Sperm donor wins child support battle

Good news men! Well, potentially at least. Hopefully this sets a legal precedent.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a woman who promised a sperm donor he would not have to pay child support cannot renege on the deal.

The 3-2 decision overturns lower court rulings under which Joel L. McKiernan had been paying up to $1,500 a month to support twin boys born in August 1994 to Ivonne V. Ferguson, his former girlfriend and co-worker.

For those who don’t know, it is normal for a man who donated his sperm with the understanding he would not be liable to provide for the child, to then be sued for child support and be forced to pay regardless. Like what happened to this idiot.

“Where a would-be donor cannot trust that he is safe from a future support action, he will be considerably less likely to provide his sperm to a friend or acquaintance who asks, significantly limiting a would-be mother’s reproductive prerogatives,” Justice Max Baer wrote in the majority opinion issued last week.

Judging by this comment, the decision was not made in favour of the rights of men or on forcing women to keep to their word, but to prevent men from limiting women’s reproductive choices by withholding their sperm. One of the few things left belonging to men that women can’t take without our permission.

Arthur Caplan, chairman of the Department of Medical Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania, said the decision runs counter to the pattern established by similar cases, where the interests of the progeny have generally been given great weight.

“It sounds like the Pennsylvania court is trying to push a little harder into the brave new world of sperm, egg and embryo donation as it’s evolving,” Caplan said.

McKiernan’s lawyer, John W. Purcell Jr., said Wednesday an adverse decision against his client would have jeopardized the entire system of sperm donation.

Exactly. This is about avoiding a sperm donation crisis for women. That is all.

“That wouldn’t just include Pennsylvania, because we found out in the course of this trial that many doctors order their sperm for their artificial inseminations out of state,” he said.

Ferguson and McKiernan met while working together at Pennsylvania Blue Shield in Harrisburg and had a sexual relationship that waned before Ferguson persuaded him to donate sperm for her.

What an idiot.

Courts found that the two agreed McKiernan would not have to pay child support and would not have visitation rights, but Ferguson later changed her mind and sued.

Would-be mothers’ prerogative eh. Another reason not to trust a woman’s word.

A county judge said it was in the twins’ best interests that McKiernan be required to support them. In addition to monthly payments, McKiernan also was ordered to come up with $66,000 in back support. The appeal reverses that order.

Elizabeth Hoffman, Ferguson’s lawyer, did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment left at her office Wednesday.

Justice J. Michael Eakin, in a dissent, said a parent cannot bargain away a child’s right to support. “The children point and say, ’That is our father. He should support us,”’ Eakin wrote. “What are we to reply? ’No! He made a contract to conceive you through a clinic, so your father need not support you.’ I find this unreasonable at best.”

Nonsense. This judge is living in the past. But that is okay. Remember, if you donate sperm, there is a high chance you will get sued for child support in this Matriarchy, no matter what the woman said beforehand.

Men are learning this quickly and are keeping their sperm to themselves. In the UK there is a sperm crisis because of the removal of anonymity. There seems to be a concerted effort by socialist government to reduce men to what feminists would like us to be.

Providers of sperm and money.

No sperm donors around any more, women getting desperate because they can’t meet a decent man after spending their lives ignoring them while whoring themselves about being ‘liberated?’ Tough luck. Women seem to have this attitude towards men where they think that men should always be there to cater to their needs regardless of how women treat them.

Think about it from a man’s point of view. If a man doesn’t believe this woman is good enough to be with and start a family together, why would he give you his sperm instead? So you can be another single mother matriarchy adding to the social chaos? If she decides to change her mind the man could be forced to pay for the child, and still not have visitation rights!

Donating sperm to women is asking to be enslaved by them through the pro-female legal system. On top of that, what do you have to gain exactly?


19 thoughts on “Sperm donor wins child support battle

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  2. It’s not just sperm donation, but sperms are stolen too! I think it is very dangerous to have sex with any 30+ yrs/o woman. You’ll always need to use condom and make sure you dispose of the condom’s content carefully afterwards! It’s not worth it mate, it’s not worth paying 20 yrs of your life! And believe me, the CSA is not an institution to be triffled with. They are like the Inquisition, they have all rights, and can do whatever they want – you merely have any say in the matter!!! In many respects it is far better to have sex with an escort; at least you know what you are getting yourself into. What’s more, women now expect you not to enquire or feel jealous about her past sexual partners; not to enquire about her wage, or what she does with her money!?! To be honest when I go to a professional prostitute I don’t enquire these things either and she treats me much better in most cases!
    When the time come, if I do feel about getting married, it would be only to a family-oriented woman, a woman who would respect me and welcome me as a man, and give me a reasonable incentive to provide for her in exchage for her loyalty and commitment to her family. Obviously I wont find this woman in the UK. I’ll only submit to a woman who complement me; women who are my equal and compete and crush me down will only be my girlfriends – mistresses! I can’t understand why men marry them, submit to these skanks in a public charade, vowing to everybodies that he, the man would menopause himself for a rapidly-fertility-declined woman who’s lived a life of debauchery when her market value was high in her 20s and who now needs a slave to work for her! Men should start saying no thank you! You wont commit your holes, we wont menopause ouselves!

  3. Sperm donation should end, period. It is the same old story, women, when given the opportunity, will force a man to pay for their lives. Women in the US (and many other places) are spoiled and believe that society (aka men) should provide everything they want (not need). This is for a simple reason: for as long as their have been men and women, some women have believed that men are to blame for them having periods and women aging faster, etc. Radical feminists (RF) simply seized upon this discontent and combined it with sexual politics to change governmental policies in favor of women. Since RF can force any negotiations into sexual politics there is never a need for NOW or any other women’s organization to use reason, data, or logic to ‘win’. Thus, we have an endless series of complaints against men because women can always resort to the ‘men don’t have periods’ position (camouflaged by legal threats and hyper emotionalism) to claim a disadvantage. Yes, men made a little money donating sperm, but there would never have BEEN a sperm donation business if there weren’t enough women customers to begin with.Why doesn’t anyone see this? This wasn’t a conspiracy by men to get out of child support. I am all in favor of ‘the best interest of the child’, but why doesn’t any see that it’s better NOT to bring a child into a world and THEN figure how to pay for it? Women may indeed be overcome by a biological urge to have a baby, but does this make them any less responsible to be financially prepared to be a SINGLE parent if she has DECIDED to have the child on her own? Where is women’s responsibility in this decision making process? I say, shut the sperm donation clinics down and provide one less opportunity for RF to gut men for their blood and treasure.

  4. Oh I say, Stu, with such a sterling, chivalrous attitude as yours, I predict women will be rushing to lay down their rights, and will be just begging to be dominated by a fair minded, selfless creature as yourself. I can hardly imagine the bliss.

    Did you ever consider that there are more reasons than how it will potentially hurt you, to refrain from bringing a child into the world that you have no intention of caring for?

    I have to ask though, of the man who doesn’t need women for anything, did the big bang bring you into existence, or did you perhaps have a mother? While all the men of the world were out, ahem, “taming the west”, “building civilization”, etc, who was tying your shoes for you and making your dinner? It’s all well and good to brag now (presuming you can tie your own shoes now, and you do make your own dinner) that you don’t need women, but it is just a little tough for me to believe that you personally have been contributing great things to the world, completely independent of any support from any woman.

    At least I can set your mind at rest on one point: no woman in her right mind will be wanting to spend the rest of her life with you – not for any amount of money.

  5. Even donating sperm to a sperm bank is dangersous. A while back it was brought up that perhaps the names of the donars should be made available upon the childs request once they are a certian age. The points is, you never know the extent that the law will change. And you never know how many children your sperm will be used to create, and what legal rights they may end up with in the future, or their mothers legal rights. Here in OZ, sperm donated by men when the laws were that IVF was for “infertile couples” only………can now be accessed by single lesbians who are not infertile as well as single hetro women and post menopause women etc etc. Who knows what changes will result in future…….everyone may have to have dna tests in future and IVF children may be able to find fathers and claim inheritance and mothers may be able to claim child support retroactively.

    Just do not donate your sperm………at all……..to anyone………or anything. Your asking for trouble. In fact I think things have reached the time when men should just be flat out refusing to reproduce……….period………and refusing any type of relationship that sets any sort of legal entitlements to your assets or income……….period………..limit your sexual encounters with women to short flings with protection……then move on………don’t date the same woman any longer then a few months and don’t let them stay more then one night at a time at your place……….and do not be monogamous in any way shape of form at any time…….and don’t accept a woman who wants that……..or asks for it.

    Us men don’t need women for anything……we survive and prosper in any environment……..taming the wild west…..building civilisation where there is none……..then the women come……after the hard work is done…….without our support………..they are nothing………lets take away everything they want from us………..and keep it away until they give up feminism and start changing the laws back to pre feminism times.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly that what this woman did was shiftless and underhanded. I don’t accept the concept of “reproductive rights” in any form, from a moral perspective.

    But what sort of man would willingly facilitate bringing a child (HIS child) into the world to be raised by a single mother, to attain a cash reward?

    I find the idea of men who would so callously bring a child into the world for cash, to be hardly less reprehensible than the cold hearted woman who would purposefully bring a child into the world knowing it will be fatherless, and then sue the man as a bonus.

    Which is more selfish and debased?

    Donating sperm is not “doing a woman a favour”, it is horribly, tragically, injuring and giving away, your own child.

  7. Feminism is the method to create a two tier society. Rulers and tyrants have always recognised that the biggest obstacles to their control of a nation revolve around 1. Men, 2. Nuclear Family, 3. God.

    “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon

    By giving different sections of society different rights (women have more) the State can create a shearing effect in society, tearing men and women apart. This destroys families, which destroys men. As more males are brought up by single mothers, they become more feminised and easier to manipulate by the State and the media.

    To me, this is textbook tyranny. Feminism has nothing to do with empowering women, (women are perfectly capable of getting shit done when they want to), it was about brainwashing them with an ideology funded by the Rockerfeller cartel.

    Aaron Russo clip

  8. Even if she is’nt a feminist, it is still rabid, fanatical feminism which caused the system that easily abused to be created(in our opinions, if you have any facts that add to the discussion, I welcome them heartily). I’m still not comfortable letting people meet in real life know that I come to these sites, because I know many would assume it is “sexist” or “bigot” of me. I am attempting to pass through an art school, and being labeled as any of these thing would be, effectively, chopping off my limbs socially.
    Don’t get me wrong, I support equal rights, believe woman should be able to work/get jobs, and I detest rape. I was raised by a man-hating feminist who reminded me daily of how “evil” I was until I became very obediant to females.
    But when a system gets to the point where the worst type of women can do this, people are gonna try and get things done to CHANGE this. I’m going to assume your at least an intelligent, thoughtful, well-rounded person, I’d appreciate the same. Many feminists were brought into feminism from the idea that men were doing this to women, in various other forms.
    Thank you for input, but please try not to assume that someone is always speaking of ALL feminists, when pointing to the fucked up laws similiar to this.

  9. >>This woman was not a feminist, she was a conniving money-grabbing whore.

    So, Femme, tell us again what the difference is? I forget. The entire feminist movement, if we ignore lies and hoaxes,has been dedicated to making men serve as personal financial slaves to women.

  10. Preach on Indalecio!!! I agree 100% It just goes to show that a good deed goes unrewarded. The world isn’t ready for such selfless sacrifice.

  11. Femme, I am neutral about most things in life, however it is ludicrous that people can have to PAY even a penny to some female who received his donated sperm. I have been doing some research on this, and it actually happens a decent amount, which is scary, but also WRONG. Yeah, the writer of this story is a little harsh on females here, but even if one person who donated sperm or an egg ended up paying child support, that is one person far too many. A lot of the time, someone will donate sperm to HELP some woman, and to think that an act of kindness can backfire to such a degree just goes to show how messed up the legal system is. Personally, I think that the recipient of donated sperm, should she ask for child support, should have the whole thing blow up in her face, and for asking for such a thing, should have to pay the donor. No donor of anything deserves that, much less one who does some woman a favor and tries to give her what she wants, a child.

    • you obviously have never met a real femminst, becuase most of them are sexist…. in fact, most women in general are sexist.

      now please stop acting bitter…. we have enough ugly losers crying as it is without you joining the fray.

  12. Wow, you guys have issues. I don’t know what woman kicked you between the legs when you were younger, but no feminist in her right mind would sue a man for money over a contracted sperm donation. This woman was not a feminist, she was a conniving money-grabbing whore. It’s fun to blame one lousy sack of crap who happens to be female for all of your problems, though, isn’t it? Please go to therapy and tell them what your mommy did, so you can live a happier life.

  13. Ignore for a moment the inherent stupidity of some broke men to donate sperm to earn cash that they could just as easily get by working at McDonalds.

    Notice the responses of the pussified judges. Judge Baer uses an exceptionally egregious euphemism: ‘ reproductive prerogatives of would-be-mothers’. What he means is that would-be-mothers are ENTITLED to sperm.

    Judge Eakin also refers indirectly to this: he is worried that this ‘reproductive prerogative’ will be nullified if men don’t provide sperm.

    Again we have the example of men who are perfectly content to reduce other men to sperm donors and who atill loll around in the erroneous belief that women are the sole ‘life producers of society’.

    It is male feminists, such as these judges, who pose a bigger threat to men than any shrill card carrying member of NOW.

  14. This woman was trying to trap him into a relationship, Why couldn’t he see this—
    she must have realized he would be gone
    forever if she didn’t have something she thought
    he wanted..it wasn’t her… maybe babies..not working…next sue..you’ll pay for not wanting me…

  15. Sure honey I will donate my sperm. Let’s see now that will be $1500 a month times 18 years or 216 months equals $324,000. Better make that an even $500,000. Who knows what the courts will do 18 years from now.

  16. Donating sperm is the dumbest thing anyone can do.
    You don’t know what kind of whacky bitch is going to be abusing your genetic offspring.

    I hope they grill this sucker, force him to pay up.
    Hopefully this will finally put an end to sperm donors, and the single mom community now forming.

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