

MEPs face protest ban

Anyone drawing attention to the lack of democracy in the EU system of government is told that the democracy is vested in the European Parliament. The snag is that the “toy parliament” has no opposition. But on one issue a kind of opposition has lately emerged, in those 50-odd MEPs of various parties who are protesting at how the EU treaty is being railroaded through without referendums.

After last month’s demonstration, in which these MEPs held up placards saying “Referendum” in the chamber, they have continued their campaign by various tactics, all within the rules, such as calling for electronic votes rather than a show of hands. This so enrages the authorities that 13 MEPs are now threatened with substantial fines.

Furthermore Hans-Gerd Pöttering, the parliament’s German president, has complained to the “constitutional affairs committee” that the protesters were clearly intent on “obstructing the procedures of the House”. He proposed that he should be able to ban anyone who, in his opinion, was indulging in such “practices”, even if they were within the rules.

The committee has agreed that he should be given this arbitrary power to suppress dissent, supported by Timothy Kirkhope, leader of the Tory MEPs (although seven of his Tory colleagues were among the protesters). It seems any vestiges of parliamentary opposition can now be silenced out of hand. We thus live, as I have said before, in what is in effect a one-party state.

Fuck the EU. Anyone who thinks it is a great wonderful thing is a fucking idiot.

Edward Bernays, American PR Terrorist

The majority of my reader’s probably already know about Bernays. This is a seven minute video highlighting his ‘achievements’. The full versions of the documentary can be found in my Video Section under the title, ‘Century of the Self’.

Finally, a website I suggest you put on your bookmarks. This is the kind of well-researched site I can sit there and read through all day. Actually I’ve done it before.

Conspiracy Archive.

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