The domain is back up. I’m going to be using it for a number of things, mainly:

1) a way to get people together with a common consensus with the idea to actually make change as opposed to just talking about it online, and;

2) a data resource for make it easier for other researchers to find relevant studies, statistics and other data sites to help them with their articles.

The way I see it, anti-social policies have been imposed on society for decades, before most of us were born, even. An unstable society is much less likely to be able to pay attention to the criminal activities of a corporatist government.

And that is what our (UK) government is. A corporate tool. It has been controlled by bankers for a very, very long time. Read the history of the Rothschild dynasty (which starts from 1743) here. The Rockefeller history is here.

American and British Intelligence have documented evidence that the House of Rothschild, and other International Bankers, have financed both sides of every war, since the American Revolution. Financier Haym Salomon, who supported the patriots during the American Revolution, then later made loans to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe, was a Rothschild agent. As explained earlier, during the Napoleonic Wars, one branch of the family funded Napoleon, while another financed Great Britain, Germany, and other nations. Their boldest maneuver came prior to the Civil War.

It is no coincidence that policies of the two ‘torches of freedom’ (so called because of the legal documents of the United States Constitution and its predecessor, the Magna Carta), the US and UK are, at the same time, systematically enacting policies that can only result in the destruction of their respective societies.

People forget (or should I say, never knew) the real duties of government, which is to protect the Rights of the Citizens and the sovereignty of the country. The signing of the EU Treaty by the Queen and Gordon Brown is TREASON because it is a direct assault of the sovereignty of this nation and therefore of the rights of its citizens. It is that simple.

We know that Tony B’liar and Prez Bush conspired to invade Iraq because of the Downing Street Memos.

Mainstream reporting about the Memos began to pick up speed in March 2006, but was conveniently buried by the Ipswich Murders in December 2006, when someone went around killing prostitutes for a month.

We know for a fact about the BAE-Saudi scandal and £20 billion of taxpayers money.

We know the government is fixed on a panoptic technocracy, where we, the people, must be watched at all times, listened to and orders barked at. Little do the public know that over 95% of these CCTV cameras are illegal under the Data Protection Act and that CCTV doesn’t actually deter crime. Same situation with the ID Cards, although the government doesn’t have the best track record with protecting citizens’ data.

We know Gordon Brown is a Anti-Britain, Pro-Globalist Marxist.

Freedom is not free, it has to be worked for constantly. In the grand scheme of things, people seem to think right and wrong, good and bad are concepts woven into the fabric of the universe and therefore do not need to do anything to maintain it (as it is easier to just blindly believe that ‘the government would never do that to us!‘) While ignoring all of the tale-tale signs that society is heading in that direction.

There are some major divides in Britain, and I suspect in the States also. Age is one, the older generation being completely brainwashed by the BBC and big government and stuck in their ways. They have no comprehension of the capabilities of the Internet and choose to simply think it is primarily the abode of terrorists and paedophiles. But then they would say that, being only able to repeat what is told to them by the corporately owned television.

My generation and the younger have taken to the Internet like ducks to water, and appreciate that we have learned much from it that we otherwise would probably never have known, due to selective socialist curriculum’s in schools and government propaganda. This discrepancy only seeks to break people away from the TV even more, as they realise they are not getting the full story from it.

A good example is the Ron Paul Movement across the pond. Regardless of the records him and the grassroots movement have set, the media here are silent on him. That is, silent to the point where when I or friends speak to our parents about him we are met with a blank stare and dismissive ‘I’ve never heard of him, he isn’t on the telly so he can’t be important.

This just further proves their over-reliance on controlled media. They also come from the anti-capitalist/ Marxist/ feminist schools and think those things are good, without actually thinking about reality and how damaging their proposals are. But they would not listen to my generation, what do we know..?

So they are firmly entrenched in the system. Young people should not allow the older generation to dictate their views. Remember that most of them are drawing from a very shallow pool of information.

Needless to say, it illuminates a bigger problem with society. Big government is continually growing as a response to the social chaos they have been encouraging with their policies. As they grow, more aspects of life come under their control as they seek to ‘equalise’ society to make it easier to dissolve the nation into the world government framework.

Gordon Brown refused to give the citizens a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon that he signed which gives control of many aspects of Britain to Brussels. The fact that Gordon Brown is giving any power over Britain to a foreign organisation at all should be ringing alarm bells, but I guess the combination of pro-EU media, fluff entertainment and junk food is keeping the serfs distracted enough to not think about it. Or they are too infantile and pathetic to have the strength of character to oppose it.

Anyone who does serious research into these issues knows what I am speaking of. The attempts by the government to redefine patriotism as racism, single mother and gay families as the new ‘norm’, the promotion of globalism and socialism under the threats of ‘global warming’ and other concepts is as obvious as the One Ring being evil was to Gandalf.

We have a vast battle ahead of us. A battle of wits, personalities, egos, information/ disinformation and more. Our war is an Information War. We either fight for freedom or be crushed. They are the choices. Leaving the country will only prolong your eventual enslavement, as this is a global plan and will spread to encompass all the globe. Our friends of freedom over in the States are doing their part. We have many organisations doing their part here. We must continue to inform people and make them realise what is at stake.

That’s what I want to be about eventually. Initially it will focus on a particularly interesting product. 🙂 I’m doing everything myself so don’t expect massive updates constantly.

Have a good day.



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