The abolition of Britain by The Reform Treaty

From EU Truth.

– MPs voted by 362 – 224 for the Reform Treaty in its Second Reading on Monday 21st January. This sixth and final treaty, now renamed the Lisbon Treaty, formally replaces Britain with the European Union on 1st January 2009. This is a year before the deadline set by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

The Treaty will abolish the British Constitution, and therefore the nations of Britain and England, sweeping away our Westminster Parliament, and giving the EU the power to close it.

The Treaty sets up an unelected three tier politburo executive in Brussels with absolute power, a dictatorship on the soviet model. The EU parliament has no power and is a sham.

Read the Reform Treaty one page summary here. Gordon Brown was lying: the Treaty is worse than the constitution.

This sixth treaty is the fastest moving and most secret the EU has drafted; opposition to and recognition of the EU as a police state is growing, and they know speed is vital.

This Commons vote, one of the most important in our history, was largely unreported by our controlled press and media.

The Queen and Parliament to complete ratification this spring, 2008

Parliament has allocated 29 days to discuss this treaty in February (not much for its own abolition). They will probably have the final ratification vote in March. The Queen, the EU’s most loyal supporter, plans to give her Royal Assent in June 2008. This means Westminster and the Queen will ratify it behind our backs, as they have the other five treaties.

No referendum

German Chancellor Merkel chose this sixth Treaty instead of pushing it through as a constitution to avoid referendums in its member nations. She twice visited 10 Downing Street and forced Gordon Brown to cancel both his promised referendum, and his General Election.

“Anti-EU” groups have encouraged us to call for a referendum precisely because the EU has already prohibited it. They know we are wasting our efforts: our four party leaderships take their orders from the EU, not from the voters.

How to fight

The real course of action is to change the minds of 70 MP’s and get a majority against. MP’s have been selected on the Party list system over the last 20 years to ensure an obediant majority of pro-EU MPs.

These MPs now need to understand the EU has the constitution (the six treaties) of a dictatorship, the laws of a police state, and when enforced, its 111,000 regulations will create a government command economy, soviet style: dictatorships cause poverty.

They also need to realise that MPs are the people who put this dictatorship in power. If they put it in power, they are the greatest threat to take it out of power. All dictatorships in the past have eliminated that threat. Inside the EU, the lives of MPs will be even worse than our own; at best, they are likely to be institutionalised and held against their will. (This is the only good bit – these hated traitors will suffer severely.)

Visit your MP in his surgery NOW and explain this. (Visit EU Truth for info how)

The EU remains illegal. Read the rest here.

5 thoughts on “The abolition of Britain by The Reform Treaty

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  3. Women and Manginas are always doing studies to say how great women are compared to men.

    Men really never do these studies, we spend our time actually SHOWING how intelligent we are.

    And why is that feminists always need validation somewhere? How many studies about women are we going to see on the MSM. I am tired of it.

  4. Thanks Amber.

    Looks like another PC study. It essentially says men and women have equal IQ (which doesn’t really count for anything, except doing IQ tests). They mention men score higher in certain skills, they compare men’s logic, objectivity, spatial awareness, risk-taking and such, to women’s higher scores in ’emotional intelligence’ and language development?

    He guy goes on to say he studies perceived intelligence. That’s useful lol.

    He says girls are outperforming boys in schools, and states it as a subtle point to confirm women are more intelligent than men. And we all know why girls are really outperforming boys…

    This is a vague claim based on arbitrary nonsense. I’m not interest in perceived intelligence. I’m interested in reality.

    When I start seeing the female equivalents of Telsa, Michaelangelo, MLK etc then I’ll pay more attention.

    Men would be more impressed if women stopped moaning about being ‘oppressed’ and actually pulled their finger out and got stuff done. 🙂

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