Men are evil, women are good

As the mantra goes…

An evil selfish cuntWoman ‘left husband blind and deaf after she tried to poison him with anti-freeze to clear her debts’

The evil bitches just keep on coming out of the woodwork.

A wife tried to kill her husband by poisoning him with anti-freeze in an attempt to clear her debts, a court heard yesterday.

Factory worker Lee Knight, 37, is now deaf, blind, brain-damaged, cannot speak and needs kidney dialysis.

William Davis QC, prosecuting, said Knight considered poisoning her husband, who worked for JCB in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, with Ecstasy or giving him an iron overdose.

He said Knight had told neighbour Sarah Johnson that JCB would pay out on his death.

The Knights lived in Meir Hay, Stoke-on-Trent, with their son, now aged seven.

So not only murder, but depriving their son of a father. Just because the bitch couldn’t spend within her means. What a selfish cunt.

On April 6, 2005 Mr Knight began vomiting violently and was admitted to hospital where he was diagnosed with renal failure.

He developed neurological problems, causing loss of sight and hearing and suffered massive internal bleeding.

The court heard that it was only by expert intervention that he survived.

And with the now obligatory attack on the Internet.

An examination of her computer showed she had used the internet to carry out research into the side effects of Ecstasy and anti-freeze poisoning.

61 thoughts on “Men are evil, women are good

  1. Doesn’t anyone understand that the argument about how women receieved the right to vote later than men is total BS, that’s the past, no man alive on earth is responsible for this. Stop your delusions about how all men are evil. Have men done evil things? Yes. Have women done evil things? Yes. I don’t care if you hate those who have done evil things but the innocent men and women don’t deserve oppression from feminists or our cruel leaders of the world. If you truly want equality, fight against society not men or women. Society has brainwashed men and women to believe one side is worse than the other. We depend on one another to live. Women have amazing functioning brains, so do men. Men have the ability to carry heavy objects, so do women. Think about it, feminism should really target society, not men.

  2. It’s astonishing to see the lengths men will go to prove that “most” women are evil when everyone knows it’s a lie. Women are love and peace. Men are animals, at the first sign of acting up they should be shot. I’ve never ever insulted a stranger on the street, think about the audacity of someone who would. Yep you guessed it, it’s always men who do this to me while I’m minding my own business. Men are pathetic, they think they’re intelligent when they do their little psycho mind games. You’re not smart you look like a retard. Men deserve to be beaten up every day, that would teach them to take themselves down a notch. Where does all their fucking hate come from is what I’m wondering. I know where mine comes from, from being abused by every men I’ve ever known and a lot of men I see out on the street. I wish I had the spunk to comment on a man in passing that his dick is small, that he’s short or ugly but I have too much self-respect and respect for other beings to do that. Men don’t and they get applauded for it, that’s where the problem lies.

    • You are sexist pigs you assholes don’t put down men because you have so self esteem. Women and men need to learn to get along because we all do bad deeds and one time or another and nobody cab pretend to be good because they’re not, its human nature.

  3. There never a patriarchy, you delusional psychopaths. Both men and women have been enslaved by NATURE for thousands and thousands of years. Men had to do this job, because his body was built like this (broader shoulders, thicker skin). Women had to do this job, because her body was built like this (wider hips, softer skin).

    The fact that women keep bringing up men, being educated for so long, without ever bringing up the fact that those men (from 13 to 40) could easily be drafted into the military. Even if the 13 year old boy was an innocent as could be, he would still be forced to face certain death on the battlefields.

    So, a woman’s education or right to education is more valuable than the LIFE of that 13-year-old boy?? The same can be said about those brave boys and men that died so that their wives and children could live on the Titanic. However, you sick, demented people want to continually trash that sacrifice.

    The fact that you ladies keep attacking the hand that feeds you, so to speak, PROVES how much smarter the sensible men are… you know, the men that aren’t pussy-whipped and brainwashed by you feminist psychopaths.

    I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you lazy, delusional wackos now consider heroism to be wrong and evil, because a man is protect his woman as he would property.

    So, let’s just throw out any and all decency in men. Let’s see what kind of screwed up men we get after that. Instead of inspiring the best in men (notice how I said, INSPIRING), you ladies are trying to bring out the worst in men. You just want us all to look as evil as possible in the eyes of the public. Then, when there’s suddenly a rape culture of men that don’t respect you (since you don’t respect them), you’re SURPRISED??

    Cause and effect, right?

    Ladies, when are you gonna get it through your delusional minds that men and women need each other. Men have been smart enough to know this for years. But, when women use victimization like a protective shield and refuse to see how good they have it, because of the actions and choices of one man… you’re gonna wake up to realize that no one will be there when you need it. Why the hell would they want to protect you and defend you??

    I bet anything women wanted to stay out of the military. They were smart enough to realize that labor and forced military service was NOT a privilege. It was a responsibility. It was a form of slavery. Work is hell. The privilege that men were rewarded with, just to remain loyal to the state was to be granted full rights over his family and some say in what happens within the government.

    Most average men were not able to vote right away either. Land owners and senators were able to vote right away, but not the commoners.

    Feminism clouds judgment, demonizes men at every turn, and makes women feel more confused about life than they really should be. Burning so much hate into the minds of its followers, makes feminism really sick. Fear and hate sex, even though, a woman’s body is built to enjoy sex… maybe even more than men. Hate and fear the protection of men so much so that you shun him from your life and make yourselves more vulnerable. GREAT IDEA. Never respect a man’s thoughts, feelings and opinions, and watch as he stops caring, stops showing you respect, because he’s not getting any respect.

    In fact, let’s shame men into becoming lazy, disrespectful, worthless, uneducated idiots and then, we’ll blame men in general with those disrespectful and self-destructive men are doing horrible things to others. Most of the male sex offenders and murderers were raised by single mothers. I wonder why. Could it possibly be that women can not raise children properly on their own??

    Men have invented so many great things, because we don’t have the amount of insecurities and doubts that women do. We aren’t stopped, devastated and destroyed by some outsider, saying we can’t do something. We have natural self-confidence, vigilance and aggression. Women have to create to illusion within themselves that they can do all of those things. Women need fantasies like all of the super women in movies and TV. You know, the women that can take down a man twice their size, easy and effortlessly, when in reality, it would be a physical impossibility.

    Men never needed these lies and deceits to the vast amount of great things that we’ve done throughout the centuries. The fact that women have taken so many years to stand up for equality, the fact that they still need the support of men to lift them up, shows how inferior you all are. The fact that you probably just felt horrified and offended by everything I just said, shows how child-like you all really are.

    Thank god for the wise words of Arthur Schopenhauer.

    No wonder women are more likely to abuse children. They don’t want their own kids to take their glory of being pampered and treated with kids’ gloves away from them.

  4. I feel that when you compare men to woman, it is impossible to say whether one gender is better than the other. Just as Yin and Yang maintain a balance in society, so too are roles of men and women in society. Both Men and Women have committed wrong to society and both have helped improve it. Women mentioning that men have caused all the wars in society and men stating the fact that men have created the majority of the worlds advancements are overlooking the fact that had society evoled itself around a matriarchial society, the complete opposite could have been true. Genetics of groups of people change over time and it is possible that a female run society could introduce stereotypes where women are the aggressive warmongerers while men may be viewed as the caregivers. Of course, this result is taking all account of physical body affects out of the mix, such as men generally being stronger over all. The main point is is that both men and women should be valued equally in society. Not one gender can be specified as “evil”. However evil can and does exist within both genders. It is the people who make the choices to do wrong, not fate’s decision. Saying a certain gender is evil is no better than calling people of LGBT orientation evil

  5. All I have to say is that if a man did something like this we would not have a bunch of men talking about how superior men are in the comment section. Women are vile and if it was not for sex all women would be killed at birth.

  6. So much bullshit… Why do you assume that EVERY SINGLE male in existence is inherently evil because they are born male? People are not born evil, you are shaped by the cultures and attitudes around you, which yes, in most cases is unfortunately sexist, but anyone with half a brain knows that gender does not make anybody superior to anybody else.

  7. You are all so unbelievably dumb. Some men are like women. Some women are like men. What makes a person a gender has to do with what is in their heads. You are what you think. Everyone is essentially the same.

  8. Poor little dick Nick has his panties in a wad. Poor little Nick wants mean old feminists to stop picking on him and his evil kind, because didn’t you know that we are “equal” now! You stupid little prick. Go lie down on a train track so your troll ass will stop posting. This blog isn’t for you.

  9. I find it amusing when men pinpoint the few crimes that women committ against men. I am glad that other people who have written on this blog realize the truth about men. Men are finally having to be held accountable for their disgusting actions and they loathe it. They hate feminism because they want to keep everything the way life has always been for women-oppression abuse rape sexual harrassment molestation mental abuse and so much more. They want to keep the patriarchy strong and women are not having it. We are fighting back and shall continue to do so. I am a proud radical feminist. Call me a lesbian cunt bitch whore. Your tired words have no power over me. I lead a very happy independent and free life devoid of a “husband” and male children. I do not want kids in fear of having a male child. Male children grow up to be evil men. Men are all. the same. There is no debating this. Everyone knows it and radical feminism is alive and well.

  10. Ok that’s it I’ve had it with this bullshit. Women you are not in any way better than men are. You are not smarter, you are not more morale, you are not more compassionate, understanding or empathetic you are the same as men. You complain that you have been raped, oppressed and abused by men and use that to justify these action against men. You say that men are the cause of all the worlds problems but guess what, if it was the other way around there would be no difference. Men are not evil, humans are evil, men and women both evil manipulating beings that will do anything to dominate other, NO EXCEPTION!!! We are equal in every way and its time to put the past behind us, it happened, it’s done, you can’t change it you can only learn from it. Now let me make it clear that I in no way condone any form of violence or oppression of either gender past or present before you go and claim that history is only men dominating women understand that it hasn’t always been that way. Women have not always been oppressed just as men have not always been dominant and in every case, every single society whether women have been oppressed or treated equally, whether men are dominant or subservient, there have been the same problems, every single time.

  11. I am so sick of the evil crimes men do against women, children and animals. People want to say all men are not evil but if we could see into their hearts I bet my life there is not 1 of them that doesn’t have fantasies of raping a woman, molesting a child or raping an animal and given the right circumstances would act on the fantasy. Men say women are evil too and yes I have to agree but I would guess these women have been abused in some manner by a man at some time in her life. I must clarify I am not a feminist or lesbian, I am a 60 y/o married woman who is just sickened by actions of men.

    • U r a fucking moron u know tht right, an absolute moron, idk why u think men r so evil but guess what were not. As a man im completely offended by ur comment. No sane man has those fantasies those people are insane and if you think only men can think that way you are wrong, dead wrong. Women are just as likely and probably even more likely to be sadistic and violent bitches because they know they can get away with it thanks to the last 50 years of feminist bullshit. The feminist movement has shouted equality yet they practice female dominance over men. Women and men are the same and should be treated the same way and those that don’t like it can piss off b/c ur just hypocrites. What happened to this man is terrible and im happy that this women is actually getting charged. If the roles were revered this man would probably wouldn’t even have had a trial, he would have been thrown in prison for life in a heartbeat if he managed to avoid being ripped apart by the crowd of angry feminist trying to put his head on a stick. So to all u feminits who think men are the cause of all the problems in the world guess what were not and if it were up to women we’d be in even more shit

    • So my 3 year old son is going to grow up wanting to rape an animal. Men and women need each other to survive but feminism brain washes women into believing that men only think in evil ways. We depend on one another to survive why fight when you could work together

  12. Sorry people, Amber tends to rable (a lot). I think what she means to say is we need humanism and equal rights for both men and women instead of killing all men as suggested by one feminist. People are becoming to preoccupied with having the last word when you should just let it go. It’s obvious more sexual crimes are performed by men because the have greater sex drives and women abuse children more because GENERALLY they are around children more. Just chill out, you all clearly have personal vendettas just take it easy and stop proposing genoside. See now i’m rambling like Amber.

  13. Men, misogynists in particular (which most men are) are curious beings. Almost cute in their petty desire to appear greater than they are.
    They claim to despise women for being unaccomplished, less intelligent and incapable of generating humor, but numerous studies, as well as plain common observation, suggest that men don’t favor smart or humorous women.
    In fact, they breed selectively against them.
    Men say they hate emotional and illogical women, yet it’s the only type they crave. An intelligent, analytical and ambitious woman is difficult to manipulate.

    There is something amusingly neurotic about misogyny.

  14. Let’s say which nation or race or religion where we find more terrorist women who like to intimidate, torture, and kill people ?

    Answer : Nope.

    Now let’s see men. In every country, every race, and every religion, they are always in majorities of crimes.

    And most of evil jobs including prostitution and pornography are all men’s creations.

    And we are sick of male dogmas like the religions that put women in guilt and people must admire male messengers and worship male God. This is silly. Why do those men want women to worship them and for many times enslaved them but they don’t want to sacrifice things ?

    as for kill I think it depends on the case. Any evil person deserves penalty depends on their crime.

    But out of topic, most of criminals have been men. So please don’t deny it. And women already use him/his/he as the pronoun for God, so shut up, men and stop complaining!

    • The vast majority of prostitutes are “independent” women who would prefer to make money putting out than working a 9 to 5. Considering most of them make more in an hour or 2 than Mickey D’s pays in a week, you can’t really blame them.

      And I never heard of a porno maker putting a gun to an actress’ head and forcing her to be filmed.

      • Ever heard of snuf porn. Women wouldn’t have to degrade themselves down to doing porn if men treated women with respect and dignity. Then all men would have wonderful fulfilling relationships and wouldn’t need porn, prostitutes, and strippers to waste their precious money on.

    • Actually, a crime nowadays can be a man ignoring a woman, or finding her attractive. War is evil? No, it has actually taken the credit for inventions such as antibiotics, nuclear power, the space program, jet engines and many other inventions. Oh, and about guilt, women force guilt upon men for things they never did such as female oppression.. Women have never been enslaved for being women, men protect women and give them everything that they need in return for a clean house, and sex every now and then. They have never worked sugar plantations like the slaves in the americas, and they never were worked to death like the slaves in the muslim world. In fact, women don’t need to do any work to get free things. Pornography is evil? Why? What is so evil? They are in the majorities of crimes And even if men were the main offenders on their own merit, not because the feminazis put them down and let less qualified women overtake them while they watch behind bars for some false accusation, what did this man do wrong? There are more feminist terrorists in the west, they can cut a mans genitals off and get away with nothing. Men sacrifice everything for women, so be more grateful when you learn how it would be like if men never existed, A.K.A, living in a cave with no food, water or technology of any kind.

      • Wow, pathetic argument.
        1) It’s a crime for a man to ignore a woman’s beauty? Show me the law that was passed to ‘prove this’.
        2) Antibiotics, nuclear power, and the space program came about because of war??? – after a series of biologists piggybacking on each others discoveries – Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin by ‘accident’ not for some fabricated rush to cure soldiers on the battle field. In fact – most of the early antibacterial drugs where discovered before WWI!! The pursuit of nuclear energy for electricity generation began well before WW2 – yes the nuclear fission program culminated in the successful generation of nuclear energy – but I gara-damn-te-you that none of the ‘scientists’ were tickled in their Johnson’s with the thought of blowing millions of innocent lives away. Especially Oppenheimer – who FAMOUSLY regretted his contribution to the H-Bomb; and this one makes me sad the most — we owe the founding of the Space Program – one of the most beautiful and amazing achievements of humanity to war??? The National Aeronautics and Space Act, drafted in 1958, was created because the Soviets launched Sputnik, and we wanted to get there first. The space race was, at first, headed by the military – but they failed – thus an independent Agency…I’ll let you guess the name…took over.
        3) Men never oppressed women? Helllllllooooo. This is pure machismo fantasy talk. Women were ‘not’ allowed to vote until 1920 for fuck sake. And there was this ‘little’ movement in the 70’s where women demanded equal opportunity and equal pay as men. I can not even understand how a man can be offended by that notion. And as far as slavey goes…have you never heard of female slaves getting raped and abused by their masters??? Black women are still women asshole. And it may come as a surprise to a lot of men – but many women like to work for a living. They yearn to pursue a passion in art, science or literature. In fact a homely life where a woman’s only job is to sit around and pump out kids is a fate worse that death. Would a man (being incredibly general – it’s annoying right?) be willing to do that?
        4) Now pornography – I’m not touching that one.
        5) Feminist terrorist cutting males genitals off? WTF?? I have never heard of ‘a’ feminist terrorist – let alone a band of feminist vigilantes going around cutting off peeners like friggin’ Amazon women. Maybe that’s what you dream about when you apply for jobs you’re not qualified for.
        6) And as far as living in caves if men weren’t around – I have some news for you. Many many many engineers are women – and some have even ‘invented’ things. Shocking – I know.
        Generalizations suck – period. I hate seeing hate going on either way, but women have a long history to show for how much hate they’ve endured. Enough is enough.

    • Put ever man on the planet in one place and the amount of guys who have not commited crimes will outnumber the men that have. Man hating feminists god there annoying. most guys don’t agree with murder,rape or any crime so keep your fucked up judgemental ways somewhere u feminists complain all the time STFU. real women respect both genders real women ain’t man haters

    • You know why men “always” commit crimes…because women commit just as many. However many women get off scot-free by offering sex to whomever catches them then afterwards say the man raped her

  15. and oh yess… the fem bot who lashes out at woman’s oppression as a causal explanation for say… their complete and utter absence in the achievements of arts and sciences (monumental achievements)…well they are miserable hypocrites… complain about your chains do you? But your chains… they suit you perfectly… and when snugly and warmly placed on you by the right man, well, how about that! A truly lovely and contented little creature has been born.

  16. women shouldn’t be allowed to open their mouths until genuine European racial culture has been restored. A bloody war is upon us and you men better get a hold of your will and bind to your brothers; stop worrying about females so much… females will be females regardless of the conditions of mankind, so await for the new dawn when a milieu of truly decent men can arise, and women will be happy and placed in their proper place within society. Men are turned into beasts due to inhumane and disenfranchising conditions… women…well they are animals through and through by nature… lovely ones at that, but let’s not worry about them to satisfy our needs and loneliness so much, but how we can in 100 years restore the right conditions for the European and the remainder of mankind. Get real dudes… we might as well be living in a subterranean societal imprisonment system, and you’re concerned is with what females are up to and how they treat men? haha! It’s no wonder they act out… we are not men in this world. We are castrati and frightened beasts of burden. Women sense this and have spite and hatred like everyone else, and will thus boil over for the satisfying deed of lust and destruction; which is wise of them, for after all a great tearing-down and destruction must come about.


    • I wouldn’t worry so much about you. There is nary a sentence in your paragraph without a misspelled word. If this ‘war’ is being headed by brainless troglodytes – then, yes, us women truly have something to worry about.

    • Julius, what century are you from. Get over it, you missed those so called glorious days of supreme male dominance, but keep talking you are exactly the “Male” not “Man” we are refereeing to. “A Beast 666” then again you probably are proud of it, keep proving our point and the NERVE to write “Amen”.

  17. Anyway, what this woman did is beyond awful. I mean, she needs to be kept behind bars. I don’t like it when one person tampers with something that isn’t theirs- especially someone else’s right to use the gifts God gave them. In this case, senses. This woman has no respect for human rights and has absolutely no compassion.

    I could be wrong, but isn’t bankruptcy still effective? She sounds heartless to me.

  18. Thousands of years men have oppressed women who are now awake and understanding the almighty lies and understandng that men do not have the same feelings / emotions as woman. Women have been judging men as the same species due to lies. Men like to abuse children. Very few women are criminals in comparison, but of course they exist. Men are by nature though, the prominent and extremely cruel ‘species’ and are useful in ‘hunting’ but otherwise, I hope the world will rid itself of the evil ‘gene’. Some men are OK but they are very rare, I met one in my life. They are indeed all the same in an animalistic, lying way. The very way they club together to keep this secret from women prioves my point, they are pure evil. most of them.

    • This is so true. There is something SERIOUSLY dysfunctional about their gang mentality about their evils too. They can turn anything pure and wholesome into something deviant or sexual, or both… usually both.

      • The Manipulated Man – Esther Vilar

        I think you just lost all your basis for an argument. And I just made you look like idiots.

        (Read the book, you’ll understand 😉 )

    • Hmm, you are either looking after the house (Women), or being drafted out onto the front line of a battle to risk having your head blown off by people you don’t even know (Men). What do you choose? In fact, women are more likely to abuse men and children and are more likely to abuse men. Men are also more intelligent, and don’t tell me otherwise, unless you can name, for every male invention, a completely different female invention. Do you have an education? Because male isn’t a gene. Genes don’t carry chromosones, infact, chromosone carries genes. So, women who have been around as long as men are so smart that it takes them 100 000 years. actually, the female criminals are not recorded as often, so they are thought to not exist. Men can turn anything useless and retarded, into something useful and intelligent. Go live in a cave for the rest of your life, because then you would know life where men never existed.

      • Hellooooo, women were not even allowed to attend Universities until the 1870’s, and they were not greeted with enthusiasm much after that. Do you seriously believe that men in the science fields welcomed women with open arms into their ranks? Fantasy – pure fantasy. And as far as the TOTALLY offensive, and without basis, statement about men being more intelligent than women. That’s exactly the type of idiotic ignorant jargon that mentally handicaps a young girl into ‘believing’ she is less than she actually is – and for that I give a mighty, fuck you.
        There is no scientific evidence ‘what so ever’ that proves men are smarter than women. And as far as comparing accomplishments – it’s all about opportunity. White men out number black men in scientific achievements. Gee, I guess if I had an education that didn’t reach beyond my own asshole – I would assume that means white men are smarter than black men. Idiot…

      • Bob, you do understand cause and effect right? Because the “MALE” not “MAN” has taken it upon himself to dominate and impose his beastly ways this is the result. So much hate and discontent has been spread, you think it’s normal. Apparently you are the one who needs educating, because who wants to be drafted in the front line like an idiot to fight for a cause that is only to give power to the “Alpha males” that have tricked the other “Little doggies” to die in the name of it. Oh and if we (women) were still living in caves (in the absence of male) I bet it would be a peaceful one.

  19. Well let’s and use logic which men are meant to have but actually they’re seriously deluded- women are good men are e.v.i.l! There no need to argue about facts!

  20. those who shalt be humbled are the childeren of god eve was created from adams rib. also men do stupid shit because one,we have so much god damn adrenaline we cant control it and two women bring it upon them selves looking so god damn good its basically an invitation for evil thoughts and worse. its not our fault we have two god damn brians one of which we never use. yeah also
    krissiana did you ever get any male attention have you ever had any kind of attention before. because if you did you would not say that shit. ok im done commence with the female hate and death threats haha but all i say and do is and will always be IN HIS NAME!!!!!!!

    • Huh? “Women bring it upon themselves”, “So much adrenaline you cant control it”. WOW, spoken like a true male. Keep proving our point, a “Real Man” understands his weakness and tries to work at it, so far all the “Males” haven’t said anything but the same useless chatter. At-least you pointed out the a main issue.

  21. @ TJ4you:
    There are social reasons why men commit more murders than women, just like there are social reasons why women commit more child abuse than men.

    Most people never ask “what’s wrong with men” because most people aren’t man-hating lunatics like you who don’t appreciate the good that men do in this world.

    • Men start wars, rape and molest children and women at increasing and devastating rates, contaminate everything that has the potential to be good with filth, false pride and immaturity- and then- want to shoot down any and ALL forms of opposition to this bullsh*t. Please. Honestly, I think it should be against the law for any large number of men to be unattended…. especially in settings like the military. My husband can tell you horror stories about what the Army police found on these men’s computers… but they refuse to arrest because they don’t want the bad rep. Especially after those two teenagers were found dead in the barracks 1 1/2 years ago (Ft. Lewis). Photos of those same men kissing, touching, one was raping children. I think it’s obvious when you have to send scantily clad cheerleaders overseas for married men to ogle to “boost morale” that there is something very DERANGED and unwholesome about the lot of them.

      Men sexually abuse more children than women physically abuse. Please. Just stop with your fantasies.

      • You are wrong, women do abuse women more. War gave us inventions such as antibiotics and jet engines. No, men actually invented science, philosophy, mathematics, language, writing, civilization. Women also start wars, however, these wars are usually uneeded, such as the Falklands, thanks to Margret Thatcher.

  22. Oh and Nick…., I have no respect for you!

    Men have always thought they were better than us. Do you think we never knew this?

    • Because they are. Look at all the good things men have done. And don’t reply with wars and crime, because these also help us, but you are to stupid to understand anything that isn’t in plain sight.

  23. Er, did it escape anyones notice? This woman is nuts, utterly psychotic.
    Women ARE good. 96% of ALL murders are commited by men! does that make you all feel better?!! Does that restore your status quo!!!
    You bloody idiots!
    Sorry, what we should be addressing is, what the bloody hell is wrong with men! But no one has the balls to ask this important question and time is fast running out!… we suck as a species!

  24. Krissiana you are the reason many men have no respect for women. You justify the horrific actions of women like this by attempting to quote the Bible because of the actions that certain men have committed against women throughout time. You need help!

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    • no, he didn’t deserve it. don’t make personal comments on people that you have never met. Lee is a loving father and a wonderful person, the situation was a very complicated. Kate quite obviously has mental health issues and the family are glad that justice was served in this case. So show some respect for Lee and his young son and keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself.

  26. WTF! That’s terrible! There’s no excuse for doing that, especially to someone you have vowed to have and to hold, love, honor, cherish and obey, until death. Those words have no meaning now for most. How sad.

    This woman should be in prison, doing hard time. No doubt she’ll get a slap on the wrist, probably because “someone needs to look after her son.”

    • There are evil women, but all scrotum bearers are evil. Men are simply disgusting… raping, killing, murdering, enslaving, and then GLOATING about it, while making women “psychos” and “bitches” who “made me do it”. And yet they still kill themselves more often, cause life is sooo awful for a man. Pshhh, the level of victimization is fucking ridiculous. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than the look in the soulless, perverted eyes of the guys who hound me when I tell them No Fucking Thanks, I’m a lesbian.

      • Wait, what about female rape, when they rape a mans wallet? Or their higher child abuse rate? Ohh, that’s right. When a man does it, it is evil, and we can say the entire gender does it. But when a woman does it, it’s justified. No, men have it worse, they can be put in jail for looking at a woman in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable, and it gets much worse. As for you being a lesbian, go off and ruin the human species somewhere else, it’s not like we need to reproduce to keep the species from going extinct, right? Oh wait, we do.

        • Hmmmm….females rape males wallets???? How bout a reality check… women have been oppressed and used as collateral, commodities, slaves, servants, objects,ect. for hundreds of years by brainwashed patriarchal societies reinforced by overly-egotistical sheep who developed of false sense of entitlement over other HUMAN BEINGS. This is the issue. Its the same idea as arrogant anglo-saxon MEN feeling they had a sense of entitlement over african enslavement just because they had more advanced weaponry. MEN, individually and societally, have repressed women from many opportunities of self-advancement, again, for hundreds of years. Women, until very recently, were KEPT from
          proper education, OSTRACIZED from the social sphere and jobs, FORCED into the narrow existance of the domestic sphere with limited opportunity for advancement and few options for personal choice or independence. Women, naturally and logically, would have to depend on men for money to survive for themselves and to ensure the survival and opportunity of her offspring, which women were either forced to bore or were simply brainwashed to believe that was their only fullfilling purpose. And in this case, women were just making the best with the hand they’ve been delt. Women, when finally allowed rights in common with men, having to fight tooth and nail for them, were limited to job choice and when women did obtain jobs in common with men, they were, and still are, paid less for the same type and amount of labour, promoted less, discriminated against and sexually harassed. Why do women rape wallets, which is a false steriotype???? Because its FAIR to SHARE. Because that’s how women were FORCED to survive. Because we were not allowed equallity. Because of MEN. As far as innovations and inventions via war go…no matter what great things have come from mens conquests and male posturing, these things will never dismiss the fact that millions of lives have been lost, ruined, crippled, devistated, raped, pillaged, and torn apart because of MEN and their wars. Women don’t get drafted into war because, in all reality, we have nothing to do with it. The world is dominated by MEN fighting other MEN because some other MEN (a higher up due to wealth or political standing- the. ALPHA MALE) told them to do so. There’s no real threat out there other than what men have created. We are far beyond surviving the wild. We’ve mastered that for the most part. Now its surviving eachother. And its ultimately up to MEN to clean up the mess they’ve created. Vaccines? Ok. Created by men to help people and save lives???? Ehhh…try this…vaccines create antibodies to protect against viruses…viruses that your NATURAL IMMUNITY should be able to ward off. Want to know why people die from deadly viruses and disease?? Stress, malnurishment, poverty….well, where do these come from??? Stress from war. Men. Stress from being societally unprivelaged, based on a value system created by men. Social status, caste system, government, money, religion, gambling, greed, ego, chauvinism- all created, encouraged, and accepted by men. Women fear men. Men fear eachother. What baffels me most is how men could inflict soo much pain and suffering to eachother, but even more so how men could inflict such pain and suffering on women…women who go through such excruciating pain to give life, to raise offspring, to suffer scrutiny over our bodies, to suffer from rape, molestation, infidelity, arranged marriages, honor killing, clitorectomies, plastic surgury, makeup, shaving, objectification, battery…and much much more. Women who give men so much pleasure, so much inspiration, companionship, empathy, LOVE. Women, who have probably had a hand in many inventions and innovations but were probably not credited because they were disreguarded for being female, and chances are, men have probably stolen alot of evolutionary ideas from women, and twisted them into weaponry to be militarized for corrupted agendas. Im sure there are many other possibilities that have not been documented correctly. After all, they do call it HIStory. I, as a woman, am soo embarrased by how we are treated, how we’ve been treated, and how men seem to truly feel about us. At least as reflected by the way they act toward us. Let’s try this…how bout not imposing yourself on others, for ANY reason. You, k


          aa narrow existance

          • You know, do unto others as you want done to you. Pretty simple huh, and seeing as how men are such simpletons, then this should be an easy concept to adapt to….but then again, this idealism has been around since human beings became conciously aware of the concept of morality… ill simplify it more then…if your not willing to get fake tits for yourself MEN, don’t expect women to, and even more so, don’t condone that type of behavior. Don’t hold a woman with big fake tits and a small IQ in higher reguards. Do men actually think to themselves “yes, I definately want to have my children suckling THAT silicone” or “*huhhuh* fun. Toy. Plaything”. Get real. What is the evolutionary and/or biological purpose does plastic surgury, makeup, shaving, anorexia/bulimia, botox, clitorectomies, and all these other pointless yet dangerous double standards men impose on women and our bodies, simply for their own personal and selfish pleasures?? There isn’t. Period. So im going to have to agree with the lesbian on this issue, and I don’t blame her. If men are so intelligent and superior, then the simple concepts of peace, respect and doing unto others should be a no brainer. So show your almighty suprior intelligence BOYS. Surprize us, for once.

        • @Bob: Thank you, thank you for being an intelligent and free thinking man and not one being dominated and bullied by feminists into a spineless wimp.
          @ Amber and all others: Ok yes there are many points in history were men have abused and dominated women and at no point do i condone any such behavior. However understand that not every society thought that way and many respected and empowered women for their intelligence, examples are ancient Rome and Egypt. HOWEVER no amount of oppression and torment in the past gives women the right to do it back. Men today do not deserve the blame for men of the past no matter how bad it may be. And to those who believe all the problems in the world are caused by men guess what, women had dominant societies to and the were no better in fact even worse because nearly every society that was female dominated and had more than a stone age technology imploded on itself and got nowhere. So if you women would get off your high horses long enough to see that your not perfect either and just as fucked up as men maybe we can make some real progress to true equality.

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