Evil Women

Feminist’s sure put out confusing messages do they not. Women are just as good as men at everything, but women are still, somehow, constantly victims of men and need to have their status as a protected group enhanced by Daddy Government.

Abuse centres try to portray women as eternal victims of violence and men as eternal perpetrators. Anyone with half a brain knows this isn’t so, but since when did having common sense have anything to do with politics and law passing in a socialist system?

Women are more violent than men. They go about it in different ways however. Whereas a man may be wound up by constant psychological attacks and may lash out and smash a plate, shout, tell her to do anything at all, or even commit suicide (that’s still abuse of the woman, if Women’s Aid has anything to say about it), women, not having the physical strength will work in more subtle and conniving ways. In my opinion, this is a level of magnitude worse. Expressing your anger or issues enables them to be dealt with. Such women would not shout about it. They would smile in your face, give you a kiss and tell you how much they love you, while slowly poisoning your food with the intention of bleeding you dry.

A woman has been found guilty of poisoning her husband in an attempt to confuse him while she stole £43,000 from his mother.

This isn’t rare, either.

Heather Mook, who denied the charge, had a previous conviction for poisoning her seven-year-old daughter in 1982.

Mook, 57, of Heslington Road, York, was described as “deceitful and dishonest” at York Crown Court.

She was found guilty of two counts of poisoning so as to endanger life. Sentencing was adjourned for reports.

She had already admitted a number of other charges, including giving her husband rat killer and other theft-related offences.

She was cleared of four counts of endangering her husband’s life by administering the anti-depressants.

Because of the nasty two-faced conniving nature of this act of violence, it can easily mean the fucking bitch can get away with it, especially since women ‘never do such a thing!’

‘Curry poisoning’ trial collapses

The trial of a woman accused of plotting to poison her husband’s curry has collapsed at Swansea Crown Court.

Judge John Diehl ruled there was no case to answer against Susan Shervill, 46, of Swansea, who denied soliciting the murder of her husband David.

But she admitted making a threat to kill, and the judge continued with the hearing to determine if, in his view, she had intended to kill her husband.

This quickly developed into this:

Wife ‘intended’ curry plot death

A judge has ruled that a woman secretly taped by police discussing poisoning her husband did intend to kill him.

A charge of soliciting to murder was dropped against Susan Shervill, 46, of Swansea, but she pleaded guilty of threatening to kill her husband David.

He had briefly worked with her while she was a manager at the Lidl store in Llanelli, and approached police after she had raised the idea of poisoning her husband on several occasions.

Officers persuaded him to wear a recording device and it captured Shervill asking him to provide her with tablets, which she would grind into a curry for her disabled husband.

Well, that isn’t motive or pre-meditation is it! Poor women must have been under so much stress. Evil men eh! Imagine what evil some man must have done for a woman to do the following:

Mother accused of microwaving baby to death

In 2000, a Virginia woman was sentenced to five years in prison for killing her month-old son in a microwave oven. Elizabeth Renee Otte claimed she had no memory of cramming her son in the microwave and turning on the appliance in 1999. Experts said that Otte suffered from epilepsy and that her seizures were followed by blackouts.

Or maybe this:

Lawyer supports sentence on mum who threw baby out the window

Pacific islander Patricia Golovale-Siaosi, now 22, denied the original charge of manslaughter but pleaded guilty to infanticide in June.

Infanticide is an uncommon charge that carries a presumption of the woman being so disturbed by childbirth that she cannot be held fully responsible for her actions.

Baby hurled to death from window

A woman threw her baby from a window to her death in a fit of jealousy when her lover said he was leaving, a court heard yesterday.

Helen Patterson, 21, from Newcastle, was consumed by envy because she thought Oswraine Bramble was seeing other women.

She went to a second floor window and threw ten-month-old Shedrina into an area full of rubbish bins below.

Woman Sentenced for Swinging Baby at Boyfriend

An Erie woman has been sentenced to five to 10 years in prison for swinging her 4-week-old son at her boyfriend and striking him with the boy.

Twenty-eight-year-old Chytoria Graham was convicted in October of aggravated assault and other charges.

Graham says she missed her children as she was in court for sentencing Wednesday.

Yes, it really does go on, and on, and on.

Women are just as capable, if not more so, than men when it comes to inflicting pain on others, probably a consequence of a matriarchy. A social structure that elevates women above men and seeks to defend women’s actions as merely a response to men. Except when they are positive actions, then it’s their own doing of course.


6 thoughts on “Evil Women

  1. I was on the jury of the Heather Mook case! I agree she is a evil, dangerous woman who should not see the light of day again! I do believe any human is capable of evil despite age or sex!

    But I think the trash you have published here is disgusting! Evil is about choice! I could cultivate an equally long (if not longer) list of hideous crimes which would make your blood run cold all commited by men!

    Evil intent has nothing to do with sex, age, religion, race, creed or colour!

    Evil stems from the choice of an individual! It should be punished, it should be publicised, it shouldn’t be forgiven!

    But to write this crap is completley uneducated and pathetic!

    To put up an argument you have to display both sides and leave it for an unbiased decision on your readers part! This I’m afraid is not what you have done!

    ANd to add to your pathetic argument, unfortunately it statistically proven that men commit more of these horrific crimes than women!

    • I don’t need to do anything, I do as I please.

      I don’t need to balance the argument, people already know how ‘evil’ men are, they are brainwashed with it from childhood, while at the same time told to believe all women are sweetness and flowers.

      Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails…

      • I don’t think that is true!

        I think your gripe should not be with females but with media who have hyped up a fear culture. To be fair I don’t think us men get a too bad deal compared to those from other cultures, religions and races.

        I assume you are not a evil man, (just with a dangerous website!)
        that is the merit on which you should be judged. I know of no person in my association who would judge the merit of a man based on the doings of the the Yorkshire ripper or Harold Shipman????

        Nor should you judge women in this way! I totally agree with your previous poster. I just don’t think I would word it as nicely!

        ANd what do you mean people don’t hear about these evil women???? I take it you got all your gruesome clippings trawling through the press coverage of other peoples misery, and used these to make your hugely flawed point!!! NICE!

        I just guess there are different breeds of people.
        1. those that are evil- man or woman
        2. Those that are genuinely persecuted (please don’t kid yourself that you are in this category!)
        3. Those that are trusting to a sensible degree and can make a sensible decision on friendship and partnerships based on personal experience. These people make educated decisions based on the facts presented to them.
        4. Those who make uneducated (and press clippings, facts and figures and outlandish statistics do not make you educated about this topic.) these people are infact the people who are the biggest danger to society!

        I feel I know where you fit, in our world! I’m a man by the way and I’d hate for any human to believe I have anything other then that in common with you!

        Enjoy your lifes work I doubt you’ll be remembered fondly for it!

  2. And that’s the way it is…

    Broads feel totally enabled to be as vicious and mean as they want to be, but men know that if they step out of line, even a tittle, the cops will lock em up. Heck, they don’t even have to do squat to get harassed by the cops and if those pigs find anything on that guy, well, it’s off to the pokey. Of course, susie Q can tear up the house with a butcher knife and cops are like, “well, she’s having a bad day; I guess her husband is a jerk.”

    Dudes are totally on their own and the whole world is against them (the exception doesn’t prove the rule). Of course, if you say that, they call YOU crazy!

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