Feminism – The Next Generation

Although there is an abundance of literature and research regarding the negative effects of fatherless households, sometimes a short video shows it best.

My Baby

Now while you’re watching, remember to think about how this sort of behaviour is passed down to further generations (and gets worse) and you have a good idea why now you have feral brats roaming around the streets attacking adults.

Pride, identity, honour, patriotism, discipline, work ethic and dedication has been replaced by consumerism, superficiality, deceit, tribalism, a welfare mentality and complete lack of awareness of history and current events.

Bad for us as a people, great for corporations and government.

4 thoughts on “Feminism – The Next Generation

  1. Society as a whole is a mess. I am pissed off with both groups.

    Men are losing their ability to fight for freedom and their rights. A part of this is because the reason why they would fight is to protect the women and children. Now (with the help of government) men are continually being removed from families, their impetus to fight is dropping.

    Most women are ultimately narcissistic. That is why they are so easily manipulated. And that is why most are not suited to positions of power or major decision making.

    I’m working on a meta-scientific/ philosophical theory of their madness.

    FMWatkins Hypothesis.

    It still needs work.

  2. I think men ought to start questioning their passive acceptance of women as parent by right. We have to get the kids out of women’s hands after a certain age – women don’t own their children, and shouldn’t be allowed to think they have free reign over the futures of coming generations.

    Men don’t inhabit that protected zone that women do, and are more realistic about the precarious nature of life. Men should be the parents that manage a child’s transition from child to adult, and we should make it a priority that fathers be recognised as default parent from say, 9 to 18, should a marriage falter.

    Women then are relieved of the full burden of 18 year’s child-care, the opportunity to exploit children as income streams and the next generation gets a fighting chance at ascending to adulthood.

  3. On the other hand, I know what she needs is some parental discipline and a real father figure, not the permissive do-anything-you-want parenting style many people seem to have these days. I would guess her father isn’t around and if he is, he’s completely cowed and learned to just shut up, that he has no place in his home or family life.

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