Three out of four women will marry for money.

This is a good look into the mindset of many modern women. This tells a familiar story to ‘evil misogynists’ like me. This is a condensed version of the article.

No sex and the City

He’s thirtysomething, earns seven figures and lives in an immaculate bachelor pad. He drives an Aston Martin, his Amex is impervious to the most frenzied shopping trip and you’ll never have to slum it on a cut-price holiday again.

If this is your idea of the perfect partner, you’re not alone. When Prince & Associates, an American wealth-research firm, asked a sample group of thirtysomething women if they would marry for money, a resounding 75 per cent said yes. However, before you start hunting your City banker quarry, think again. The lifestyle sounds promising on paper, but – like all good things – it comes at a price.

Oh yeah, here we go. This article is all about her.

First, forget lording it at VIP tables in members’ clubs, cracking open bottle after bottle of Cristal. Serious earners just don’t do that. Why? Because they’re long since tucked up in bed. I should know – for nearly four years I had a 10pm curfew. My (now ex) banker boyfriend insisted on it. For a City trader juggling multimillion pound positions, which could bring a bank to its knees, sleep is crucial. If my boy was to crush the opposition, his brain needed rest.

Whether you’re tired or not is irrelevant, and insomnia is not on the schedule. Tossing and turning will interfere with his precious sleep, so if counting sheep fails you’ll be banished to a spare room to ensure that he gets eight hours of uninterrupted slumber.

What about sex, then? Surely these testosterone-fuelled chaps are rampant in the sack? Again, you’ll need to adjust your expectations: because if it doesn’t involve earning money, it tends to be rather low on the priority list. A seriously risky trading position will mean he’ll be so consumed by angst that not even a trio of Russian supermodels could appeal to his carnal side. And while you may have the luxury of endless lie-ins, he’ll have bolted out of bed by 6am, scanned his BlackBerry and checked the markets before he’s even got in the shower.

So, guys like that have the money women want (what happened to earning it yourself?..) but what they do not realise is that that sort of income is usually the result of much sacrifice and dedication. They don’t realise it because they’ve never been remotely interested in making such sacrifices themselves.

The author rambles on about the things that these women seem to enjoy the most.

Tangible assets. She talks about his home, his suits, the sports car etc.

We left an hour later with an armful of bags and I have no idea of the final tally, but it must have been nudging five figures. A further burst of retail madness in Bond Street, and we hopped into a taxi and headed home. It sounds like pure fantasy, and for a girl like me with a job in public sector PR, it was. Every time I put on one of those garments I feel a million dollars, and remember that heady day.

It is remarkable that women are not even embarrassed to talk in such ways! ‘Oh yeah I’d marry for money so what, I’m a woman so don’t even try to criticise me for anything!’ Complete narcissism.

The glorified prostitute also loves to name drop, Armani this, Ralph Lauren that, but eventually it appears to wear her down, as she continues:

But in the end all the cashmere in the world cannot insulate you from the cold truth that such men will always love their money and their jobs more than you. You will be an afterthought – an indulgence at best. If you can cope with that, and with a life whose sole spiritual or emotional dimension consists of worshipping at the retail temples of Knightsbridge and Bond Street, then their world is yours for the taking.

But I couldn’t, and shortly after the City superhero picked up yet another multimillion-pound bonus, I packed my things and left. No wardrobe was large enough, no jewels sparkly enough and no holidays glamorous enough to compensate for the sting of unrequited love.

Since then there have been times when I’ve waited in the rain for buses and remembered all those extravagances – my other life – and wondered if I folded my cards too soon, was too proud, too stubbornly romantic.

Too romantic? As opposed to what, a gold digger? This is common. Women prey on rich, successful men. They do not realise how these men got rich and successful. They work a lot and make a lot of personal sacrifices. The sorts of sacrifices women are, as a rule, not willing to make, which is one of the main reasons behind the myth of the ‘wage gap’.

Anyway, she meets another bloke (life is hard for women eh):

But now, as I pad around my new boyfriend’s chaotic flat, leaving stray coffee mugs on every floor, scattering newspapers in my wake, I have no regrets. We make an unholy mess in the kitchen, leave our clothes strewn up the stairs and go to sleep in the small hours. He drives a beaten up car stuffed with dirty riding gear and legal papers. And I think he’s wonderful.

I’d like to say I’m slumming it, but then Guy is a barrister, the flat is in Chelsea and he has his sights set on a career as a Conservative politician. Some habits, it seems, are hard to break.

I hope you are getting the theme here. After all the posturing, the girl power speeches, the self-victimisation, the imaginary oppression, the misandric TV shows, the ‘I want to earn my own way and be an independent woman‘ shit, when they meet a man with power/ money it all goes out of the window as they whip up their skirt and bend over for those man-made and man-paid Jimmy Choo’s.

After all, it’s easier to spend a man’s money then earn their own, and they think that actually having to do the sort of work those rich men do is more oppressive than just shacking up with one and catching a short cut up the social ladder. Makes it worse for the few decent girls, as the army of pussy-powered parasites swarm around blokes like Kryll around General RAAM (Gears of War).

I guess these women have come full circle. So much for feminism. Have a good weekend.

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  1. So what? Women marry for money and men marry for sex. Big deal. Ugly men feel they diserve a beauty and then call her a gold digging whore when she goes for someone else. So what? Men are mad that women control their own resources now. It’s not just about “gold diggers”, it’s about any woman that can stand on her own. Men want to be the sole source of a woman’s resources so she’ll have no where to go; so she’ll have no other options but to stay with him no matter how he treats her. The dynamics have changed. Women are biologically geared to look for an equal in a mate. Get over it.

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  3. Don’t be a sucker. Reverse the game and don’t spend a dime. Let the rich douche spend his money on her and have sex with her on the down low and don’t ever compliment her. It sounds mean but it works. If you don’t believe me than you’re that guy or you have no game. My money stays in my pocket. So many men these days are weak and have fallen into the new feminine side sensitive male. Have balls and and be a man.

  4. If women claim that they’re equals (which they shout from every rooftop nowadays) …… they have to show that they are, having a job is ESSENTIAL and in fact they should take over the role of main bread winner for the family without cribbing …… once 95% women start doing that , THEN they can say we’re equals

  5. Awesome article ….. loved it ….but i wonder why do these stupid guys don’t see the gold diggers are trying to marry them for money? what about prenuptial contracts to keep them at bay?

    • Because they never have had a beautiful woman give them attention until they have a Mercedes Benz. Theyre insecure egos tell them these women like them for there hard working ways. Really all along they’re getting juiced. These women aren’t stupid. But these assholes think they are. Meanwhile that digger is paying my light bill, bitching why I don’t love her while I’m throwing her the pipe. Don’t hate I’ve been blessed with knowledge that every man should heed too.

  6. Well its not bad to marry a rich man depending on your priority. Marriage was met for friendship and love. Not for the love of money. Divorce rates are sky rocket. Even among rich people. Why? Cause you marry for the very wrong reasons. Money does not sustain the relationship. It is your commitment to love for better or worse. He we showed that same love towards our kids they would be on the streets by now. But they are not. Even when there annoying and do wrong things. My parents always loved me and forgave me. Showed me what I did wrong with love a patients. We had our good time and bad. But we always remember and cherish the good times. Don’t get my word on this either. Ask any one who has been married for over 10 plus years. One gentleman i remember told me this after 48 years of marriage. Put the other first. If I can’t do that and put my wants and needs first than it will fall short. So I am going to be patient and keep searching 😀 I know she is out there and I only need one as my true best friend 😀

  7. Women are just money hungry whores. Fuck getting married, you’ll get screwed over once they cheat on you and you’ll get anally raped when you get alimony for the rest of your life.
    Women, start making some sacrifices and get a job. Dumb sluts.

  8. Let us come back to reality here. Since when did it become sinful for a
    woman to secure her future and that of her children? This very subject
    60 years ago would have been met with curiosity. The problem is how
    this very subject is viewed today. When once considered an even
    exchange between men and women and an assumed part of American
    culture is now met with derision. How times have changed! I know the
    life of the “kept woman” It greeted me in the form of abuse and control.
    Fortunately I am wise enough to know that it was not the fault of said
    arrangement but the perverse modern view of our current society. Men
    have come to believe that a woman who agrees to this type of marriage
    deserves to be treated poorly and becomes property per se. Whatever
    became of the proud husband who wanted the very best for his family?
    Yes, he kept a mistress (or two), he may have worked excessively, but
    in many ways his contented family was proof of his success. A wife
    with fine taste who chooses to stay at home and actually raise her
    children is a bad person? Love cannot bloom accordingly in the
    marriage of an affluent gentlemen who marries an office clerk? Back
    in the 1800’s it was a sign of a women’s virtue to marry well. Society
    has now labeled these women little more than prostitutes under the
    label of “gold digger”. In some way it seems to me this point of view
    is a shill to avert ones attention to the fact that men have become
    incapable of carrying their weight. My opinion surpasses the issue
    of wealth and encompasses the protective instinct that is now missing
    in men for their wives and children. I do think that it has also created
    a minute domino effect as women seem to have lost this very same
    instinct for their own offspring. Turn on the news and tell me I’m
    wrong. Opine away, the lot of you, but let’s not dispute the fact
    that something with today’s family unit is out of joint.

    • Marrying with the goal being to obtain means, despicable. Marrying a rich man to provide for your family and yourself… unless you have no home and you are starving every day, it’s equally despicable.

      That you don’t see that just proves that the article is correct.

    • You make great points but divorce is so rampant now. And the first problem in a marriage and divorce is the answer. Unless it’s abuse or infidelity the marriage vows are supposed to be for life. That’s just not the case anymore. The risk is too high for the reward.

  9. I just don’t understand people these days!! I gave up any semblance of a normal life! My job and everything to care for my parents. They live on social security, My Mom is disabled and has cancer I thank God every day that I get to spend with them. I do everything for them. Cook, clean, run errands, I even take care of there finances. Yes we are poor but we are very happy. And when there gone I know I will have no job or money. But if the riches man on earth showed up and asked me to marry him I would say NO!!! I COULD NEVER MARRY FOR ANYTHING LESS THEN LOVE!!!!!!

  10. I think every human being try during his all life to improve his social status. Money is one very helpful ingredient to achieve higher social recognition. Woman have bee very disadvantage economically. The man has been the bread provider for the family. Know they are more women than man at any campus worldwide. With a good job and a nice sexy body woman are more open about their life objectives…nice comfortable life ( not willing to live like the mother ) Especially by economically family disadvantage women’s. Unfortunately many economically successful woman seem to be confused about what they want in their life…and they want all

  11. The first part of the psychopolitics textbook is here. It was posted by someone calling themselves Wizard Killer (another Christian I believe).

    I tend to find such things through FMWatkins! He has a link at the side of the page under “Quote of the Week”.

    I don’t have a blog myself.

    I’d say FMWatkins is the one responsible for “waking” me up. Thank you Mr Watkins (I think)!

  12. JB, where do you find such articles?

    This was interesting;

    “The psychopolitical operative, in his program of degradation, should at all times bring into question any family which is deeply religious, and, should any neurosis or insanity be occasioned in that family, to blame and hold responsible their religious connections for the neurotic or psychotic condition. Religion must be made synonymous with neurosis and psychosis. People who are deeply religious would be less and less held responsible for their own sanity, and should more and more be relegated to the ministrations of psychopolitical operatives.”

    Rather fits the case of the homeschooling family in Germany last year who had their daughter removed from their care by the state (homeschooling being illegal there). After she continued to profess the faith she had been taught by her family, the state had her receive psychiatric treatment: the idea being that if you continue to believe something your parents told you once you are old enough to think for yourself, you must be mentally ill.

    Imagine that?

    On a side note, do you blog yourself, JB?

  13. Regarding my earlier comment – about how it seems that religious types offer more resistance than others: There is a link at the side of the page to The Soviet Art of Brainwashing (Psychopolitics) where it says the following:

    ”Nations which have high ethical tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties are hard to shake, their allegiance to their leaders is fanatical, and what they usually call their spiritual integrity cannot be violated by duress.”

    Later it says:

    ”As it seems in foreign nations that the church is the most ennobling influence, each and every branch and activity of each and every church, must, one way or another, be discredited.”

    I guess those that seek to enfeeble, divide, and destroy us – must be very happy: the Church of England is a joke; the image of Muslims is obviously very poor.

    It is as though we are taught to actually be ashamed of being British as well!

    I’m afraid we’re in even more shit than I had ever imagined!

  14. It is cultural Marxism. A social technology to destroy a particularly robust type of structure.

    I believe the King of Belgium did it in the Scramble for Rwanda, separating the the Tutsie and Hutu tribes and setting them against each other.

    These sociopathic pondscum like conflict (between others of course). It makes it easier for them to do their thing behind the scenes, in the darkness.

  15. Mr Watkins:

    Islam is a pervasive cancer in society. They have tried to establish Sharia law here in Australia, as I believe they also have in Britain. I was gobsmacked when I saw what the archbishop over there said about accepting it as a means to bring about “social cohesiveness”. What was that man thinking? Thankfully it didn’t get far here, though the inroads they are making into legislation here are alarming.

    There were two Christian men here who were jailed for speaking against Islam in a conference setting. Now there are new laws on the horizon which protect no specific religious freedom but Islam. In business, employers are required to supply a place and time for Muslims to pray.

    I find it astonishing that as there are more and more instances of terror perpetrated by Muslims, we are becoming more and more inclined to tolerate them. Astonishing.

  16. JB, it’s never a good thing to mix church and state. (but I’m sure you know that). When a people are given a State Religion, whether that be Church of England, Catholicism, or anything else that they may be forced to adhere to, can it really be expected to change the heart of the person?

    Aligning with a religious body doesn’t make the person love and wish to obey God, and as a consequence, the teachings of the Bible are soon considered negotiable, or merely a recommendation that can be ignored. Hence, the abominable acceptance of homosexuals and women in the pulpit.

    If a person truly loves God and proclaims His gospel, “politically correct” will not be in his vocabulary. The gospel is by it’s very nature exclusive, offensive, scandalous, and foolishness to those who don’t believe it.

    If you are hearing something that you could take on without it changing your lifestyle too much, or without it losing you some friends, or without it resulting in a complete turn around in your thinking in just about every matter – then it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Please remember that JB. Should you come to question your eternal destiny, don’t bother looking for truth in places that are conforming to societal changes. God doesn’t change, and His standards don’t change.

  17. I’m not religious, but it’s hard to knock the philosophy of Jesus.

    I mean, love and forgiveness, help and sacrifice. Unity and peace.

    Funny, the ‘prophet’ of Islam, Muhammed, didn’t get his revelations from God. He got them from Gabriel, (a fallen angel I believe). Instead of sacrificing himself for others, he commanded that others sacrificed themselves for him (and his word). He calls for enternal war against all non-Muslims.

    No wonder some say Islam is the religion of Satan.

  18. There is a high probability of a plot by the fabian socialists (bankers, politicos etc) to generate the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ which would turn Islam, Christianity and Atheists (which isn’t a religion) against each other. The hope is that they all destroy each other, and the remaining peons will worship the bankers and other ‘saviours’ which promise to bring order out of the chaos.

    Novus Ordo Seclorum = New Order for the Ages.

    They want to replace all religions with a one world government.

  19. I was forgetting earlier also – about the massive flap the Church of England got itself into over homosexuality, and the ordination of female Bishops.

    As a consequence of being in bed with the state, I guess it’s bound to do the predictable (wishy-washy) and politically correct thing.

    @ Beyondbluestockings: Thanks for your concern!

  20. British. 🙂

    I’m Australian, so it is a good thing you are spared my accent in this medium 😉

    JB, I read something interesting recently: there are no atheists, merely God haters and liars.
    Sounds harsh, yes?

    But it went on to talk about how creation testifies to a creator, but some manage to so significantly lie to themselves about their knowledge of God, because they would rather go to hell than bow the knee to him, that they have convinced themselves that he doesn’t exist.

    It’s something like putting your head in the sand to avoid a herd of charging rhino. He does exist, and you will have to give an account. JB, you will have to bow your knee to Him, so I can only hope that you will come to do so willingly.

    It’s quite true about the Bible versions. The Authorised King James Version is in the public domain, so there’s not a lot of money to be made there. The only way to copyright a Bible, is to make significant changes to the text. There is some horrific slop being peddled as a paraphrase, which is almost unrecognizable in parts and considerably changes the meaning of the text from a God centered text, to a “me” centered text. What people will do for money is amazing. By altering significantly many of the passages that are offensive, it also gains a wider readership.

    Truly it’s a crime against humanity, because those offensive parts are vital to an understanding of the perilous position we are in before repentance.

    Looks like even Christians are not totally impervious to subtle modern corrupting and subversive influences.

    There were certain people in the New Testament called the Bereans, who were commended for examining everything they were taught against scripture, to see if it were so. In light of this, it makes those who would water down the Bible all the more sinister.

    About here I will acknowledge that I have probably inflicted on you much more than you were curious about, so I will spare you my rant on the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and the conspiracy theories abounding about those who plot to destroy the church without it noticing.

    However, please be aware that although I have spoken plainly about your position before God, (the reference to it being perilous, and your impending judgment) it is out of concern for your eternal soul.

    As I believe it to be true as sure as I believe the sun will rise in the morning, it would be heartless indeed not to warn you.


    (Mr Watkins, I apologize for getting off topic..)

  21. I’m a Brit.

    I don’t believe in God myself. I happened to be listening to some Christian of one shade or another recently though. He was saying that the modern ‘politically correct’ thought police had even got to the bible, and there were modern translations of it which have effectively been watered down! He specifically mentioned the NIV version. His preference was for the Authorised King James Version.

    This sounded pretty significant, particularly as the “Sword of Truth”, is the only offensive weapon in the “Armour of God”.

    Looks like even Christians are not totally impervious to subtle modern corrupting and subversive influences.

  22. JB, I see what you mean about it being blokes at the top still, (“blokes”? are you Australian, or maybe British?) after reading the link Mr Watkins put at the end of the article abortion.

    I find it interesting that you find it interesting that religious types are resistant to the brain washing, lol!

    Considering that the very first sin that separated us from God was as a result of deception, I’d say we are fairly well programmed the other way – to look out for it.

    There is also that somewhat well known, but oft misquoted, quote, “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

    The Truth it speaks of is Jesus Himself, and He promised to guide us in Spirit and in Truth. 😉

  23. At the very top – I think you’ll find it’s still occupied by blokes. (That doesn’t help other blokes out very much though!)

    I find it interesting that it seems to be religious types – who are most resistant to the modern brainwashing.

  24. You are quite right, Mr Watkins, quite right.

    In a sense, everyone loses. I have written about the issue of women’s rights from a different perspective, and one of the things that is evident to me is that women have not achieved equal status to men: there are still careers that are a man’s domain (rightly too, – it is a shame on any country to have women in the armed forces). Yet they have lost the honour that they used to enjoy as wives and mothers.

    Even among women (or perhaps more so?) I brace myself when people ask me what I “do”? Of course by that they mean what productive occupation am I being paid for? When I say I stay home with my children, the inevitable comment is…

    ”But what do you do all day?” (obviously, from women who have never stayed home with children!)

    There is no honour in the role that women are best at, and no hope of them ever being as good a man as…a man.

    Oh, not that I am trying to plead the cause of women, I know that this is NOT the forum for that, lol! I do see what you have pointed out about the article on “No Ma’m”, that the main point was the law not reflecting what each partner brings to the marriage. When I read it I suppose I was more taken by the novel description of the roles, and maybe the true point didn’t stay with me with the same clarity.

    I concur that the roles need to be reflected in the law in a similar fashion described by your comrade. My reasoning is based on my belief that it is the way God created society to function most efficiently. Unfortunately, without God in the equation, taking the moral high ground means very little. Men had the upper hand for years, and that power was abused soundly at times. Now women appear to have the upper hand, and yes, the power is certainly abused. Which ever side is in power at the time is hardly going to back down just to be “fair”. It is not in the nature of man (by man, I mean humanity in general)

    The only true answer is a return to Godly principles.

  25. The problem is beyondbluestockings, is that the law doesn’t reflect that.

    The point of Rob’s post on No Ma’am is that the current laws of marriage and divorce constitute a fraud, based on the original principles of marriage.

    Thanks to feminists and the fabian socialists, men have everything to lose in a divorce, and women are encouraged to take as much as they can.

    So until that is corrected, the point is void.

    Now, I don’t find this article surprising. Women have always sought men with money and power. Much easier than earning it oneself. But in the past, such glorified prostitution was looked down upon.

    Now it is celebrated.

  26. I read an interesting article over at “No Ma’am” from your blog roll, Mr Watkins. I can’t recall the title, but the essence of the article was that to view a marriage as a financial contract made legislating a clearer issue.

    The principle was that man are selling labour, women are selling reproductive ability. Very interesting it was. In the light of such thinking, you can hardly blame a woman for looking for the “best deal”, any more than you can blame a man for looking for the “best looking reproductive deal”.

    And let’s be honest fellas. Who wants to marry an ugly girl?

    Having said that, I find the gold digger mentality abhorrent. However, I have four daughters, and I would caution them to choose a husband who was able to support them and a family. Not able to support them in the manner of royalty, but to be able to provide the opportunity for them to stay home and raise their children, while having something to eat, somewhere to live, something to wear and a few good books. 🙂

  27. Here in the USA women are the same. It seems there is a biological whore gene which is activated when some women are around money or find out somebody has money. Before knowledge about $$$ the relationship seems normal but if they find out about any $$ then things always seem to get more complicated due to the whore gene being activated. They will not admit any change but money brings out the extra whore bait and time to noodle their prey. I kid you not. I have seen it happen too many times.

  28. PS-

    If you’re real, please hang in there. We need you. Contrary to what you think, plenty of men would be relieved and blessed to find somebody like you to grow old with. Most of us openly seek you out in order to relieve us of the awful burden that we feel that we must strive for (financial wealth) in order to find a mate who will at least pretend that she loves us.

    You will find yours if you stop letting fat women, selfish whores, and gold-digging cock-vulchers (I didn’t mean to say that, as Vulchers are very RESOURCEFUL) get in the way of your self esteem (which does matter in finding a mate).

    Lift your head up, because we think you’re great.

    And contrary to what you say:

    I’m a bitter man. Most of us here are. I’ve been abused by materialistic women like most of these men probably have (and most men period). However, I’m bitter for a different reason. I found the woman I love. Her name is Lindsay. She’s not like the rest and she’s got a soul as bright and gold as the sun. She’s my friend. I’ll never tell her how I feel. Mostly because she has a boyfriend who loves her very much and she loves him. He’s lucky. They’re happy. Hopefully we all will be, one day.

    Keep your head up. 😉

  29. Dearest Melanie,
    What you say is somewhat true. I would find it hard to believe that anybody could honestly say that “just as many men” are gold-diggers as women. I understand the “old world” survival necessity for such narrow-mindedness but in a “liberated” society where change of submissive mindset among the “new generations” of women has apparently shifted quickly, I find it hard to justify holding on to the excuse of material survivalism.

    Also, what you fail to realize is that feminism, though once entirely appropriate, has manifested itself into an excuse. Selfishness and spiritual emptiness in “recent generations” of women have taken a very concrete and solid ideology and warped it to justify an age-old materialism that completely contradicts feminism’s original motives (and the communist propaganda that used it as a weapon in the first place).

    I hope your tiny little box becomes so cramped one day that rage forces you to step out into the ugly reality that is the spiritually dead post-modern western woman who is driving the honesty of men down with them.


  30. Life, I always go back to Darwin’s theory of natural selection when I read these types of stories: it seems 25% of women have evolved into the marry for love part. 75% still act on their survival instincts. And as for those women that are poor – they marry for love because they are afraid of losing the little security they do have.

  31. I drive a truck and the guys I work with keep telling me I should marry a rich man. I work just as hard as they do but for some reason I dont get any respect. I dont want to marry for money. I have had my opportunities to do so and I choose to work hard. As proud as I am of myself I am treated with disdain by other women,fat women especially. I don’t wear designer clothes and I wish I would fit in with the crowd. As a result I am lonely. I see other women who sell out and they are going out and having parties. They don’t struggle like I do. The fact is I will get old and eventually unattractive. I am just so sick of the whores geting respect and a woman like me going unappreciated. Then I get to hear how much men hate women who act like that.

    Instaed of them taking a stand against this problem they continue to use pornography and hate the women with a mindset that being an ornament is OK.

    I can cook too. I look ten years younger than my age. The truth is I am not an ornament and therefore not wanted by a man my age without a pot belly. I keep my figure why can he?

    Double standards all over the place. I joke and say that a man wants a woman to work as hard as he does , have a huge bank account,and be able to swing on a pole in a thong with a frying pan in her hand.

    The absolute worst feeling happens when man says to me I should marry for money then I wouldn’t have to work so hard. I know if I wore those nice clothes and fancy shoes I would turn heads.

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  33. I guess what strikes me the most is the idea that Im actually reading about male and female problems like this. If its for one day then sure thats ok i guess. but if its every dayi of my life then wow…

    Literally. Bullshit upon bullshit upoin bullshit. And it doesn’t ever seem to stop whenever I connect to the real world.

    Maybe because of the fact that A) im living in California. Or B) there isnt the realism of our entire beings meant to just survive based on nature. Not machine.

    If you need a simulation of those then ask me.

    And it draws it down to the fact that cunts are cunts. Not cunts will always be cunts. Or cunts were born cunts. Whatver about all that. Cunts are just plain cunts.

    There doesn’t need to be some sort of justice for these kinds of actions imo. It just breaks the flow of everyone else and yourself included.

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  35. Ron, you may be right, but the difference is that these women proclaim their intentions as if it is an honourable thing to do.

    Also, in a matriarchy (which is what western societies are becoming) the impetus for work ethic, creativity, drive etc begin to decline, as men just aren’t motivated in the same way. They have no families (or broken ones) to provide for, they find themselves surrounded by women who seem to view men as resources, the media constantly denigrates males and male attributes etc.

    Still, people are people and many will choose to exploit a situation to suit them. It isn’t particularly evil for women to do this, as far as I’m concerned they always have in some form. The point is they’re proud of it. Kind of like the serial divorcee.

  36. I have to somewhat agree with Melanie…there are a good deal of men nowadays that have adapted the attitude…”If SHE can pick someone’s pockets…so can I!”…It’s pretty clear that these people (both male and female) aren’t interested in busting ass to better their lives insomuch as they are in the business of “picking gold off the streets”…They’re out for THEMSELVES….and no one else…

  37. Yeah Melanie, there’s always women like you who blame the “system” when it suits you.
    Sorry but I’ve
    rarely met any men who are gold diggers the way you describe, most men are willing to work and give
    to women but the problem is they get nothing in return. Nothing but abuse and manipulation. There
    are some really nice ones out there who are not feminists and have genuine respect for men but they are the minority. So your nice summary and conclusion is complete rubbish as is your assessment of economic equality, men know this is just more spin and lies, just more of the same old same old.

  38. Excuse me but MEN are just as bad… they USE women … had an ex husband who dumped me; why? His comment, “because the other woman has her own house and a better job”.
    Tells you where love is at these days.
    As for the whole “marry a rich man” … sure there is some truth to this– what woman wouldnt take a second look at a doctor or lawyer over a minimum wage earner — a man with more money offers more security and likely more ambition. However — women have come to this from an old world perception that they’re only security is from marrying well because they arent likely to receive as much financial help. However today the tables are turning and you find LOTS of MALE GOLD DIGGERS… as women rise economically and educationally… so blame the system — everyone takes advantage and looks for a free ride. Does that mean it shows integrity- does that mean its any less despicable?
    NO– its disgusting and flat out exploitive– but then again so is the rising disparity between rich and poor! I suggest, if you want to cut out the roots of evil and greed between men and women you level the playing field SUBSTANTIALLY in the game of national and international economic equality. THERE YOU HAVE IT!

  39. “Is it possible that 75% of men would marry a woman for her money if given the opportunity? I’ve heard many men admit that.”

    Perhaps, but how many times does THAT happen?

    That’s the irony I see, especially when I see women swoon over the ‘Titanic’ model of a rich girl falling for a poor boy. DOESN’T HAPPEN. There are PLENTY of women who earn more than many men these days, but they’re still looking for a wealthy man.

  40. Is it possible that women are just telling the OP (or whoever conducted this “study”) that just to get him to leave her alone?

    Because that would totally be my answer.

  41. Pingback: three out of four women will marry for money « mmm, brains!

  42. “A lot of money provides the good life only if you’re completely empty inside, detached from caring about anyone but yourself.”

    This is a good point, which explains why women are so materialistic.

    And Exploited:

    It almost seems like the man is irrelevant to them, they just want someone to provide the good life.

    That is what it is. They do not view the man as the object of their devotion or affection, as they are devoted to themselves. The man represents nothing more than a means to an end, like a resource tile in a strategy game. Much easier to leech off of someone elses’ wealth than earn it yourself…

  43. “It almost seems like the man is irrelevant to them, they just want someone to provide the good life.”

    A lot of money provides the good life only if you’re completely empty inside, detached from caring about anyone but yourself. When your possessions are your self-esteem, money will provide the good life. But it won’t really be a good one. One day when she’s old, she’ll realize no one cares about her at all and she’ll realize what a good life is really about.

  44. The man is just the means to a lavish lifestyle of servants and luxury. Vacations, expensive restaurants and having servants is what they truly want.

    It almost seems like the man is irrelevant to them, they just want someone to provide the good life.

    My favorite quote to summarize most Americans is Megalomaniacal apathetical swine.

  45. You know what, I despise women like this. She calls him her “boy”. Clearly women like this have absolutely no respect for men.

    This guy is anything but a boy, if anything she is just a little spoiled girl, projection fellas, watch out because women use it so often.

  46. Absolutely sickening. There’s the true nature of the beast, behind a mask of lies about “equality” it’s really all about “opportunity”. Fellow men, don’t be fooled by the excuses these whores make to rationalize why they need to spend your money, why you have to jump through hoops for them. It’s all contradictory. “I want the same rights as you, but I could get pregnant, so you should treat me like a queen.” That’s what they’ll say and hope you buy it. Just tell the bitch if she wants special treatment, she’ll get back in the kitchen and iron your shirt.

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