The Post-Christmas Goldrush.

Why divorce lawyers will rub their hands today

Divorce lawyers are bracing themselves for their busiest day of the year today after the long Christmas holiday took its toll on thousands of couples.

Family rows, boredom and a lack of sex are all cited as reasons for a split, along with a fling at the office party, financial worries and disappointing gifts.

The boom in New Year divorce proceedings has led many lawyers to call today DDay, or Divorce Day.

More than 1.8million couples will have contemplated splitting over the holiday period, according to the Family Mediation Helpline.

Derek Bedlow, of the online advice website, said: “Christmas is a nightmare for anyone with a shaky relationship.

“There are so many opportunities for things to go badly – from rowing about which inlaws are coming to dinner, to disappointing presents. It’s a relationship minefield.”

Relate said it had seen a 50 per cent surge in the number of calls since December – mostly from women.

Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist with the former Marriage Guidance Council, said three quarters of New Year divorces are instigated by wives, although that could be just because they are the ones who get round to it first.

They would have to try and soften the blow by coming up with an excuse for women ending marriages wouldn’t they. Wouldn’t want to piss off women now would they… I have a reason myself.

Maybe it is because these women are a lot less dedicated or interested in making the marriage work? These days women go around expecting perfection from everything and if they don’t get it they just leave. A far cry from the times when couples couldn’t break up on a whim over fuck all and had to work through the hard times.

I remember hearing about this last year too.  Same statistics, it is always mostly women initiating divorce. Studies have shown that divorce affects men more so than women (and I don’t just mean the transfer of his wealth to her parasitic claws). Feminism has rendered the nuclear family so delicate that it can shatter with the slightest of disturbances.

Oh course, that shattering leaves plenty of pieces for the government, the lawyers, the counsellors and the abuse industry to feed on. It is disgusting. Why is it always women who are the quickest to abandon ship? Why is it women who are the quickest to put themselves before anything else? Is it because of the ‘all about me’ culture promoted by feminism and their corporate masters who profit from women’s seemingly inherent selfishness and narcissism?

Maybe the men are less likely to file for divorce because he is aware of what is at stake. His family. Whereas women are taught that they are princesses and shouldn’t have to put up with anything they don’t like from anyone ever, men are taught to fight for and protect his family.

To those in power, women are not a problem, they are viewed as weak-minded, infantile brats that will follow and believe whatever that man on television in the handmade suit tells them to.

Men on the other hand, have an annoying habit of taking up arms and overthrowing corrupt governments and regimes. This fact would probably explain this quote:

“To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.” — Brock Chisholm, while director of UN World Health Organization.

This assault on everything our Forefathers died for will continue until we take up the torch and smite the foes of free men into the dust.

2 thoughts on “The Post-Christmas Goldrush.

  1. From some clit in the third comment:

    “Three quarters of divorces are instigated by wives, not because of the ridiculous notion of “they got there first” but because of men’s behaviour.”

    Aww..poor baby. He didn’t get you ten planet earths for a gift, eh? Just exactly what makes you think you’re worth ANYTHING with your insipid behavior, you bitch? Do you think your reply makes you perfect??

    We’d just love all this proof as to men’s behavior that the femmies claim is so foul.

    We’re waiting…

  2. Now I remember why I don’t do relationships and go into hiding from Halloween to Valentines day. The bar keeps getting higher and it isn’t worth all the trouble to begin with. Better leting them get pissed off at someone else.

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