Women and their entitlement attitude.

I was sidelined by Oxford University football team just because I’m a mother

A leading academic has launched a sex discrimination case against Oxford University – because she was dropped from a football team.

Dr Cecile Deer, 40, says she should have been a star striker with the university’s ladies staff team.

Only a woman would have this self-centered attitude.

But the mother of three, an economics research fellow, found herself relegated to substitute while less able players took the field.

Eventually, she says, she was told by the women who ran the team that she could not be a reliable player because she had young children.

Oh women ‘discriminating’ against women? Say it isn’t so!

When she complained to the university’s leisure club a “vicious” email about her was circulated to more than 200 staff and students.

Then an internal investigation by university chiefs decided she had not been victimised for being a mother.

So an investigation has found her claims to be wrong, but do you think that will stop an entitlement princess?

But Dr Deer was unhappy with the way her complaint had been handled and has decided to seek an apology from the university’s Chancellor and Senate through an employment tribunal.

This is an example of liberal social engineering, where feelings come before logic and division is strength. I wonder what social groups launch the most frivolous ‘discrimination’ cases?

Dr Deer’s witness statement says she would reliably turn up for matches on Saturdays and Sundays but would find herself frustratedly watching the action from the bench.

In an effort to demonstrate her skills, she joined a rival team, where she was quickly made a first-team striker.

Speaking outside the tribunal hearing, Dr Deer said that after her university team-mates found out she was playing for another team she was kicked off the squad for good in early 2005.

What do you expect? Sneaking off and playing for another team is tantamount to conspiring with the enemy. But it isn’t about teams, loyalty or other silly patriarchal concepts, it’s all about her. Any man in that situation knows if he got caught doing that, he would expect to be booted off the team and smacked about a bit.

“It was thought that as I had three young children I could not be a worthy member of the football team,” she said.

“When I complained about it the university inquiry decided that I had not been discriminated against for having children.

“I was gobsmacked by the findings of the university heirarchy. I am a good player and have always been playing football.”

Notice that throughout this entire article she never seems to acknowledge even the possibility that anyone who doesn’t agree with her may have a point. The phrase ‘heirarchy’ says it all really. Femcunt alert!

Dr Deer’s speciality is the political economy of education within a European context and much of her research has centred around higher education policies and reforms.

Ah so she’s a pro-EU communist scumbag, I’m sure. And what did that last sentence have to do with football? Or is it a bit of pro-woman arse kissing…

When women behave like this it just makes them look pathetic… Fucking idiots.

One thought on “Women and their entitlement attitude.

  1. So she’s back at suing people again. This time, because she didn’t get a reference letter – it’s because she’s a women with children. Gooooo team!

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